Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stupid sick!
Ah well, I'm feeling actually quite well. Unlike the other H4H co-chair who's been bed ridden for a day now. Here's hoping tomorrow bring health!
Anyways, this is my note to tell ya to have a great first week of March! I'm off on Saturday and tomorrow will provide no time for blogging. So yes... have a great week! :) Tell ya all about the trip via my twitter posters!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Movie Mania

Yesterday was my personal movie day.
But FIRST, Slumdog Millionare = amazing! Hence all the awards it's won. I think I can confidently say it's the best movie I've seen in years and I don't usually give movies "best" labels. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack too.

And onto yesterday. Yesterday was romantic movies that make me cry day: The Break-up (ok that didn't make me cry and it actually wasn't all that good) and neither did Vicky Cristina Barcelona (though it was quite unique) but P.S. I love you and Love Actually sure as hell did.

Curse Islander and his gf for telling me I had to watch P.S. I Love You - I cried the whole way through it. However, I'm going to go to Ireland and find me an irishman cause oh dear. ;)
Actually I think I am going to Ireland. I found a relatively good price for a tour so I'm thinking of staying after the H4H trip in Poland to spent a week in Ireland. I figure since I'm over there and it's extremely cheap to get from one place to another I might as well. Ya only live once right?

Ok. Since the research books I needed to work today are still in the library and the library is closed due to collosal snowfall... I'm going to watch movies again... but less sad ones this time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Saturday Student

Seapower paper - the co-operate effort of the British and U.S in the convoy system won the First World War. I can argue that... I think.

Still without a topic for my Homefronts during WWI class thought...

Worst feeling in the world = realizing that someone you'd hoped would be your friend for a long time isn't going to be... and its a frienship that's pretty much over now.

MC and I are going to see Slumdog Millionaire tonight. I'm not usually one to jump on bandwagons of popular movies that win tons of awards but I think I'm going to make an exception for this one!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

I've slowly been recovering from Sunday's experience. Not sure if my reaction is right or wrong or expected or normal or silly but it's been an unpleasant few days. I think I'll be much better once I get a good night's sleep though it may take some drug induced help to get it.

It's snowing out. I want spring.

Only good thing about the snow may be the cancellation of my midterm tomorrow morning. Though that'd give me two on Monday.

9 more sleeps till Tennessee!! I'm not as excited as I had been, kinda nervous about driving but excited regardless!

Annnddd... it's official. I'm going to Gliwice, Poland this summer! I am very very excited. I'm attempting to scrounge up the personal funds to join a tour of Eastern Europe or Ireland after the Habitat build. I'm hoping I'll be able to fundraise everything I need for the Habitat part of it though, and so far I've gotten quite aways just through donations!

I wish to recommend Snow Patrol's album: "A Hundred Million Suns" to ya: I like it!

My iPod is acting screwy. It really got tossed around on the bus the other night so hopefully it didn't do something to it.

I'm writing a paper. It's supposed to be 2-3 pages...I'm on my 5th.. Oops. I've got one article left to read for it.. and I just don't want to... I wonder if I could get away without reading it... especially since I've written so much already... hmmm

My throat is scratchy.. you know that scratchy just before ya get sick...? And I'm sneezing and feeling generally not right. Dear goodness, I don't have time for a cold right now.

I use MS OneNote for my lecture notes and other than that fact that it encourages my ridiculous organizing, I can search things very easily. Which makes "study guides" of terms very easy to put together.

Maybe I shouldn't have stayed on campus in this storm... getting home may be difficult.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The information has become available about the crash now... and it's not good.. all three people in the car (a 31 year old father and his two children, a 3 year old boy and a 5 year old daugher) were killed.
I've never understood the emotions of people involved in things like this but now I do... I pretty much haven't stopped crying. I feel silly for it but at the same time I don't feel like I'm feeling enough...
It sucks... alot.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

watch out for the ice!

So because my life is NEVER boring...
My bus was in an accident this evening on the way from spending the weekend at home back to here. The roads were bad and a car coming the opposite direction swerved into our lane and we hit it head on and then proceeded to drive over it: it ended up somewhere behind us in the ditch.
It was horrible... I'm still shaking. I was reading at the time so my head was bent over so when we crashed my head went straight into the seat in front of me. I'm now nursing some very sore neck and shoulders muscles. I'm not sure how but the window beside me was shattered too.. luckily it didn't actually break cause it would have fallen on me. Thank god the bus driver was able to keep control of the bus too otherwise there could have been much more serious injurious and some bus flipping.
Few people on the bus were hurt, just a few from the front of the bus (like me) who were sore, so we all get some ambulance rides to the hospital (one no where near either of my home's leaving me stranded in the middle of no where all alone which sucked).
The car however wasn't so lucky... not sure abotu anyone but there were two children in the car and someone had been thrown from the vehicle and their condition had been iffy... part of me kinda doesn't want to know cause the thought of it upsets me incredibly...
I am terribly sore right now... the pain just keeps adding up as new parts of my body protest the being flug around feeling. I'd currently like to brush my teeth but alas.. my bag was left at the scene in the bus... it is supposed to be in the bus terminal by morning so I can go reclaim it.. provided I can walk lol.
Ah.. never boring!
Oh and because of all the mayhem I missed my HFH interview this evening. Luckily the woman was understanding of the entire situation and we've postponed till tomorrow evening.
Sooo how's everyone else these days?! :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Possible excitement?

Ok. So I've been doing some thinking somewhat based on things people have been asking me regarding what I'm doing after graduation. I"ve gotten many suggestions that I should travel and that's something I would really like to do. Unfortunately there's no way I could afford it.
However.... something I've always wanted to do is a Habitat for Humanity Global Village Trip. This is something I could fundraise for and not have a pay a huge chunk from my own wallet and at the same time could be doing something really awesome!
What'd ya think? I think I'd be looking to go first of August... and yes. I've already looked... and my locations options are....Macdeonia, Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Zambia, Armenia, or Guatemala. And I would be happy with any of 'em.
Thoughts? Suggestions of hugely successful fundraising?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I love the TV Show M*A*S*H. I always have. I know it's not the kind of show most people my age like. But there is no show that can make me laugh one minute, and cry the next. It's my feel good show and I like it. So there. :)

A Night on the Town

So last night was the history and polisi societies pubcrawl. Since all my friends are polisci and I'm history it was the perfect chance for us to all hang out. The night was certainly interesting (and fun!)

One of the polisci profs came out to the first locale. It was slighty weird to be drinking with one of my prof especially when he sat down at our table, and next to me and chatted it up with all of us for quite some time.
I had a major freak out at a house party that came next in the lineup. Huge panic attack that required my quickly running out of the house (much too loud, too many people and in waaay too small of a space). A and Islander were kind enough to leave with me then. But not after Islander freaked out at some guy for touching my backside while I was putting my boots on.
The next amusing incident. A guy I had a class with a few semesters back and who I see at the library all the time but who remains relatively shy and doesn't say much to me was also there. He came up to me and threw his arms around me and said "This is gonna be awkward next time I see ya at the library" and then ran off.
It then began to rain... In February... actual rain. I was and still am slightly confused. Not to mention the fact that the rain landed on my straightened hair which then turned back to curly as it got wet and made me look like some sort of wet poodle.
Anyways, we skipped the next locale for a place where we could all sit down. I didn't stay too long cause after they'd be talking politics with some guy for 45 minutes and I hadn't said anything as I had absolutely nothing to contribute and I was bored out of my mind. I was incredibly glad to get home out of the cold and wet though.
Anyways it was a good night. I'm glad I don't do that too often though... ugh!
Today I am nursing some pain as I slipped on some ice yesterday, and hit my head and hurt my neck so I can only turn to the left today.... lol. Gonna clean up the apartment and then make chocolate roses tonight with H4H... at my place... hence the needing to clean up the place!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Super overtired

I hate stereotypes and I hate playing games. I hate even more that I'm expected to play games if I want to change my relationship status.
What I do not hate are Fridays and passing in papers: tonight is veg night. I'm going to clean the apartment. And then settle down with some movies and some wine and some leftover curried noodles. I will then attempt to get a good sleep.
Tomorrow will be a read and paper research day and possible pubcrawl.
The End.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm smitten with a boy who might actually know I exist. :D
Yep... same one from way back when. Lol.
*sigh...* :)

Woes of the Friend far away...

I have a few friends who live far away... and I often don't hear from these people that often so everytime I hear of someone dying or being hurt in the cities where they live I panic. Silly I know but I do. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 2

Day 2 of Work-Like-A-Mad-Woman finds me with a huge list of things to do. All of which I must get done by 7pm so as to watch the Superbowl.
I am also met with slight disappointment in the weight loss goal for the week. Must eat more fruits and veggies and workout everday whether I feel like it or not cause I know I'll feel better when I do.
So first on the list of things to do: shower. Yes. It's on my list. Cause if I don't then I'll forget. It means I lose my straight hair again though. :( But I now own a straigtener so I can do it myself when I have an hour and a half to spare in the mornings. I actually really like it straight: it looks much redder straight and it's just a very different look. I'm excited to be able to wear it down and straight more often; even if it makes me look more like my sister.

So I've finally made some decisions about what to do with myself after graduation. I've actually decided to stay at home for a couple years provided I have I can get my license and a vehicle. Depending on how the job front goes, after a year or so I think I'm going to take some courses from the local community college. Probably just non-credit ones in Computers and Business, so as to make myself as employable as possible. I plan on making my mother take a computer one with me as well. I think it'd be good for her and it'd be nice to have someone do it with me. I'd also like to take a French course or two after taking my 5 week course this summer: just to make sure I don't lose it like I have!

So I haven't actually gotten any school work done yet. I have however showered, gotten dressed and organized the basket of odds and ends under my coffee table. I so want a job where I have my own desk! :)

I hate money. And I think my loan co-signer is more difficult to deal with than the actual bank is. Ugh.

I've filled out my application to graduate - wOOt!

Ah Facebook: God of procrastinators.

Oh Death Race: A little dark. Ummm, I'd have to be in a "mood" to watch that one again. But ohhhh Jason Statham...marry me. Or at least... no never mind. ;)

Oooo football time! (And paper writing)

Such a girl: I choose my favorite team by who's got the nicer uniform color and the cutest quarterback. :)