Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nous avons arrivé!

I am extremely tired. And slightly grumpy. I have five hours to kill with my luggage in a city I've never been in before.

So I found myself a Second Cup and I figure I can kill a bit of time here.

Luckily, I met a couple girls on the train who are also here on the same program so I`ve got company for a bit! One`s in my residence too which is good.

So how childish is it that I`m homesick already and want to go home now? Yeah... quite, I know. Ah well... hopefully it'll get better once I'm settled in my room and can get some sleep and a shower...

Anywhoo... Gonna go find something to do... I'll check in later! Au revoir! :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Officially graduated - wOOt!

Just about to finish up the packing and head out to the door to catch my train to Montreal! Super excited but super nervous too but all will be good!

Stayed tuned for exciting updates (that may or may not be in French!! lol).

Monday, May 25, 2009

Crazy Minds

I really enjoy the show Criminal Minds. I really like the characters especially. I don't usually watch it a lot though cause I find it a bit too horrific? Yeah that'll do.

I watched a few episodes last week and I handled it well so I figured I'd catch up with the series. I just finished watching Season 1 and though I enjoyed it... it's giving me horrible nightmares and my overactive imagination now has me on guard for any potential stalkers, rapists and serial killers.

Sooo... MASH for a while it is.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

End of the Week Report

I feel an end of week report is necessary with the amount of stuff I've done this week!
I was handy lady this week! Or more like just the past couple days. Mom always says she needs a man, I've proved her wrong - she just needs me!

First, I put together a new computer desk so Mom could move the computer upstairs where it's warmer and more central to everyone. But that required moving the internet up, so I had to rewire the internet from downstairs to upstairs. However, that wasn't an easy job. I had to find the wires, fish them out of the walls and then move them up the stairs. That was great until I realized I'd taken the cable away from the downstairs TV and since well that one's where I watch that just couldn't be. So then I had to get the cable back downstairs... let's just say it was a job and a half! But a good time.

Then... Mom bought a BBQ last week and it's been sitting in the garage since then, still in pieces in the box. So I tackled that. All went well until I had to take a piece apart (one which I'd eventually have to put together again.. why it didn't come apart in the first place I don't know!) but anyways... the screws are in too tight and I can't get them out.. so I'm stalled on that job.

Aside from handy lady jobs... I think I've got everything ready for the time away starting in 6 sleeps!!! Just gotta pack it all up...

Grad is in only a few days! Getting excited to say I did it!!

Anyways, time to see how much I can fit into my suitcase.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday fun

According to one of my mother's preschoolers who was trying to guess my age today, I'm 80. Thanks kid. Now I really feel old.

My cat's birthday gift to me? Thrown up worms. My little brother went fishing yesterday and left his dirt and worms in the porch...

My father and brother forgot my birthday. Gotta love it. Oh well, just a birthday.

I have a headache, yet again. This is going on week three of headaches. It's unpleasant. Time to complain to the doctor I think.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today was babysitting day - children are too busy and require way too much energy.

Not too much exciting going on. Tomorrow I'm fundraising for Poland. This event's going to make or break me so I'm really really hoping it goes well. If not, there's always hope my auction will go well but getting donations is not going as well as I'd like.

Had my first successful doctor's appointment in a long while on Thursday. I've been really frustrated lately with the medical stuff going on cause I just haven't felt like anyone's listening to my concerns or taking any action. My family doctor however is sending me to another doctor here in town who he assures me will look at things and get us started at looking into treatment options etc. So that's a relief!

I'm a year older on Monday. My mother keep saying time's flying and it's flying for me too! It feels like just yesterday I was 16 or graduating high school, yet somehow I'm graduating university in only a few weeks! Just wish I knew what was next though...

Anyways, I'm super tired so I'm going to get stuff ready for tomorrow and then head to bed. Night and Happy Mom's day!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy May!

Living at home is tough. I love my family I really really do but as most families go, they have their moments (mine possibly more than some) when they are absolutely unbearable. When you couple that with my preference to live alone (though maybe not so much a preference but just something I'm accustomed to), things can get a bit messy. I've been doing well though I think. Only had my first flip out today. Over the fact that someone had put both ice cube trays back in the freezer empty. It really ticked me off. I'm not feeling well either though so I'll blame it partly on that. Not too sure what I've got but I've been achy and weak/tired and feverish for a couple days now. Hopefully it'll pass quickly.

I knew that taking this summer off would have it's negative points, mainly financial ones. But I didn't expect it to get this bad this fast. It really puts a damper on one's awesome summer when you've got to worry about paying bills and whether you've got the money to buy toothpaste. But I think I taught the bank a lesson today when my NSF fee (for a payment bouncing) also bounced. Ha! Really, do they think you've got the money for a fee if you didn't have it for your bill? Now as long as I don't get charged an NSF fee on my NSF fee...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Well I've found one good thing to do with my time: get sunburnt.
I've been spending my afternoons outside in the sunshine reading. It's gorgeous and I'm loving that I can polish off a fun book in four days or less!
I picked up the book Child 44 at the bookstore the other day just cause it caught my eye and sounded like it'd be a good read. Thus far it has lived up to its expectations. At this rate however, I'm going to run out of books on my to read list... so suggestions of good ones are more than welcome!!