Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Weekend" in the crazy place

So I went home for a couple days. That was fun. Almost missed the bus to get there, forgot to give my cat food while I was gone, and didnt' turn off my alarm clock.
However it was a good enough time. I had pad thai for the first time. It was actually quite good. I'll looking for somewhere up here where I can get it. Actually, I have Saturday morning off for the first time in weeks so I'm thinking about going to the market, if I can scrape up the money to buy a few things.
I finished the "Fifth Life of the Cat Woman": terribly enjoyable. I was done after only a few hours of reading. I loved it. Was a good feel-good-in-the-midst-of-bad-stuff kind of book. And if you like cats, you'll enjoy it very much. The conversations between the characters and the cats themselves are quite amusing and usually revolve around tuna. If you like history; you'll also like it. The "catwoman" begins teaching history and she teaches what she calls the "latrine version", the version about the ordinary people. I particularly like that aspect of history. I realize that the kings, queens, nobleman and lawmakers have an important place in history but it was most often the ordinary people who make history what it is for us. I particularly like her means of teaching her students. The only thing that made me uneasy was the whole love story thing... and the fact that she falls for one of her brothers in a past life. Little odd but I suppose it was a past life and they arent' blood related anymore sooo...
Anyways, I'm now onto the Hobbit. I'll let ya know how it goes.
I'm on vacation this week. I get two all summer so I chose this week in order to get some time in with "the leaving one" and go home. I don't get another week off like this until the end of August. Then I come back to work the long weekend and then classes begin. Hopefully. Money issues have begun to pose a slight problem and I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do. The choices consist of three: move home (this is not a good thing, this would requiring quitting my program as well as Habitat and that's neither of those are things I want to do, besides I"d go crazy), move into residence (means I have to get rid of Jack and I despise the idea of residence... they make me homesick and its not enough independence) or move and get another roomate (I have no idea who that would be since the only people here I know who would want a roomate are leaving half way through the year and that would leave me screwed, plus I don't want one). So it is a dilemna. Hopefully to be solved by working like crazy for the next couple weeks and working during the school year which chances my very already slim shot at law school.
I had more home and family stories to share but I will share later. Today I clean and finish unpacking a couple boxesl... (yes two months later and they still aren't unpacked).

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Books, movies... etc...

I finished "The Dark Half" last night. I really enjoyed it. Its been awhile since I read a book that was easy to read, and just plan simple. I got a bit confused at times but it was nothing like some of the others I've been reading lately or plan on reading. It was also really nice to read a good crime novel. I enjoy them and most of what I've been reading lately has been more historical (which although I also enjoy) its a nice change. I'm now onto the "Fifth Life of the Cat Woman"
by Kathleen Dexter. It was one of those nice 3.99 purchases at Chapters a few months back and I've been looking forward to reading it for awhile so I decided to put "The Hobbit" on hold for a week or so while I read this one.
Watched "Resevoir Dogs" last night. I really enjoyed it. I wasn't so sure at first, especially when I thought it was gonna be another 'space baby' situation. But I did enjoy it. I really liked how so much of the story was told just through conversation. I now have "Stuck in the Middle With You" in my head and that scene is officially my favorite movie scene at the moment.
Anyways, gotta go to work. Later.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Okay. I think someone needs to tell my place of employment that putting words that are meant to be read by customers across the chest of their employees t-shirts is a bad idea. Especially on the fronts of the shirts worn by their employess of the female persuasion.
I understand that some people may not have a problem with it but I however, do not take too kindly to people staring at my chest in a very obvious manner especially considering the characters whom we serve at our particular store.
For example, today I had a creepy man ask me to remove my shirt because he was unable to read the words on my shirt. This make me angry. But since I seem to be the only one upset about this, its unlikely anything will be done but its worth complaining about till someone at least takes notice of my complaining.

Friday, June 22, 2007


I had too.
I work there. Its an obligation of the utmost annoyance.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I'm back to work in one hour after two days off; I do not feel at all rested nor do I feel anymore energetic then I did when I'd finished two 14hour days. But oh well.
I've changed my mind about the blog. Its really going to be no different: sorry. But its new and fun! And change is good. Or so they tell me. Person there (haven't thought up a good name yet) leaves in a week. I don't like change... Its not the leaving part that bothers me as much as I don't like the thought that my best friend for the last year may just turn into one of those people who talk to every couple of months, find out things about them through others and then before you know it, its been years since you've seen them even though they've moved back within an hour's drive from you. And they say I'll never notice.. it'll just be natural and completely painfree but I beg to differ. But this is just upsetting me so I'm gonna stop now.
I had one of the really frustrating-need-to-scream kind of moment yesterday. I"d sent someone a particularly personal email a week ago, they never replied, never said anything about it, which made me think they may have been upset with me over it. I stressed about it all week. Finally I gave in and asked them about it... turns out they never got it. You have no idea the yelling this resulted in; all that freaking out and they never got it. I had regretted sending it after I had anyways.. so at least now I have the option of making the same possible mistake again or making a really good judgment call and not saying a bloody thing on the subject ever again. Unfortunately now that they know about it they're going to get curious... which will probably result in me making a big mistake.. again. But hey, makes life semi-exciting.
Okay. I have to go to work. Till 12 tonight. Joy. Later all.

Monday, June 18, 2007


That title should catch your eye. :)

Okay.. I was just watching TV and this commercial came on... I'm unsure of what to think.

Glorious Glorious Weekends!

After a less than boring or busy week, I have a couple days off work. I couldn't be happier, it comes at the perfect time cause I was starting to get a little burnt out.
Speaking of burnt, I got another sunburn. I missed a few spots. And they are obvious missed spots... like the red circle on my chest/neck area. Oh well, I'll have a nice tan by the end of the summer... and skin cancer at this rate...
I'm currently listening to my singalong playlist... and its very enjoyable. I haven't had time to just sit here and do nothing and sing along for quite awhile now: yay for free time!
I've discovered the semi-colon and the colon, see: I like cats; I wonder where my cat is. I have been attempting to use them frequently in my writing... unfortunately I don't believe I'm using them correctly. I believe its time to haul out an old grammar book.
Alrighty, dishes call!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tree Murder!

So this morning when I left my apartment at 4:45 am there was a forest outside my building. Today when I came home at 8pm (yes, I worked that whole time) the forest was gone.
I can't say I'm happy with this new turn of events. For a couple reasons. 1) My singing birds that I get to hear every morning are probably going to disappear in the near future and 2) Where are all the deer going to go? The field just down the street is always full of deer in the evenings, cause they live in the woods; now where are they going to live?
Next thing ya know it, everyone's also going to be complaining that the deer are eating their flowers and their gardens; I wonder why!?!? You've just taken away their natural habitats and for what? To build more apartment buildings and home so my rent goes up?!
I find it terribly frustrating.
Anywho... I haven't eaten in three days so I think I'm going to go do that and then go to bed as I work again at 5 tomorrow.
I often complain about my neighborhood but sometimes, like today I do enjoy it. Such as when, even though I'm in the middle of the city, a tractor drives by! Its wonderful!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Workplace fun!

For the past month I've been working two jobs, totalling about 70 hours of week between the two of them. I've discovered that's a little too much for me. One of the jobs I really enjoy, I like the people I work with as well as the clientele; I've also moved up very quickly in my position. So it was really easy for me to decide which of the jobs I would be quitting however, telling my boss was a bit more difficult, especially since she'd just lost one of her main guys the other day.
However, its nice to know that sometimes things just work themselves out. I was told today that I would no longer be needed because they were changing their hours and my shift would no longer exist. Soo.. I was fired sorta or "let go" I guess they'd call it but not cause of anything I did just because of some changes in the workplace.
I couldn't be happier, I was trying to find the best time to tell my boss and I was worried she'd be upset and all that and then she came to me about it! So I only have to work next week and then I'm back down to just one job at only 40-45 hours a week. Which is nice, cause I'm not going to tell my other boss that I'm all hers until the end of the month so I can have a few days off during the last week of the month to spend sometime with a person or two I won't be seeing for awhile, to go home and visit family and rest up my poor crippled little body.
In other workplace news, at the good ol' Irving. We won the cleanest store contest: meaning we are the cleanest store in our province! This is terribly exciting especially since we competed with several of the newly renovated stores and we ourselves are not.
However, more work beckons so I must be off.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Friendly Ones

As much as I'd like this not to be a regurgitation of my everday adventures; sometimes stories are just worth telling and more often than not those stories involve other people. So, in order to maintain my anonymity and that of others in my life. I am embarking on a creative naming adventure. So I'll introduce you to everyone as I come up with suitable names for them. If you feel you are someone worthy of a name and a story... please let me know. Cause there are some of you... well let's just stay I'm stuck.

Summer Flicks

With summer always comes the flood of new movies, and as always there are several I'd like to see. Unfortunately its unlikely I will see many of them but I can always try right?
Ocean's Thirteen
Nancy Drew: Sounds like its going to be a bit of a teeny bopper movie, but I"ve read every book and I just feel compelled.
Evan Almighty
Live Free or Die Hard
: I don't know much, but didn't Bruce Willis do an actual movie called "Die Hard"?*
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Bourne Ultimatum

Waitress: Nathan Fillion! Yay. Though I don't believe it's going to be playing in my area.

*As usual I spoke before thinking (or in this case: researching)... Its a series of movies... Its also known as Die Hard 4. Now I know. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Why "Making Chocolate Milk"? Inspired by the fact that I love chocolate milk and this quote from Friends:
Ross: What are you doing?
Chandler: Making chocolate milk. You want some?
Ross: No thanks, I'm 29.

Never too old for chocolate milk.

Why SusieQ? Three Reasons.
1. Its as close to anonymous as one can get aside from Jane Doe (or at least in my mind)
2. My grandfather always called me SusieQ as a child.
3. Its cute and fun and I like cute and fun.