Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kids say the darnest things

My little brother's friend got a new kitten. It's a girl and it's the similar type as my cat. My brother suggested that my cat and his friends cat mate. My mother informed him that my cat couldn't make kittens and brother replied: "Well they can just do it for fun!".

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ok, I lied

...about the posting sooner. Sundays seem to be the only time I have much free time for doing much. I've had a pile of postcards have written and address sitting on my desk for over a week now and I'm just getting to them now!

Things are good. My allergies are giving me a hell of a time though - I'm miserable. Haven't slept in three or four nights now and it's super unpleasant. Hoping to take something tonight that'll knock me out cause learning a language on no sleep is not good.

This week was good - skipped out on a few things so I could do things on my own cause there's so much I wanna see and do but so little time! Found an awesome market with great food and cheap prices so I checked that place out. Also got to see the Musee de Beaux Arts' exhibit on John Lennon and Yoko Ono - "Imagine". It was really good.

This week has some street fairs going on, as well as the Festival de la Mode et Design and while it's not really my thing it'd be cool to see a fashion show! The Fringe Festival is also this week so hopefully we'll get to check out some of those events. One of my roomies and I are checking out the Biodome, Botanical Gardens and the Olympic Stadium on Saturday hopefully. It sounds like it'll be a pretty full week again!

As for the learning a second language - it's going great! My teacher is very impressed with how quick I learn and also suggested that I should have been in a higher level! Apparently I can roll my r's very well and are quite good at communicating. I'm really happy with it all. I just hope I'm able to find a good way to keep up the learning when I return home.

Poland is very quickly approaching as well - little less than 6 weeks. I'm getting very very excited and a bit nervous too! Can't wait though! And then it's back to the real world.. where debts must be repaid and work must be done... yay! :) Have a great week everyone!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

End of Week 1

My apologies for the lack of posts: they keep us extremely busy here.

Things are going great - I'm really enjoying myself - the people are great, the city is beautiful and I'm learning a lot!

My only complaint is how tired I am. We never stop and we walk for hours every day (though I've already lost some weight due to this!!). But it's all good. Mom shipped me my sneakers which I'd forgotten so my back isn't hurting me nearly as much now.

My french is coming back to me very quickly. I can easily carry on hour long conversations again (though there is still a lot of new vocabulary I need to learn). It's really good, I wish I could do this program again next summer cause I think another time would be good for me.

So what have I done this week? We went to Chinatown for dinner one night, had a tour of Old Montreal and then spent yesterday in Quebec City. It was beautiful despite some rain (made much better by the cute boy who held my umbrella over me and gave me his sweater lol).

Today is a free day, thank goodness cause I'm exhausted. Just gonna putter around, lay in bed, do some laundry and some cleaning and get groceries. The rest of the girls are going up to the park so I might go too for a bit but we'll see.

I will post sooner this time, promise! Au revoir! :)