Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moved.. ish

So the move is done. I'm glad it's over. Well its over inasmuch as you can say that when half the boxes are still packed and my belongings are still half in the trailer in the garage.

I'm hoping today I can get the rest of the stuff unpacked, 'cept for my books as I'm bookshelf-less currently. Though not sure what I plan on doing with myself when I do get it all unpacked... I have a feeling this is going to be a very boring month!

Our neighbor is apparently bored with his own property and asked my mother if she had any trees she'd like cut down... so he's currently outside cutting down trees for us. Free labor - gotta love it. Long as hauling them away is in the contract!

So I need to get some volunteer experience in. And I'm honestly not sure where or what to do. I'd like it to look good for social work programs, as I'm quite sure I"ll be applying for them in the future. Suggestions?

Soooo I have a month off. What exactly do people do with a month off? It's been a long time since I had a month off with nothing pressing to do. Last time was when my ankle was broken.. and well I still had stuff to do! This time around.. only thing I need to do is brush up on my french, try and learn some Polish and fundraise $2700! I do hope to do some family history research though which should keep me busy at the library for a few weeks.

Its sunny out! And I have a magazine... I think I'm going to go outside and read it! Bye!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Leaving sucks

So the move is fast approaching and there are so many things I'm going to miss about this city!

The Market! I know I don't make it there all that often, but I love that place. Just the energy and the vibe every Saturday morning, the wonderful smelling food and pretty things! Definitely going to make sure I get there tomorrow morning.

Bookstores! Home doesn't have bookstores like they do here. Especially not used bookstores. I love wandering through row upon row of books other have enjoyed. There's something about a used book, knowing someone has flipped it's pages, read its words, cried and laughed over it. That and they're cheaper!

Coffee Shops! Home has coffee shops. If you count Tim Hortons. But not pretty ones where they know you by name and you can just sit for hours and watch the world go by. They have tasty coffee, play good music and there are lots of other people just like you sitting reading or working.

The small town feel! This city isn't huge. And my hometown isn't huge either. But there's just something cozy and serene about it here. Something that just makes you like it.

Independence! It's not city related but it's what I've got here. Independence, I can go where I please when I please. I can get places and I don't have to be dependent on anyone else nor is there anyone to answer to. Not gonna be the case at Mom's. But oh well!

Ok. Well I'm going to enjoy my last coffee shop sit while I work on the next chapter of Islander's thesis (apparently I am very good at editing). And then say goodbye to some more friends tonight. And finishing the packing. Joy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Only on the city transit bus....

does a man introduce himself and then say "But my friends call me night owl".

I promise this will be my last packing complaint - but I hate packing.
I think I'm almost done though. Just the last minute stuff that can't be done until the morning of. So much for getting rid of a lot of stuff though... and so much for only 10ish boxes.. I'm looking more at 20-25. Ugh.

I babysat for the last time today... I've been watching the kids for the past couple years several times a month so it's pretty sucky to have to say goodbye. And of course this would be the day that the little boy actually likes me and gives me a hug goodbye. :(

Alrighty, I'm sleepy. Night!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I'm finished: wOOt!

And I'm at the library again. I told Islander I'd proof his thesis. I love MS Word's "track changes" feature. And I feel smart when people ask me to proof things. I would do this for a living. I'm much better at finding other's mistakes than my own. But I feel bad marking up his paper so much... but he said to so here goes!

Gotta finish up some H4H money stuff today. And then I will have nothing left to do.

Must pack tonight too. It's getting to the last few boxes. I've been trying to weed out books but it's not gone so well. I love my books too much. God forbid I ever move cross country or something.

Ok. Back to my last morning in the library. And then off to my haircut!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

single in the sunshine

First off - It's gorgeous out! I think a sit outside to study is in order.
Second - the exam this morning went much much better than expected.
Third - I once again did not sleep last night. Thanks to exam stress and my loud neighbors. I really hope I can get some sleep tonight cause I don't know if I can go another night. What's happened to me? I just to go days without sleeping but I can't even go one night anymore. Probably for the best.

Today was spent studying for my last two exams. Most of that studying took place in a study group for my Federalism class which was really good. It was a generally good time and I think I'm quite ready for the exam and still have until Tuesday to study. Our study group was just me, Islander and a couple other guys we know so I was able to comfortably ask stupid questions which I think really helped.

We decided to go to dinner afterward cause everyone's stomachs were growling. There was good food. Apparently however a woman "of my caliber" (not my wording) doesn't usually go to dinner with three guys. The waiter seemed genuinely distraught that none of them paid for my meal and even more so that I wasn't dating any of them. I know I complain sometimes about the single-ness and yes I wouldn't mind being the significant other of one of my dinner mates but it's not a crime to be friends with a bunch of guys right? Actually to be honest, my three best friends are all guys. I was slightly insulted that the waiter didn't think I could just be friends with them and that it was such a shame I wasn't dating someone. Anyways, it was amusing and a bit bothersome.

Alrighty, I must go do laundry as it's been week and eventually someone's going to notice the number of days I've worn these jeans in a row. Enjoy the sunshine! :)

Coincidence? Awesome nonetheless!

Sometimes life is just awesome.
So last night I was listening to Snow Patrol, who I am beginning to really really like. Especially their latest album. Lying in bed, I pondered the possibility that they'd be playing somewhere I was going to be this summer. A possibility that I thought might be a bit more realistic since I'd be in some bigger cities than my hometown. So I looked up their tour dates.
Now let's skip back a couple more days. A couple from our H4H trip sent us out an email sharing their after the trip plans, which consisted of a U2 concert in Charzow, Poland. They invited anyone else to go who might like to. I said I might be interested, especially as I'm not sure I'm going to Ireland anymore.
So back to my looking up Snow Patrol's tour dates... guess who's opening for that U2 concert? :D
It makes me happy cause it just does and it's allowed to. I think I can justify spending 400,000 PLN on a ticket now (It's not as bad as it sounds lol).
Ok. Time to go write this exam!

Friday, April 17, 2009

no sleep for the unwise

So I may or may not have had red bull last night (mixed with alcohol - who's dumb idea is that?) without knowing it.. until it was too late. And umm... it kept me up all night long. I was not impressed.

In other news. I am about to fail my first exam tomorrow morning. Not good at all but I am so unprepared for this exam. I've resorted to googling the terms on my review sheet in hopes of at least gaining some knowledge before I crash (which isn't going to be long from now I don't think).

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ever just wanna pick up and move your life somewhere else? Somewhere where no one knows who you are. To a city you've never been. A big one where you just blend into the crowd and you practically don't even exist.
I want to. I want a clean, fresh start. I want to go somewhere where no one knows my successes, my failures. Where I can confidently walk down the street and know I won't see anyone I know. And where everyone I meet has no pre-conceived notions, thoughts or anything of me. Where no one knows what I"ve done, where I"ve been, what's been rumored or thought of me. You can be a completely different person in a new place, you can be whoever/whatever you want cause no one's the wiser.
I really want that clean slate. It's very tempting. I won't lie that I'm super excited to spend a month in a new city this summer! And I'm going to extend the job hunt to places other than my home town.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Technology is odd...

So about 4 months ago my CD/DVD drive on my laptop stopped working. I'm finally getting around to getting it in to get fixed. I figured however that I should try it once more time just to be sure it isn't working and it's not my doing something wrong. Well it turns out it does work... it seems to have fixed itself. wOOt.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Very LAST paper!

1:27pm - 34.5 Hours to research and write a paper. And study for tomorrow morning's exam. Gosh, I'm gonna miss this hell.

1:50pm - 515 words. wOOt.
P.S. the library basement is creepy.
P.P.S the new Metric Album "Fantasies" is enjoyable.

1:58pm - My eye keeps twitching: super annoying. 635
Oooo moving out of the basement up to a table with Islander and his gf - yay!

2:33pm - Oooo Montreal information has arrived. Paper distraction. Getting excited but fearful that my French or lack thereof is going to make the time difficult.

3:19pm - 767. Ugh. And I'm ready to be done. And I'm hungry. And once again, there's no food on this campus!

3:57pm - This paper's on Slavery's roots in the American constitution. It's the first legal-ish paper I've written this term and I've missed 'em. I said I didn't want to go to law school but I lied... I'm sure I'll be applying in the next few years - 872.

4:11pm - I think this is gonna be one of those papers where I fudge the margins a bit.. 1033.

5:01pm - And I'm stuck at 1260. Ugh.

5:24pm - I added some quotations - 1650. I'm so glad this is my last paper. Though I know in a few months I'll be looking to be writing them again.
Oh yes... and I haven't studied for tomorrow's exam yet. :s

6:07pm - 2000. On the nose. I have to more sections to write on but I have to go to the Law Library for 'em... so I'll do that tomorrow. Studying for the exam for the rest of the night now. Yay.

8:19pm - Studying didn't last long as we went for food. Mmm Mexican rice! Now I will study. Sorta.

9:27pm - So I haven't studied yet... I'm not feeling so great. I think I might just go to bed and get up early... ugh. Yes. That's what I'm gonna do. Night!

10:39am - Day 2. Wrote my first of four exams this morning. Went well enough for the little studying I did. Now to finish up this paper.

11:27am - wOOt! Free hot chocolate and free cookies! Though it did involve getting my picture taken. Oh well. Chocolate is worth it. 2143.

1:24pm - We took a lunch break. Two hours later... 2286.

1:56pm - Ok. I give up. Time for a conclusion.

2:16pm - I've gotten super hyper. Done by the way! :D

2:45pm - Done the footnoting and such. Last paper of my undergrad sucks like nothing I've ever written before but it's done. And that's the important thing!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Five List

So LLG (Who we will soon be introducing!) and I were chatting about the five celebrity men we were allowed to have. No matter what. It didn't take me long to think of mine...
1. Hugh Laurie
2. David Boreanaz
3. Jason Statham
4. Matthew McConaughey
5. Nathan Fillion

Monday, April 6, 2009

Night Off = TV Night!

House was super sad and unexpected tonight.
Bob Saget has a new TV show...
I really like the new show Castle: Nathan Fillion is hot.
Oo ooo Fringe is coming back! Yay! I thought it was over for the season.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A tale of one paper

It's another one of those frantic paper-writing days.
I'm writing my term paper for European home fronts at war on propaganda posters. And it's due tomorrow morning. And I have yet to start anything. Not only do I have nothing written but I have very little research. It's certainly not going to be my best writing ever. But alas I say that a lot and I make it out fine which is probably why I'm not as worried as I should be... which is probably a bad thing.

1:16pm - 400 words! And I don't like Cadbury Poppin' MiniEggs. Very odd sensation in ma mouth. Not a fan.

1:23pm - Seriously craving McDonald's French Fries and Chicken Nuggets - 600!

1:28pm - And I'm "playing again..." stupid Coffee games.

1:56pm - 1000! I'd say that's pretty darn good for about an hour's work! I may not be able to pull the all-niters anymore but ya learn to write like a speed demon after 4 years of major procrastination!

2:36pm - 1300! Halfway there. But I've only used one source.. oops.
You know what band I've missed listening to? Third Day. I do enjoy them, and Mac Powell's voice is particularly captivating.

3:03pm - 1565! I know it's a bit late for the following academic observation but... I don't say enough of my own thoughts in papers. I rely solely on other sources usually. I mean I'll argue something but I use other people's research to back it up.

3:28pm - 1800 words in and I've finally decided on my argument: war posters were the home front's weapon of war. And I'm going to call the paper "Weapon on the Wall". Brilliant I know. :D

5:45pm - 1800 words still. Had a meeting with next year's H4H co-chairs... I'm sad to be done. :( But confident they'll do an awesome job. Back to the paper now.

6:30pm - Seriously, there is no food on this campus! I'm hungry. :(

7:02pm - 2300 words. 2500 is not 10 pages however, so I guess I've got more to go than I thought. Oh well. Though I think I'm gonna head home soon as I'm too hungry to stay here much longer.

7:54pm - 2800. Still not 10 pages. Bloody hell. Almost though, only need to add another paragraph or two so I'm going home now where there's soup. Mmmmmm...

8:54pm - Mmmm soup was tasty.
On a completely different note.. I want a kitten.
And back to the paper.

8:59pm - Oh and the job. I can have it if I want but it's definitely not something I'm up for doing so no job. :( Oh well!

9:11pm - Annnnddd Done! Just got citations left. Best part! Not.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dryer + Chapstick = not good
You know you've been drinking too much Tim's coffee when... you try and roll up the rim on your Starbucks cup.

Friday, April 3, 2009


So I might have a job! Yay!
But my connection for this job is my father. And well, nothing he's ever tried to help me with has ever panned out so getting excited is probably a bit premature.
But it does sound pretty legit.
Not sure how much I'm cut out for the job but it's worth a shot and at the pay rate... I'll make myself right for it.
So I just have to go through the usual formalities and such and we'll see how things go... I'll keep ya updated!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Made my day!

So I'm procrastinating and watching TV and the show I was watching was talking about googling one's own name. So since I'm trying to waste time, I did.
I came across a blog with one of those survey's posted on it. It was done by a guy I'd gone to elementary school with. In the survey, under the question "first crush" was my name. I will admit it made me extremely happy; gave me quite the burst of confidence. Even if it was about me when I was in grade five.