Friday, October 31, 2008

For those of you who honor the celebratory day: Happy Halloween.
I do not though. Thus I will continue to indulge in my depressive state as of late. Going back to bed. Dave!, I really wish you'd been here this past week. Goodnight world: see you Monday morning.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Lsgb and I went to see Max Payne last night: horrible movie.
I've been watching the show Two Guys and A Girl which makes me very happy. Mostly cause it has Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion in it.
Mom and are I are talking about what to do next year if I don't go back to school... it's absolutely terrifing. I have no idea what kind of job I'd like to be working... or where I could even get a job. Ugh, so much easier to just be a student forever!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I've been getting a bit bugged lately by what feels like my own lack of intelligence. My friends are very smart people: they all have very strong opinions and can express them very academically. I on the other hand cannot. I have opinions (sometimes - alot of the time I just sit on the fence on things) but I can't express them. I can't back up my opinions at all.
Another thing lately is that I'm not taking anything in, I've got a class on the Middle East right. And I've decided that I don't agree with the creation of the state of Israel. However, if you asked me to explain to you why (in person) I wouldn't be able to get it out. It's frustrating.
I can't remember anything I read. And I thought this was just me, but I've come to realize alot of people I know (Johnboy and Lsgb) are having the exact same problem. Which makes me feel a little less unintelligent and incapable of being anything academic. I think we're schooled out.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well it's Sunday (duh).
I spent my weekend with my head in books. Did got out for a bit last night with Lsgb, Islander and his new girl and another friend. Was an okay time though.
I did get alot of work done this weekend though: should leave my week pretty free of required readings. We've got a coatcheck this week and I'm still working on talking someone into see Passchendaele with me but I may actually have time!
Anyways that's absolutely all I have to say right now. I will look for something fun for next time.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I wrote my last midterm today and the H4H meeting was long and tedious, so I decided not to bother with any school work this evening (not that I could afford an evening off) but anyways I curled up under some blankets (cause my heat still won't work) with some H4H work and watched Brokeback Mountain. I'd never watched it before but we were talking about it in a class the other and I thought I'd like to see it. Well I haven't cried like that over a movie in a long time.. possibly ever. Yes, I am a sap.
And just now I melted a burner cover - turned the wrong burner on... it smells horrible in here.
In other news, I really like the new show Fringe. It's "x-fily" and amusing. I like it.

Monday, October 20, 2008


So I've been being really stringent on my heat lately. In other words I've refused to turn it on. Well I've had to give in. When you can see your breath in your apartment and there's frost outside then I think it's time. So I turned it on. And discovered that it doesn't work. I checked the breakers and saw they were turned off, so I flipped them but alas it still does not work. I am very unimpressed. We're supposed to get snow on Wednesday - I need heat! Anywhoo... gonna go find some mittens and go do some studying - last midterm tomorrow!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's getting to school application time so I've begun organizing myself. And to keep y'all up to date on where I'm thinking of going and who's rejecting me and who's telling me they love me... here's a bit of a rundown.
School S - will never accept me but if they did it'd be nice cause I wouldn't have to move.
School W - in a city where I know no one but apparently a nice city. There's is an honors program too so that'd nice.
School K - very similiar situation to W.
School M - In a province with some people I know, but getting home could get expensive. And the people I know there I don't know well but they are nice people. Could be an okay place.
School D - 2nd best option, not far from home. Have family there. Have been there before.
School C - Far away from home, but Dave!'s there. Have a great program so I'd be lucky to get in.
I'm nervous as hell about moving far away... just with the whole finding somewhere to live part. How does you find an apartment in another city? I can't afford to go out before hand and then come back... it should be interesting... but it's exciting!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Just had my very first huge H4H crisis. And aside from the tears and the swearing and freaking I think I handled it quite well. Ironically the source of the crisis may have been my fault. But it's been dealth with and all is well. Looks like we're going to Tennessee this year! Definitely not where the group had wanted to but it'll do.
Alrighty, I'm gonna go be sick and try not to take up smoking or excessive drinking.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cause I'm just awesome

I was just on the phone with a guy about an H4H fundraiser. While there he asked if I"d ever heard of this other lady cause she had an outstanding balance with the company and was also involved with H4H Int'l. I said I had no idea who she was but would look into it. He was appreciative cause he'd been trying to figure it out for months now. So after I got off the phone with him, I asked a few people a few questions, googled a couple things and found her. I called back not 15 minutes later and told him where to find her. He was amazed. I'm just that good. :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

lonely lazy laughing girl seeks someone to do her work

The nice long weekend wasn't long enough. I'm exhausted - too much to do. I was always told that fourth year was the easiest - lots of electives etc, mine is the opposite. I have no electives. Everything I'm taking is important, hard and full of a lot of work. Is it Christmas break yet?
So I've started walking home from school. I desperately need the exericise and it's a nice walk. Here's hoping 15 minutes a day is enough to get into better shape but not too much that it kills my ankle.
P.S. The TV show - Big Bang Theory is absolutely awesome. I haven't laughed that hard since Dave!'s impression of the Whiskas Cat :)
Ok... there are books in front of me that are calling to be read and assignments need to be written... later!

Friday, October 10, 2008


So I didn't have the best last couple days, but it's all been recovered in the knowledge that I am going to be receiving my very very first wedding invitation in the next few months. I am sooo thrilled. It's silly but its the first of closer friends to get married and my official first wedding invitation, address solely to me. Oh yes, me and date. That part should be fun. Anywhoo, it's super exciting.
Anywhooo it's time to get some sleep. A couple of us are heading to the market for breakfast in the morning and then I'm heading home for the weekend. With promises to return with pumpkin pie and turkey for those who weren't able to go home. Alrighty, happy thanksgiving!

Because life is more fun when it's confusing:

We have two exec members with the same name and three who go by the same nickname.

Monday, October 6, 2008

We all had a good cry in class today. My professor started it with a reading, and when she started choking up we all followed eventually. The guy sitting beside me even has very teary looking eyes. Gotta love that Holocaust.
I suck at being a comfort when it comes to relationship troubles. I try but I just don't know what to say and when I do say something it feels so fake (i.e. I heard it in a movie or read it in a book). Ugh.
The straight hair is fun. No one recognizes me. A guy I met awhile back walked by me earlier - I said "Hey". And then he realized who I was and was like "What's different about you?" Lol. And then another friend was looking for me in class and walked past me several times without realizing it was me. Ah but the curly must return, as I must wash my hair tomorrow. :)
Alrighty... Night!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

SusieQ's Sunday To Do List

1. Decide on Sociology of Law Seminar Topic with Lsgb
2. Read Holocaust Readings for this week (insert necessary alcoholic drink to get through it)
3. Write Conflict Resolution journal entry from last week
4. Make notes for chapters 1-4 for Research Methods
5. Laundry
6. Clean apartment (vacuum, tidy, wash dishes, clean bathroom)
7. Take out garbage
8. Begin research for Holocaust Paper (decide on topic, prepare outline and thesis)
9. Call Mom
10. Holocaust Assignment
11. Narrow down H4H Locations

Ok... I can do all that in the next 10-12 hours right? I thought so!
It's going to be done while beginning to re-watch the Stargate SG1 series too. :)

3:51pm - #6 &7 - Check!
4:43pm - I wanna go to Tennesse... or Arkansas... hmmmm
5:05pm - I have location choices done! Now to how much money we need to take 25, 30 or 35 people. Ugh!
6:04pm - Half of my Holocaust readings are done!
6:28pm - I just got asked to go to someone's place (who I barely know) to "keep each other warm".
6:46pm - Laundry is in. And now there's a supper break. Chicken baked in the oven with diced tomato and onion and little mushrooms with oriental seasoning. Served with yummy rice. It smells super good!
7:56pm - Pictures from last night's fun are up. Some are somewhat less than flattering but many are fun!
8:30pm - Mom called, Laundry done.
9:35pm - Decided on Soc of Law topic: "Recipes for Democracy? Gender, Family, and Making Female Citizens in Cold War Canada".
10:35pm - Holocaust Readings and Assignment Done (without crying this time!) Reasearch Methods notes and Holocaust paper postponed till another day though.
11:41pm - Conflict Resolution Journal writing done! Now to bed with a movie or a good book - haven't decided yet. Night!

still alive!

I haven't died. It was just a pretty super crazy week.
Nothing too exciting though. I have to get new xrays on the ankle as apparently it should not still be hurting like it does so something's up. So now we begin to find out what the "something" is.
Lsgb straigtned my hair last night - its super fun! I actually really like it. It may happen more often.
The grad pics turned out quite nicely. I am happy with them.
H4H seems to have gotten off to a good start - there are few nervous things going on but hopefully we can clear those up by the end of the week.
I can't be next weekend is Thanksgiving - where does the time go?
I was doing super well keeping on my classes this term, until H4H started. And then instead of doing school work on Tuesday night I had to do things for it so I got behind. I'm not gonna try and catch up, instead I'll just skip those chapters and move onto the next ones. Catching up just gets me even more behind usually.
But despite the ridiculous amounts of school work to do, went out to play pool last night. There were good times, I actually almost beat Islander at a game. But there was also some stupid siliness that really made me mad (more on that situation later). But it was good times, despite the fact that he very good looking man I invited did not show. It was followed by breakfast at 2am - whoever thought that up was a genius!
Anyways, now I must do laundry as I have no clean clothes!