Monday, December 31, 2007

An official Update Post

Ok. Here I am. And here's what's been going on.

Weather: Our winter really hit us this year. And it was exciting at first. For the first time in years it actually looked like we were going to have a white Christmas. Well on Dec.23 it got really really warm and most of the snow was gone by Dec.25. Kinda amusing actually. But its back. And a lot of it. We're supposed to get some 30cm today and the forecast is calling for even more this week.
Work/Ankle: The ankle hasn't really improved at all in the past two weeks. Its been a month now and I'm about ready to just chop it off. There are still several different movements I can't do with it, such as going downstairs (up is fine though!) I go back to work on the 16th of January so hopefully it'll be better by then.
School: I still haven't gotten a mark back for one of my classes yet. Which has me only a little bit ticked off. I took the course at another university which has currently locked out their faculty so that could be part of the reason its taking so long. That and my prof's an idiot. Classes go back a week from today, and I'm only kinda looking forward to it. Partly cause I'm still exhausted from last term and haven't had the chance to recuperate yet.
I go back to my place on Wednesday. Which will give me four or five days to get some much needed habitat stuff done, baking, a good cleaning of my apartment, some shopping, textbook buying and tuition paying done.
Well, I'm hungry so I think I'll go make some lunch or something. I'll post something new years-y later on.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just popping in. I'm alive. Barely but alive. Having a bad week so I'm kinda laying low so as to not ruin everyone else's seasonal happiness.
I shall return when my mood is less blue and I am able to haul myself out of bed and into the light long enough to type something. Till then.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I don't know how much more of my sister I can handle. So frustrated. And stressed. I have had a headache all week and now I'm getting sick. I'm tired and my foot hurts (especially in the cold!) and I'm sick of snow and I want a hug. I don't want to pack ever again, I don't want to see another old lady sweater, and I do not want to straighten that Christmas tree or remove my cat from the middle of it again.
I have been home for a week and I have not had the chance to relax at all. Its just been go go go and I need a break but I know that's not realistic. Nothing has been done and I am just about to start the baking today.
To make Christmas even worse, we are going to be all alone for dinner. Usually we had about 12 of us around once you added in my uncle and his children and my grandparents. This year, my uncle is having Christmas at his wife's parent's place, and with both my grandparents gone, dinner will be no different than any other meal. I liked Christmas dinner, all those people around made it feel like a special occasion.
Yes, I am in a bad mood. I would really just like to curl up somewhere and cry but nanaimo bars are calling. Perhaps there will be a more cheery Christmas message tomorrow.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shopping Mission Complete!

I started and finished my Christmas shopping today. Soooo glad its over. I think everyone will be happy with their gifts too.
Though I will express slight anxiety in giving gifts to people such as Dave! cause I can't know if they already have something since I don't live near 'em anymore. So I shopped at places that could gift me gift receipts and places that are sure to have stores where he lives. Cause I'm a genius that way. :)
So the ankle situation is all sorted out. I have several torn ligaments and tendons and a small fracture (that's already close to being healed up though). So I"m wearing a brace and I'll start physiotherapy when I return back to school in January. Should be fun. Till then, the annoyance of the useless foot will continue.
I'm supposed to go to a Christmas party tonight, instead though... I'd rather just sit at home, decorate the tree, drink hot chocolate and finish up a good book. The joys of winter time blues have really hit the past few weeks and I just don't feel like being sociable with a whole bunch of people. Now I just need to explain that to my mother who is set on my going.
Ok, off I go!

Monday, December 17, 2007

A case of the Awww's

My little brother just came up to me and said "Gimme a hug, I love you."
He made me cry a little bit. He's adorable. He's been so good to me the last little while, he will not let me go anywhere without holding my chance in case I fall on the ice (and there's alot of it). He opens doors for me, meets me at the car door and walks me anywhere I'm going, helps me get my boot on and off the sore foot. Just adorable.
And now he wants me to watch Hogan's Heroes with him!

Snow Galore

So the continuation of the chronicling of my holiday "vacation".
My afternoon at my father's yesterday was torturous: what I was lead to believe was just going to be dinner (so in and out in two hours max.) turned into 9 hours. Ugh.
The huge snow storm we got did not help. I think we can stop with the snow now, we've got enough!
My siblings have a snow day though today. Again. I had kinda been hoping to go shopping with mom and then to my eye appointment(which turns out to be tomorrow, not today... oops but oh well, tomorrow.
Not too much exciting to share. Jack is having a blast with all this space. Though the crazy winds last night really freaked him out: he slept under the covers with me!
Anywhoo.... shower time. Tootles.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Please join me in remembering a great icon of the entertainment community. The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection and trauma complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 71.

Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens of celebrities turned out to pay their respects, including Mrs. Butterworth, Hungry Jack, the California Raisins, Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies, and Captain Crunch.

The grave site was piled high with flours. Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy and lovingly described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much he was kneaded. Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with turnovers.

He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Despite being a little flaky at times he still was a crusty old man and was considered a positive roll model for millions.

Doughboy is survived by his wife Play Dough, two children, John Dough and Jane Dough, plus they had one in the oven. He is also survived by his elderly father, Pop Tart. The funeral was held at 350 for about 20 minutes.

Home sweet.... gah the pain!

Remember that grumpiness from a week or so ago when the ankle was bothering me? The grumpy is back. The pain isn't going away and its still super swollen. I'm going back into the hospital/doctor in the next couple days because its starting to become a bother. The worst part of all is the walking outside. We have a lot of snow right now, a ridiculous amount (and it just keeps coming!) and I am so terrified of falling. Any little slip of my foot is excruciating and my ankle is so weak that these little slips are quite frequent. I just had to go out and buy boots cause I have nothing to wear on my feet: I've been wearing sneakers and they are starting to get a bit gross cause of the snow and such. Anyways, I'm frustrated. And I feel so stupid. All of this cause I fell in the shower. So silly and its not funny anymore.
I came home to my mom's today. I'm all settled in and kitty actually managed the drive quite well. Once he realized that I was ignoring his crying he stopped. Said goodbye to Cliveslover and M today too. Well Cliveslover for sure, M and I are planning on hanging out over the holidays. I'm kinda excited: there's a few other people in town who I haven't seen in a while who I get to see over the next couple weeks! Unfortunately, Dave! isn't one of them (my apologies for the sappy email last night, I apparently get emotional when I have a few drinks :)
Anyways, I guess Mom and I are gonna start cleaning out Gram's bathroom. Though its not much work as much of it just gets thrown out... you do not want to know what Pepto Bismol from 1991 looks like. And I do wonder of the effectiveness of aspirin that expired the year I was born. So to hobble off I go.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Almost free..

I am almost free of school for the term. Almost. First I need to write a 5000 word paper on environmental crime in 24 hours. I can do that right...? Did I mention I don't have much research done..? *sigh...*
11:50am on the 13th - I'm sitting... I'm about to work. I swear. Must finish my long article that's really informative and will be terribly helpful when I actually start to write.
11:53 - wait wait.. I need coffee!
11:58 - Mmm... yay warm coffee (I picked the wrong seat... I'm next to the door and it keeps opening and closing with a blast of cold air every couple minutes... though I'm sure that'll be helpful when its 10pm tonight and I can't keep myself awake...)12:58 - Good timing. I finished that article. Yay! And my computer wants me to restart so I'm gonna go let it do that while I get some food as I am hungry.
1:11 - Mm... soggy storebought sandwiches. I don't usually buy pre-made sandwiches but I wanted something semi healthy and that's as close as they've got. And chocolate milk. Now I'm onto an article by a man with a last name of La Force... which makes me smile.
1:56 - La Force was of no help to me. Let's see what Finkle has to offer.
3:59 - I want to die. Ugh. But I think I'll actually start writing now. I know what I'm gonna say I think. Or at least I have a pretty good idea.
4:42 - This is the most unorganized thing I've ever written. I'm just writing the paragraphs right now, I'll fit 'em all together later on. (265/5000!)I'm not sure how much more of this cold air I can handle... I'm seriously eyeing that table over on the other side... but that does require packing up all my stuff...
5:04 - 427! and I need a bathroom and get-coffee-break!
5:15 - Coffee's gross. And I'm cold. Back to work.
6:20 - 969! I stalled a bit in there too... could have gotten more done.
6:40 - Ok. Not funny. Business boy just sat down across the way from me. See... now I'm grinning like an idiot. Oh dear, now I might just have to move using the excuse of the cold door as my reasoning... I also may just go home soon. I'm tired and my back hurts. And I want to put my foot up... we'll see. Let's try and get to 2000 before I leave though.
6:57 - Facebook got rid of the "is" in the status box! Exciting. And no, I'm not on facebook. ;)
7:55 - Ok. I'm at 2108. I think I'm doing pretty good. Almost halfway there! I'm heading home now. Time to brave the cold and the slippery sidewalks!
9:40 - I'm home, warmed up and fed. And I really just want to go to bed...
11:10 - 2895! Yay. That makes me super happy. And sleepy...
11:20 - 3001. I am exhausted so I'm going to go to bed. I'll get up a decent hour tomorrow and finish this up.
8:30 on the 14th - Morning. Ugh. I should have just gotten up after a few hours: I tossed and turned all night. But, the swelling in my ankle is going down! I can see my ankle bone again.
9:48 - 3797. I am actually pretty confident with where this is going. Haven't used 20 sources yet though, I might just have to throw in a couple facts here and there just to make sure I use them all. Must go get some warm liquid.
10:46 - 4207 - I'm having a really hard time spelling environment this morning. And I got hot chocolate and then forgot about it... now its cold. This is exciting, I have never written this much before and its really not so bad. And I haven't even touched on procedural problems yet... or developed a thesis. :)
12:14 - 5102! yay! Ok, now to put this in APA format... I don't know it so it could take awhile and how do you put cases in APA? You don't... I know.
1:30 - So APA does not have footnotes and I had done it all up in footnotes as I went along. Ugh. And there were alot. I'm just gonna leave the cases as footnotes or maybe I'll do him up a list of cases at the end or something...hmm...
2:09 - Completely done! Yay! That really wasn't so bad. I got sleep even. Haven't eaten since Wednesday but regardless, its done. 1st term is over!

Done exams!!

Yeah,I know I said I'd update but then I got caught up with exams and papers but as the title says... exams are done! wOOt! My first and last went extremely well (thought last time I thought I did well on something I didn't but.. )my business law one was very difficult. I knew the material. I just find the way she tests very hard, her questions confuse me and as do how she weighs each question. Ones that are worth 6 points have just a few lines provided to write where questions that are worth2 have 3x as many lines. That bothers me. I know its probably not a big deal but it does.
Anyways... I'm happy to be done. I'm going home on Saturday till about the 3rd of January. With my ankle like it is there's no way I can work so it'll be a nice relaxing break.
Oh and speaking of ankle... I stopped by the doctor yesterday to get doctor's note for the paper I got an extension on... (I always forget to do this while at the emergency room) and the doctor glanced at my foot... it concerns her that it is still so swollen so I have to go for more x-rays as apparently there are fractures that fill up with fluid and are not visible until a few days later... if my ankle is fractured and I've been walking on it the past week....
Mom of course thought it'd be funny to freak me out and mentioned that they might rebreak it... they are not doing that!!!
Anyways... I don't have time to get into the hospital for the x-rays till next week... I figure no rush,its already been one, maybe it'll heal by then. :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm back.
My grandmother passed away on Wednesday night so I've been at home for funeral stuff etc. But I've returned to finish up exams for the term and then I"ll head home at the end of the week.
Everyone's taking her death quite hard. It was unexpected: we knew she was sick but not that bad.
Anyways... don't have time for much of a post right now as I've got an exam tonight that I have yet to study for. I'll update tomorrow though.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm alive!

It's that Wednesday!!!!
And I only minimally forgot I had a blog the last few days.
I can sorta walk again. Which is quite nice. Though my ankle is not happy with me for pushing it: I'm in pain. And eventually, I will get my hospital stories posted. I promise.
And I've been studying like mad for my Charter Rights exam tomorrow night. Then its onto the next one. Luckily for me, I got an extension on my 20 page paper.
Gram continues to not do well. She's getting worse. She goes in for her surgery tomorrow. Hopefully that goes well and doesn't you know... kill her.
I'm hosting a Christmas party on Saturday night! yay parties! Hopefully I'll be able to get the place all done up by then. And get groceries.
Anyways... I must return to my work. Dave! is here soon!!! In a matter of hours kind of soon!!! :D

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Warning: in pain-stressed out-hopeless-what-am-I-gonna-do-with-my-life-and-why-isn't-it-wednesday-yet meldown

Despite the pain, the ankle situation on Thursday and for part of Friday was funny. Not so much anymore. I'm getting frustrated, I'm stressed and stil in a great deal of pain, which is culminating in a nice meltdown about school, careers(even a consideration of making this my last year in school), relationships, or rather the lack thereof and family problems, namely unhealthy grandmothers.
I did manage to get clean today: I braved the bathtub and was able to get out without too much pain and now I'm clean which is kinda nice. I was tiring of just laying around so I even washed dishes... on a chair in front of the sink. But they're clean.
I've watched a few movies, I've tried to work but I've been taking quite a bit for pain medication and nothing's really sinking in all that much.
I have to call my boss tomorrow and ask for the whole month of December off. Cause I'm going to need to go home and help Mom out with Gram.
I haven't done any Christmas shopping. I have a 20 page paper due on Friday that I haven't started researching for yet and can't do until I can walk minus the crutches (cause the library, books, me and crutches would just result in another injury). I am supposed to be hosting a Christmas get-together at my place next Saturday. My place is not clean and I have nothing prepared for it. I need groceries desperately as its been almost a month since I bought some but the inability to walk makes that difficult.
Yes, I am freaking out. I just want it to be Wednesday. Now. But with my luck something will go wrong and I'll have to wait another 6 months...

Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome to my life

So its been quite the week.
I am currently an invalid. I fell and sprained my ankle yesterday morning (no, I am not telling you how. It's too embarassing) which meant yesterday was spent getting x-ray's and hanging out in hospital waiting rooms. It's not broken though, which was what they thought when they first looked at it.
Yesterday just my ankle hurt this morning though... everything hurts. The rest of the fall caught up with me this morning. Every muscle in my body hurts and moving in any direction with any appendage is quite painful. So painful that I can't use the crutches cause it hurts my arms too much. So instead I'm crawling and hopping. My right leg is gonna be in very good shape after this.
I just finished trying to clean, that went interestingly. Only thing I couldn't do was vacumm. But luckily for me, I have some good friends, lsgb and M have been taking care of me. Lsgb has been especially good, she fetches me stuff, and yells at me when I'm trying to do things I shouldn't (like hop to the kitchen with a knife in my hand.
So yeah.. its great. Tonight h4h people are coming to my place to work on some stuff for our upcoming fundraiser... my place is still messy in my opinion.. and I really need to wash my hair somehow. But thankfully everyone has been really understanding and have run alot of my errands for me.
So update on my Gram. They are operating next Thursday morning. Which sucks for me seeing her beforehand because I can't get home between now and then. Which sucks even more cause there's big chance she won't make it through the surgery. But that's life I guess. I was gonna go home this weekend but I really don't think I can do that cause of the injury and such.
Anywhoo, lsgb is here now. So to the cleaning! With two usable legs!

Oh and they're calling me gimpy... *sigh...* :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Baby, its cold outside!

Its cold out. And I love that song. Which is my ring tone right now. Love it! As well as Louis Armstrong christmas music.
Sooo... I'm sleepy. And stressed but I've gotten some good news today.
- I got a scholarship! Of like... alot!
- My 20 page paper got pushed back to next Friday! Though it still needs to be done early cause...
- Dave! is here in 9 nine sleeps!

My gram's not well though. Which is stressful. She's had a stroke, they are still doing tests to see how much damange was done as well as a few other things. We should know more tomorrow.
So, my paper. I'm angry at my prof. He's got me changing almost the entire thing. And I"m very mad. And he's no help whatsoever.
Ok, gonna go study Charter Rights.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Early Morn

Islander cracks me up. He and lawschoolgonnabe and I were supposed to go to the market this morning. He messaged me at some wee hour of the morning to say he was still out and probably wasn't gonna be up for the market at 8am. So I said to just message me when he wanted to meet us as we were planning some general downtown meandering for a few hours.
I just got a message from him... "So.. what's going on?"
Me: "Its bloody four o'clock..!"
I: "Yeah...? What's up for tonight?" (meanwhile I'm thinking.. since when did we have plans for tonight?)
Me: "Umm... nothing... you?"
I: "Dunno yet."
Me: "Did you want to do something..?"
I: "Dunno... I'll get back to ya."

Gah! Men. Anyways... so yeah. I should probably clean my apartment then...
Ooo, I'm wearing this nail polish that boast it has diamond strength. And it actually does make your nails really hard. Its quite nice. Mine have been pretty long lately (no.. no idea how I'm dealing with stress if I"m not biting my nails) and they keep breaking but this stuff makes them hard and pretty!
My lips are wind burnt and they hurt. It was windy and very cold out this morning... very glad I was just supervising the bottle drive from a few blocks away. :)
My grandmother continues to not be doing well, something is obviously wrong. But she refuses to go to the hospital or see a doctor. I promise not to be that stubborn.
I bought a CD the other day, shouldn't have but I did. I got "Christmas with the Rat Pack"! Yay!
I lost my mittens the other day... yes.. I know... awww kitten...
So my new ones have a string.. so I can't lose 'em! And they're white.. what was I thinking?
Ok.. cleaning!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yay for good bands and pretty boys!

Wintersleep was great. Very much enjoyed myself. Also really really enjoyed the lead singer. Best part is we got there early so we got to see them practice and some of us even had brief conversations with them.
Coat check went very well. Only lost a couple coats, and smucked one group member in the face, so I'd say it went well.
Coat check boy #97 and I had some fun. Not too much fun, just passing coat fun and it made my day. And the creepy old man thought I was pretty in his drunkeness and gave me a tip. Some girl told me I wasn't pretty but that the guy with us was so she gave us a huge tip. Ah, drunk people.
The drunk people invited us out too... but we are going to be good students. Though we'd rather be out cause they were beautiful.
But we did well and were also told we are welcome to have a huge coat check coming up in February. Which is awesome.
Oh and apparently lsgb's bf has found me a boy. Only midly creepy that my friends's boyfriends keep an eye out for people for me. Apparently what this guy describes as what he wants is me in a nutshell. Lsgb suggested "stressed out over-zealous go-getter"? Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing...
Anyways... its late. I have to be in class in 7 hours. So I'm going to try and get some shut-eye.

... and I just turned down a chance to go meet pretty band boy. I am an idiot.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just called my mother for a quick "Don't have time to talk, call you tomorrow." She did however find time to tell me my grandmother isn't doing well. She passed out Monday while grocery shopping and has been sleeping pretty much constantly ever since.
We know she has something wrong, they've been seeing doctors about an anuerysim (or however you spell it) and they were planning on doing surgery but the other day the doctor called to say he needs to see her next week. Which is odd and it sounded like it wasn't good news. Sooo... yeah. Hopefully its nothing too major.
But I must go. Its the Wintersleep concert tonight, which I'm looking forward to as I really like their new album. So, later all.

Thanks for the smile Charlie!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh and for future reference.. it is now Donald Trunk.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hi Ho...Hi Ho...

18th - 9:40pm -> This weeks major work is the two papers I have due on Tuesday. One for History of Sexualities and one for Imperial Russia.
I know what I'm writing for the Russian one so I'm gonna start that one first. After I have a warm shower and pay some attention to Jack.
11:10pm -> So I've showered... sent h4h emails, made tomorrow's phone call list and eaten chocolate cake. Yet the essay remains untouched, I tried to claim I couldn't work on it anymore cause it was on lsgb's computer but that fell through when she sent it to me...
11:40pm -> I'm thinking of just going to bed. I haven't been feeling so well lately and I"m really tired (I feel asleep on the couch this afternoon admist my little brother playing hockey in the same room!). I'm hoping its just cause I didn't get much the last couple weeks and not something else, though the rest of the not feeling well symptoms point to something else and it would not be good. But anyways, I think I'm just going to go to bed and get up tomorrow morning and work finish my Russian Paper, go to class then h4h meetings and then write the other one. Yeah. That's my plan. Sooo... night!
19th - 11:45am -> So I got some sleep, but I'm still tired. I've also worked on my paper. I have about 3 pages to go. I can do that. And I will after I order mine, lsgb's and Islander's textbooks for our philosophy class!
2:00pm -> Soo, I've got only two pages to go. Yes. It took me three hours to write one page. But I had to make some phone calls and prepare for tonight's meeting.
3:45pm -> Heading into campus now for meeting, then I'm gonna go for coffee downtown and work on the papers. Its looking like a long night.
4:15 -> This makes me cry.
8:25pm -> Delegating is not my problem. The problem is that people can't do things right so if I want it done right I have to do it myself. On the other side of things... my papers are both half done. Skipping back and forth between the two is probably not optimal but oh well.
10:50pm -> Still only halfway done both of 'em. I was just told that's like having one whole one done! I wish. Its gonna be a long night and I'm already falling asleep.
20th - 12:15am -> Done one! YAY! And I can barely keep my eyes open. Bed now perhaps and then finish the other in the morning...?


So I went away for the weekend. And I left food for the cat. Apparently I did not leave enough however. I came home and the dish was licked clean. So I immediately gave him another scoop, he got right to eating it and licked it clean again, then I filled it again. And its all gone again. I gave him more again but he only ate a few bites this time so I think he's full now. He also ate the tail off his toy mouse and has been hacking it up since I got home. I feel so bad... I"m a horrible cat owner.
The weekend was good though, I had a good time and I think lsgb did too. Now its back to the work!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Half Over!

Yay! The first half of the craziness of the next couple weeks is almost over. Today I wrote a business law quiz which went quite well and an Imperial Russia midterm which went extremely well. Yay for A's and law schools not laughing in my face!
I'm very tired. But there's no time for that. Tonight is trivia night. And then I work tomorrow at 5am.
I'll get a few hours tomorrow afternoon to pack and clean up the apartment before heading home to see my family with lsgb who's tagging along for the weekend. Hopefully I'll get some work done on at least one of my papers for next Tuesday over the weekend. Or Monday could be a long day.
My prof for next terms Philosophy of Law course sent out the topic. It sounds interesting. Apparently we will be putting the "criminal trial on trial and in particular, the sense in which it presents the accused with a 'test' or a 'call to account' for her or his conduct." He gave us the textbook so we can order it now and I'm gonna try and get a headstart on it in between readings of good books such as Shadowplay (cause I hinted alot to my mom)!
Anyways, I need to go "relax" for a bit. So, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I heart you gingerbread latte :)

I know this is silly but the thing that has me super excited this week is the fact that my favorite coffee place has my favorite latte back. Yep. Its horrible. But its so good.
Two christmases ago before I actually lived in this city, after a long weekend of christmas wreathes and amazing bow-tying, Dave! and I got gingerbread lattes on the way back to our respective hometowns. It was wonderful.
So when I finally moved up here I couldn't wait for christmas to come around again so I could get one. Well last year they decided not to have it. And I was hearbroken. But last night, when I ran in to get change for my laundry, I noticed that they have it back this year; I am sooo excited!
Tonight, my gingerbread latte, you and I shall be together!!!

Made me laugh quotations of the day

"I don't like coconut. It makes my tongue itchy."
"Oh those Christians, they always come back to bite you in the ass."
"I'm on such a high right now. And it's legal and everything!"


Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm sorry... but did I just stumble across the National Air Band Finals while channel-surfing?
Whatever is the entertainment world coming to...?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sooo much to do!

Played pool tonight with a few peoples. Lsgb's bf leaves on Sunday so one last evening out I guess. She's upset, she tried to hide it for awhile I think but it won out. I don't like it when my friends are sad. Hopefully my attempts to make her feel better will help. I offered her company on Sunday night if she just didn't want to be alone and she's coming home with me next weekend as my family is complaining they never see me. So hopefully we'll be able to keep her distracted enough for the first couple weeks that in no time it'll be half over.
Pool was fun. They made fun of me a few times. Islander tried to show me "important" pool techniques.. there was talk of caressing balls so I'm not sure how up to par my education was. Oh and I"m an execeptional student... and not in the A+ category apparently. But it was fun. Then I hurt myself. Its been awhile since I've been injured so I guess it was due. I hit the knuckle of my right index finger off the pool table, no idea how but I did and withing 5 minutes it was swollen and already turning blue, so apparently I did give it a good crack. Did I mentioned it hurts a lot?
Anyways, the next few weeks are absolutely crazy. I'm working 20-25 hours a week, I have 7 papers to write (one of which is my twenty-pager), 3 tests/quizzes/midterms, 1 seminar and 6 or so h4h fundraisers. Soo... as long as I don't sleep, eat or shower I should have time for everything. So my apologies if I drop off the face of the blogging world. I am still alive, just buried under a mountain of work and stuff.
But I get to babysit tomorrow night! Exciting! And the couple I babysit for is expecting again! yay! I'm so terribly excited. If I can't have my own children, I"ll just hog everyone else's.
Anyways, typing hurts my finger so I'm going to go get some readings done. And then maybe get some sleep, we'll see. Soooo tootles everyone and I'll be around, just not as often!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I spent all morning jumping up to answer the phone that wasn't really ringing. Well it was ringing but in my new neighbor's apartment across the hall.
Its sooo loud. Its like we're living in the same apartment! Someday I will live in an apartment where I can't hear every word my neighbors say.
We played poker last night (we being M, Cliveslover and her "friend" and me). It wasn't nearly as much fun as playing with Dave! but oh well... only 29 more days! :)
In case it wasn't noticeable that was an "I miss Dave!!" plug.
Okay, off to school!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I'm baking! And it tastes good. Think I can convince someone to marry me with my cooking? lol
I can't multitask when baking though. That's my downfall. Can only do one thing at a time or things don't turn out so well. Hopefully that'll come with practice.
Cliveslover has a special "friend". I'm happy for her. M called to say she might be visiting tonight as the "friend" is having a sleepover. Makes me glad I don't have a roomate sometimes.
I just got an email from a laywer. I feel important.
I just got to talk to Cliveslover's friend... wow... the accent is gorgeous.
Ok.. so the recipe I just made was one from my mother. She emailed it to me. I just made 'em. She forgot to put the baking soda in the recipe... thanks Mom. My cupcakes are very small and terribly dense/heavy.
I want kids. Now. I really really really do. *sigh...*

Monday, November 5, 2007

To the girl who gave the class presentation today... its "specific" not "pacific".

I am about to dismantle my bathroom sink in an effort to retrieve my eyeliner.

I am co-hosting h4h trivia night. Oh dear.

I work tomorrow night. Joy. But I should get my biz law midterm back so that should make up for it.

Ok. Night!
This is the worst paper I have ever written. I know I"ve said that before. But honestly, this one is bad. I just ramble on and on about the same thing. I am one page less then I am supposed to have and its bad... so very very bad.
Lsgb says it doesn't look *that* bad... but she could be just saying that. Though she's usually pretty honest.
I've just started the other "paper" I have due today. But then I got distracted when Lizzie called and then Habitat sent me stuff so I got distracted again. Not going well at all.
However, now that I'm back at it.. I"m hoping that feigning intellingence through big fancy words will make it appear that I have actually considered my topic and have a thesis for said paper. The prof's an idiot so hopefully my ignorance will pass unnoticed.
Ok. Gonna go stab myself in the eye now! :)
I am drinking hot tea and eating iceceam... love it!
Not feeling the love for the paper though... I see a huge fat F in my future...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My computer shut off during the night due to a power outage... when I restarted it, it said "We apologize for the inconvience but Windows was shut down impropery and needs to..." Which leads me to ask... who's we? Weird.
I woke up in the middle of the night and was missing part of my pyjamas... I wish I remember that dream!

Sleep and Movies

Ugh. I have a headache.
I got alot of sleep last night, well needed though. I don't think I'd slept much more than a few hours a night for the past couple weeks so I "caught up" last night with a good twelve hours. Though it wasn't good sleep, it was sleep regardless.
And then today I"ve watched movies and worked on my papers. I watched Just Friends and Waiting... (yes... bit of Ryan Reynolds kick I know). Just Friends was amusing, Waiting... really weird, don't know if I'd recommend it.
Then Cliverslover came over and we watched Evan Almighty. I laughed lots.
I then showed her a terribly amusing clip of this week's Bones where Booth squeaks out of fear. And we laughed. I honestly had to pause it and laugh the first time I saw it; it's just so out of character and so terribly hilarious.
And since I'm not liable to sleep tonight cause I just slept my weeks' quota last night... I'm gonna go watch Boondock Saints cause I like it. And I'm gonna work on my paper... can't forget that part.

My hair is bugging me.. it's too short. And I can't figure out how to change the time on my cell phone... and why didn't my computer change automatically? Ahh.. I just looked it up... cause apparently it doesn't change until 2am. I see.
So far the power hasn't gone out, though it's out at Mom's and at M's parent's place... but I'm not complaining; I don't like the dark.
Okay... going!

*I definetly have watched more movies today then I have since Dave! left. That's horrible.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Call me...

I got called odd at work...
I was cleaning the milk cooler (cold cold job) and some big important person was visiting and I heard them talking about me. He commented that I did a good job with the cleaning etc, and didn't seem to be doing it begrudgingly. My boss says..."Yeah, she's a little odd." Thanks... I think.
Speaking of being called things... I do not like to be called ma'am. Nope. I get called alot of things (honey, miss, sweetheart, darling, baby), one customer even calls me lover and I can deal with that. But ma'am. Ugh. Do not like it. Amusingly enough the people who call me that are my age!
Ok. Back to my papers!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

And the most important thing I learnt the past couple days...
My friends care for me. Most of them at least.
They don't want to see me hurting, and they don't want to see me getting myself into a situation where I'll end up hurt.
One friend teared up during our little heart to heart and it meant alot.
It's makes me happy... and sad that I can't want better for myself and realize my own apparent "potential" and good qualities etc.
See... I'm crying just thinking about it.. bloody hell.

On a sidenote... during the laptop accident my papers etc got ruined... would it completely pathetic of me to copy my entire book of h4h notes into another notebook?

Lessons Learned

Well its been an interesting day or two... where shall we start?
Last night was intersting... as the terribly sober one it was also quite amusing. But I did learn a few things. First, I look after people, I'm good at it or at least I'd like to think I am. I looked after Dave! when he was sick in March, at least till I got sick. And then last night and looked after M. So yeah, I'm good at it and I don't mind doing it. I like being nice. Second, I fall for the wrong people, and they turn out to be huge jerks. Third, every halloween between M, Cliverslover and I, one of us manages to get terribly intoxicated, one ends up hurting their back and the other ends up making out with someone. These three things happened last year and they all happened this year. Some to the same person (i.e. the back and me, Cliverslover and the making out). This time M took the prize for the drunk one. Next year I'd like to try something new :)
Something I learnt today completely unrelated to drinking and halloween: laptops and bottles of pop do not mix. And that's about all I can share without freaking out terribly.
On a somewhat related note, I also have learned that its good to back up EVERYTHING on computers... i.e. all your class notes from this term!
I also learnt that some people are not cut out to cut hair. Like the woman who did my this afternoon... she was so rough. She keep pulling it and combing my ears and she got shampoo in my eyes It was a horrible horrible experience. And to make matters worse, she cut it too short so it won't fit into a ponytail anymore.
They were playing christmas music at the mall today. Eeep. I can't believer its November times flies.
I went to buy deoderant today.. there were a million different kinds! I must have stood there for 15 minutes trying to decide. Settled for a coconut one, which is exciting, that choice wasn't there last time I was there.
Ok... I'm going to go die a little bit...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When I clean...

I find stuff!

- Awhile back my cat ate my power cord to my answering machine. I haven't had the money to buy another however... I just found a random power cord in my closet! I think its to my Swiffer Sweep n' Vac (that doesn't work very well btw) but its much more useful powering my answering machine then a "vacuum" that doesn't even suck.
- One halloween decoration... a little too late though.
- A box of toys my cat doesn't like (I'll give 'em to Islander!)
- A birthday gift I'd gotten for someone yet never given them (yay Christmas gift!)
- An odd sock
- The picture I bought for my bathroom a while back (I put it up!)

What I haven't found...
- The cord to recharge my ipod
- A can of salmon with which to make salmon casserolle.
- The answer to life, the universe and everything in my 42 boxes.
- The money pay for school and habitat's stuff.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A *snippets* post

I have soooo much to do! Eeep! But I sorta have the next few days off sooo... that should help!
I got an A on my History of Sexualities Midterm! Now I just need to get my Business Law one back and my Russia paper!
I work tomorrow. I've been working alot.
I have a jack-o-lantern.
My cat and I are having a date night this week. lol, I've been neglecting him lately.
I'm sleepy.
Islander has a new kitten, and he doesn't like the meowing. Oh he's in for a treat!
He was also thrilled beyond belief yesterday to go home and watch political thing... he's terribly odd.
I'm getting my haircut this week! yay! Something new, well sorta.
Oooo and I'm gonna try and be Ms. Scarlett for Halloween. Provided that red dress still fits (terribly unlikely).
Tomorrow is apartment cleaning day.
Okay, House is on. Later.

**Nope. The red dress does not fit. I just got out of dressing up! New goal though... fit back into that dress!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

So yesterday around noon this horrible feeling of horribleness hit me. It was sudden and it was unpleasant. I didn't want to go out last night but I was drug out. Of course because I didn't want to go out and because I was upset I drank a little too much. I ended my night with a good cry on lsgb's shoulder regarding how much I wanted Dave! back here right now and about how much I missed him etc. I then went home with lsgb and her bf. And crashed on their couch after a bit more crying.
Her bf made us waffles this morning... and they tried to cheer me up. Thus far it has not worked.
But I dont' really have time to feel horrible as I have a midterm on Tuesday and an h4h meeting to prepare for. But I'm going to make time for some Finding Nemo and some Stargate which should help with the cheering up. I hope.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cold But Happy

Just got back from our H4H bottle drive. Its very wet and cold outside. And therefore I am very wet and cold now.
But it went very well, or at least my estimations seem to say so. I thought I was aiming a little high with my goal for it but since just my car has half of my goal and there were four more... I just might not have been!
So I'm happy... and I got rid of my bottles... only to buy more.. liquor store coolers are very chilly when you've been standing in the pouring rain for an hour. But oh well, I didn't have to walk as planned so it was okay.
Anyways, I need to go clean the apartment up. And take a warm shower, make some food, do some homework. Not necessarily in that order.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm sick. And it sucks. I have a fever and my stomach has me in a great deal of pain. And I still have 9 and a half hours till I can go home. *sigh...*
*An update on the sick, after my complaing of feeling horrible and lsgb saying it was just cause I didn't want to go to Charter Rights... she began to complain of very similar symptons. So either the dread of wanting to class manifests itselfs similarily in the two of us or we both caught up. I'm feeling okay this morning though which is good.

In other news, I seem to have an unending calling card. I am pretty sure I bought it a couple years ago and the bloody thing just keeps going and going. I just made a call and expected I'd have to keep it short cause I'd have very few minutes... turned out I have over a hundred! Amazing!
Okay, off to work!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Looooooong Walk

So I went for a walk this afternoon. It was my "day off" and after I got home I just felt like I needed to do something semi-relaxing.
A few people had told me about a particular trail in the near vicinity so I thought I'd try that one. The only way I knew to get to it was a ways away in itself. But I got to it and it was beautiful, there were points where I could just stand there and not hear one noise of the city, there were no cars, houses, or other people in sight and it was wonderful. However, as I kept walking I just kept getting farther and farther into the middle of nowhere. By the time I realized this trail was ridiculously long I was too far into it to turn around. It wasn't like I was lost, I knew where I was (right there) and I knew where I was heading, though I wasn't sure how far away from home I'd come out. Well, as darkness started to come on.. which is not nice when you are in the middle of the woods alone, I finally got to civilization again... unfortunately a very very very long ways from home. At least I knew here I was and I knew how to get home from there.
So three hours later I got home. And oh my gosh I'm tired. For good reason, if the signs where right I walked almost ten kilometres.
It was so nice though, it was brisk and not too hot or too cold. The leaves were beautiful and they were falling. I love leaves. There was one point where I was walking through the leaves that had fallen and I was kicking them (the temptation to pick them up and throw them in the air was very strong too). I was having fun, and apparently it showed cause the guy who passed me laughed at me, in a good way, at my childish delight of the leaves.
I saw lots of cats! And only one dog. Being walked by someone who looked terribly familiar... but I don't know anyone around here with a dog... so apparently my imagination is getting the best of me made evident by the fact that they definetly didn't know me...
So yes, it was very very nice. And I'll do it again, this time shorter. There's a trail that's more of hiking trail than a road and its actually into the woods and I want to walk it... but I need to find a buddy to do it with.
Time to get some reading done! And if the fresh air doesn't help me sleep tonight... so help me lol.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I have this problem (among several but today's let's stick to the one) where I say I'm gonna get over something and at the time of saying it and for awhile afterwards I deal with it (lately relating to relationships). But that "I'm gonna get over it, things are fine like this, gonna better myself etc" self talk doesn't last long and in no time at all... I'm back where I was before and it really really frustrates me.
I realize that that made no sense to anyone but me, but it helps for me to try and explain it. And this time... I mean all the fancy pep talk. I really really do.

"A" Please?

Why are A's so hard to get? Gah! My midterms last thursday I felt went extremely well. For Russian, I was wrong, well I suppose I did okay. But it wasn't want I wanted (an A in case you hadn't figured that out yet), but I was sooo close! I am always just a couple percent away. I did however get full marks on my long essay on the exam, that's exciting; ask me anything about Peter the Great's reforms and I should be able to answer you!
Ooo, I got to talk to Dave! last night! Which was terribly exciting, mind you, I was stressed by the end of the conversation but it was worth getting to talk to him. Then, WHILE I washed dishes I called my mom. Had a good cry, partially regarding how much I miss Dave! (Yes, I miss you. Deal :)
Tonight is get some housecleaning done night. And do some readings, we're reading "A Russian Gentleman" by Serghei Aksakoff in Imperial Russia right now and I have a paper due on it next week so I think reading it might be a good idea.
Tomorrow is my day with no classes... but its never ever ever a day off. I'd really just like to spend it at home getting some work done but instead I have a million things to do outside of home. Amusingly enough, Friday - my other day off... isn't so much of a day off either as I have to work.
I may regret switching around my classes next term... as I now have no "days off" other than the weekends. Could be interesting... but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

In Entertainment news

I saw across the Universe a few days ago. Loved it. And I am currently loving the soundtrack. If you can handle a choreographed musical (the people behind us could not) and a few acid trips (as should be expected) you should also very much enjoy it. And even if you don't like the movie all that much, the music should make it worth your time and money.
So there have been a few new tv shows on this fall and I want to tell you which ones I like. First, Journeyman has turned out to be really enjoyable. I keep expecting crazy Roman sex scenes though.
I've also started watching the series called Pushing Daisies and I love it! Its odd and quirky and sexy and funny and just cute. I love the idea, I love the narration and the characters. I just really really like it. And I've only watched the first episode! I recommend it definetly.
I have completely caught up with Stargate Atlantis. I was a bit sad when they killed off one of my favorite characters but they replaced him with a Firefly Character! And then brought a character from Stargate SG-1 in to replace another character who I didn't care for anyways. So I'm happy with how this season is going.
Now however I must go read about corporate crime and environmental ethics. Joy.

Into the dark

So winter is coming. And my emotional side knows it. And it sucks. I can feel those good ol' winter time blues slowly enveloping me just like its gradually getting darker out earlier.
I don't really know if there's anyway to prepare for it either... I can deal with the way I feel during the summertime, sure never super but tolerable but the late fall, winter and early spring criple me sometimes.
This year is going to be different too. Usually I just have to get myself to school. Last year, Dave! was around to keep me out of trouble and there were a few habitat things that needed my attention, but otherwise I was able to sink into it.
This year though... I have school, much more habitat stuff that'll need my attention and work. And the one who understands how I feel and who'd attempt to pull me out of it is on the otherside of the country and to make matters worse, M and Cliveslover who try in their own little way will be in Europe.
So it should be interesting. So the plan? Healthy food, walks in the sunshine (when its around), and when I need to take some time: I will take that time. Gonna try and do some yoga everday and I think Lizzie and I are gonna take a dance class in January and I'm gonna take a running class too. Hopefully paying for stuff will make sure I force myself to do them. We'll see how that plan pans out.
Anyways, school work calls.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I had a horrible day at work today. Ugh.
I could use to just curl up and die right now but there's too much to do first.
And did you know its actuall spelt poinsettia? I didn't. Have I also been pronouncing it wrong then?

My mornings in a nutshell

Happy Saturday! Time to get up!

Day Off!

Today was my day off. Didn't feel much like one but oh well. Headed into campus for our first H4H fundraiser of the year: we did very well, much better than I was hoping for so that made me happy. Than I came home and cleaned up the apartment as Lawschoolgonnabe and her bf, M and Cliverslover came over for some board game fun, namely Risk. I have never played this game before, I thoroughly enjoyed myself though my back is bothering me immensely now but it was worth it (I was leaning over the coffee table and sitting on the floor). Amazingly enough, lsgb's bf was the first one out (don't think he tried very hard), and then I gained a couple continents and then got a bit cocky and lost 'em all in about two turns and then I was wiped out. I had fun though; my mother's has been bothering me for what I want for christmas and since for the first time in a few years I don't need apartment stuff or anything like that... I can ask for fun stuff! So Risk will certainly be on it!
I do not believe I got the job I interviewed for... which sucks. I really wanted it but oh well. Which reminds me... I work tomorrow at my usual job. Joy. And then I've gotta get back to the school work.. I almost thought that since midterms were over there wasn't as much work to do... who was I kidding... ?
Anywhoo, tootles!

**Just checked my email, no didn't get the job. Oh well! Would have been fun, but I probably wouldn't have had the time to properly dedicate to it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Breeze of a day!

Today was too easy. Ok, it was stressful: but my midterms went extremely well and habitat registration was sooooo simple and easy that we thought we'd done something wrong cause it was TOO easy. But it worked. And that's exciting. And I'm happy with it. I really am. Its very do-able and its the place everyone wanted (it was almost unanimous) so hopefully all will be pleased and if they aren't, then well... they'll get over it.
I am tired though. I didnt' bother going to bed last night, by the time I felt confident with my material I was studying, I had to be up in an hour so instead I just watched a movie (and didn't fall asleep!). I don't know if I can keep this up for the next two years of this degree to get into another degree that's gonna have me doing the same thing... but I'll sure as hell try!
Anyways, my bus is on its way to take me home where I can take off my shoes, take some drugs (cause my body hates me - more on this later), and flop on my bed!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Always proof read to make sure you didn't anything out.

I got a paper back yesterday. One I hadn't thought I'd do too well on. Instead I got an A. Which is quite nice, my prof's only comments were "I think you should consider proof-reading or having someone else look over your papers to fix grammatical and small mistakes." And I know I should and I know my grammar sucks. See grammar things like fragments and run-on's were never my thing, I was never able to do those things in school and its a probably a problem, I know. But its not something I seem to be able to teach myself. However, I do realize that printing off my papers and reading over them before I pass them in would probably be a good idea. My proof-reading skills suck as is probably evident my many of my posts on here (sorry).
See when I lived with me my roomate in first year, she would read over my papers for me and point out anything and I think I became a little too dependent on it so when I moved out and had a roomate who didn't do that (or no roomate at all) it became something I needed to do. And I haven't done so great of a job with it. But that's gotta change, cause I realize I could get so much better marks if my grammar was better, if there were no words missing and if I didn't have paragraph long sentences sometimes. And if I knew how to use a comma... cause I don't. I think I understand the use of colons and semi-colons and definetly the use of the period but commas are not my friend. So this weekend I'm going to pull out my old grammar books and brush up on my proper english writing. For now, however, I must go get ready for my job interview!


Since that's what he signs with, that's what he gets. Now the story of Dave!. Because I'm procrastinating.
Over the past year and a half Dave! has become my best friend (see you knew I had one somewhere right?!), he's also adopted me as his little sister. I've always wanted a big brother but once you are already born as the first one its a little hard to go back and change that one. So the big brother I wanted showed up in the form of Dave! Dave! and I lived next door to each other during the past school year which made it difficult not to see and for him to get away from me. We spent the year watching movies, though I fell asleep in most), tv series we both very much enjoyed, attending Habitat stuff (I took over his position as co-chair), and hanging out with mutual friends.
And then he left the city, the province, this part of the country to be exact. And I was sad. And I miss him.
Dave! and have an interesting relationship, one that not many seem to understand, which does annoy me quite often. We're just friends, like super close family too. I say he's like a brother but I enjoy his company far more than I will ever enjoy the company of one of my actual brothers.
He's a huge tease, and sometimes its annoying but most of the time its not and if he were to stop I'd miss it alot. We can hang out and never actually need to do anything special, a movie or grocery shopping is just fine! We can see each other day after day and only get a little sick of each other.He could make me laugh like nobody else and I think he appreciates my goofy and silly sense of humor cause I could make him crack a smile quite often. He can beat me at crazy eights like nobody else I know too; though there was that one time I won several games in a row, even if it never happened again. He yelled at me once and made me cry. I stopped breathing once and made him cry. We've travelled many miles of US highway together, we've looked after each other when sick after giving each other whatever we were sick with. We've sat in hospital waiting rooms together for hours on end. We've laughed at each other's stupidity and pain on more than one occasion. And then we could be very serious should it be needed. So serious as to make me think he has a child (I will get you back for that someday...)
He rarely talks to me if something's bothering him and sometimes that makes me feel useless in the friendship but I know he knows he can and that if he wanted to he would and sometimes he does. I usually can tell if he's upset about something and I think I made good cheering up attempts (which I will admit was much easier when he was living next door). He also knows when I'm upset and usually he'll squeeze it out of me. And if nothing is ever said to make me feel better a hug was always very much appreciated. He let me cry and fall asleep on his shoulder too many times to count. He let me cook for him, which was always fun- someone willing to eat my cooking.
I have friends that I know are my friends right now but I know they are friendships that would never stand the test of time and distance, which sucks but its a fact of life. My friendship with Dave! however is different. I am quiet confident that should he return to my province in 3 years, we would be just as close or closer than we were in the months before he left. Besides, I've got some of his dvd's: He's gotta see me again ;)
So that's Dave! and I get to see him in approx. 52 days! :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

*sigh* :)

I have a thing for Lt. Col. Sheppard: the one that's in my business class. And I'm not kidding. He's a spitting image. And I'm only a bit giddy about it. Makes my 8:30am class very very very worth it, though its kinda difficult to look one's best at that time of morning. So how does one make the adorable boy notice her?
I had a bit of a freak out earlier when I realized the muscles I had bought were still alive and that I had to touch them and then kill them. Went spendidly! *shiver*
I have two midterms on Thursday morning, as well as an outline for a legal brief due. I have studied but I haven't even thought about the legal brief. I'll be emailing Dave!, sorry about that.
And registration for Habitat is on Thursday morning as well. I'm too be at the other co-chair's apartment at 7am. She's making us waffles with strawberries and whip cream! Yay! Which should make the 7am thing much nicer.
I'm sure I had other worthy things to share... but I forget 'em.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

In amusing electronic device news, my new-to-me dvd player is screwing with me. When I press the open button, it opens but not long enough for me to put the dvd in. At first it was amusing cause it'd just open and close, open and close. Now its annoying with a hint of amusing.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Slow Down!!!!

Life is too busy. And its getting to me. I've even said no to some stuff yet somehow its not working, difficult when some people don't know no for an answer.
However, Islander made it all worth it last night. A short evening out with the girls turned into a longer evening with Islander, made absolutely hilarious by his few too many drinks. Maybe only funny cause I had nothing to drink but it was great. If you ever have the opportunity to see him heavily intoxicated: I higly recommend it. And then ask him to spell spiffiness. Its quite an enjoyable experience.
Anyways, we had our first exec meeting today for H4H. Went extremely well. Its gonna be good. It lasted longer than planned so my getting home was later especially since I needed to get groceries; I decided I couldn't put the eating off any longer so grocery shopping I went. Bought only fruits and vegetables. So its gonna be healthy!
So now I must clean. Cause my place is a mess. And call my mother, cause I have been too busy to call her all week. Later all!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gotta love those mistakes that seem so great at the time, but in the light of the next morning... not so much!
And apparently I'm sexually restricted. As per the quiz I did in lawschoolgonnabe's human sexuality class this morning: yes I went to her class but not my own - in the time slot. Her score was three times mine and I find it amusing.
In another note, there's a guy in our Business Law class. Oh my gosh, how did we not notice him until today? There's no way he's single is there? Or that he'll just notice me right?
Anyways, I have a paper to write.
But first... is there a plural of beer? Is it beers? Or do we just call it beer? Is it... "I had three beer?" or "I had 12 beers?"
My head hurts.

Okay. Off I go.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Since the birth of the sneaker with wheels, I have waited anxiously to be favored by the one above enough to see someone fall. Today my patience was rewarded tenfold. And it was sweet and wonderful.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Learning IS fun!

We have been studying Peter the Great and his different reforms in my Imperial Russia History class the last few classes. Today we finished up on him but not before talking about his Sucession Decree in 1722. After Peter I's son, Aleksi and Peter died, Peter I decided he didn't like the idea of his grandson on the throne so he made up a new "legislation" that said that every tsar had to declare their sucessor, this person could be anyone they wanted. Three years later Peter the Great died without having declared a sucessor. I'm sorry but I find this terribly amusing. And more amusing was that because he hadn't declared a sucessor, his grandson who he hadn't wanted on the throne was the one who ended up there. That's what I learnt today.
Oh and I also learnt that when I'm actually learn I enjoy classes. Such as my Business Law class. Today we started talking about contracts. I'm learning new stuff and therefore I thoroughly enjoy that class. And if I enjoy a class because I'm learning stuff I am bound to do better, cause I'll actually care unlike Charter Rights. Which I hate cause I don't learn anything and therefore do not put any effort into and therefore do not do well. Its a vicious circle when I don't learn anything but a very good thing when I do learn something.

Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm back!

And I believe I survived. Though I think I'm getting sick again. Which I find terribly upsetting.
However, I did get stuff done. Wrote a paper, and caught up on all my readings for every subject! Which is quite nice, I doubt it'll last long though. But maybe.
Thanksgiving was nice. We went apple picking and then hiking. Both of which were enjoyable. My grandmother bought a new table, and its huge. It can fit everyone at it. Which is nice for a change. There's even room for extras; it was pointed out several times.
But now I'm back. And I have to work today. And then get cracking on school work and Habitat stuff, both of which have me a bit overwhelmed.
I also need to see Lizzie this week. Its been awhile since I saw her cause she dropped the class we were in together. But this week we are gonna get together. And then M and I are going to the market on Saturday, or at least I think that was the plan.
I'm also going to read this week, I have read abotu ten pages of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I just haven't had time. Which sucks but I knew I wouldnt' have time for fun reading during the school year.
I'm applying for a job. Its one I would enjoy much more than what I have now (even though I love this would and would have to technically still work this one every once in awhile so that I can go back at Christmas etc) and its something I could do mostly from home and its something I've done before. I'm excited about it too. Little worried about how well I can juggle two jobs but I'm sure I can do it. Just means I need to get into a nice routine of work and school.
Speaking of routines, I haven't gotten into one yet this year. I know its partly cause I have no classes on Wednesdays and Fridays and I don't like it. I've got to get into something though cause its driving me crazy.
Anyways, I'm off to work. Later!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posting. Its been a crazy few days and its only going to get crazier.
So please consider this my "Gone Fishing, back at the end of the week!"

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My mother called me a little while ago crying, my godmother and honorary aunt died very suddenly this morning. I'm absolutely crushed. This woman was one of my favorite people. She was this really awesome lady with a huge head of fiery red hair and tons of freckles, she had a laugh that just made the world better. She'd wrap you in these hugs that made you feel like you were so little yet so loved. My earliest memories have her in them. She spent almost every Christmas at our house when we were little. She did all those fun things aunts are supposed to do with you. I stayed at her house when my brother was born, and then again when my sister was born and that was probably the best thing ever. She's in every home video we have of our childhood, usually however the one doing the taping. She had dogs, we loved them. When we got older and she got married, we visited ever Christmas day and she was at all the big events like graduations and 16th birthdays. And even though I haven't seen her in a few months and its nothing like the kind relationship we used to have with her, I'm heartbroken. This has to be the worst part about growing up; I'm not ready for the dying of people I really love. Especially of people who were completely healthy just yesterday. She was supposed to be around for much longer. She was supposed to be at my wedding, to be Aunt to my children and it isn't fair and it really really sucks.
But life's not fair is it...?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Food, Reading, Weird Cats

I'm terribly tired. But that's not important.
I am also very hungry. Again. Allow me to rant on this for a little while. I'm not a big eater. I eat a little and I'm full for hours. I've never had any problem going all day without anything to eat. But the last couple weeks I have been absolutely starving all the time. Like today, I got up this morning, had toast and a protein shake thing (my efforts to help with the hunger) at around 7. By the time I got to the university at 8, I was hungry again. Every hour after this I was needing to eat something. And its not like I just feel hungry. My stomach growls and it really really hurts. And best of all, I'm waking up in the middle of the night to eat something. So much for midnight snacks, I've been doing the 3am snack! So I'm a bit bothered by this. Just cause its annoying and expensive to say the least and quietly opening granola bars in class is not an easy feat.
And its just weird, I mean, if I was twelve I'd say I was going through a growth spurt. Or if it was possible, I'd say I was pregnant. However, as long as I understood health class... that's not the case. So who knows... I do know one thing: I am going to need to start working out cause well, this is going to result in weight gain and I really really don't want that.
My next rant concerns reading. Another weird thing. I'm having trouble reading and I was having this trouble before the lack of sleep. I can't seem to focus on just one line. So if I'm reading one line, I'm getting confused by all the other words around it, both above and below. Which is annoying cause I'll read a sentence inserting a few other words that don't belong in it and then get all confused cause it doesn't make sense. Its annoying and its making reading take alot longer than necessary cause I either need to read it out loud or I need to cover all the lines but the one I'm reading with paper and slowly move down the page. I'm hoping this is something that'll go away once I'm feeling better and not as tired. If not, I have an eye appointment next month...
Jack has started putting his toys in his food dishes. First it was his little catnip mouse in his food dish, every morning I come out and its in his dish. Tonight when I came home, his stuffed dog was in his water dish. I do not understand the need to feed and bathe his toys, but I'm not a cat I guess...
Okay... sleep!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reading Vaccine

Regarding the title... I don't know. I couldn't think of anything that combined the two subjects dicussed in the following post.

The university has been doing measles, mumps and rubella vaccine clinics for the last little while. I considered getting it but I haven't had the chance to go. Today I was mentioning this, the moment I said "maybe I should get that", Lsgb and Islander simultaneously yell "yes". So apparently my friends think I should get it cause I keep getting sick. Maybe not such a bad idea. It'd be just my luck for me to one of those things and then end up ill for weeks on end.
**Apparently I have already had this, in high school, so no need to get it then. Which is good cause I'm not so fond of being stuck with needles.

In other news, my textbooks for Russian History finally came in. Which means I can catch up. I skipped the Russian History class this afternoon so I could get to work on the reading. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing but I have 19 chapters in one book to read and about 250 pages in another. Should be fun.
It's 3:10pm on the 25th.... I'm on chapter 2. Let's see how long this takes!

4:50 - Just finished Chapter 5! Now I'm going to clean up the apartment a bit, eat something and head out to my work staff meeting.

8:15 - So, back from the staff meeting. I hate staff meetings but it wasn't too bad, I got to see a few coworkers who I like and I haven't seen in awhile so that was good. Now its back to the reading for a bit.

9:00 - House and Bones season premieres! Yay! And company. Back to school work later on.

12:35am 0n the 26th- Company is gone and I have yummy cookies to eat and a good fill of Dr. House. On a sidenote, I researched the Oxford Seminars on LSATs today cause well the plan is to possibly write next July or so. But I definetly will not be doing one of those since they cost ALOT. Okay, going to go read a bit, haven't slept much lately so I'm unsure of how long I'll be able to stay awake.

1:30 - Ok. I'm not going to get work done. I'm too tired. So sleep. I'll get back to it tomorrow. Night all.

6:45 - So I'm up. This is ridiculous. My day off and I'm up already. But I couldn't sleep due to a few things on my mind and the searing pain in my lower back. Oh and the ridiculous hunger pains. So to the reading it is.

11:00 - Woo! Onto Chapter 11!

11:45 - I replied to some emails. And ate a cookie. Now I feel icky and must shower before getting back to my reading.

1:00pm - So lawschoolgonnabe needs her Business Law notes. That I have here. And she's far away. So I have to type 'em up and send them to her. They needed to be typed up anyways and this will be all the studying that gets done for our test tomorrow on my part.

2:45 - Okay. Notes typed. And my living room is a disaster. There are books and paper everywhere! It looks like exam time hit. I want to clean. But if I do... then I won't get any reading done. And I only have eight chapters left! and those 200 pages...

4:45 - Done up to Chapter 13. Going to a cheap dinner and a movie with M and ClivesLover. Even though I really shouldn't cause I have a ton of work to do.

11:30 - I'm home. The early movie we were supposed to catch did not happen. I should have just come home but by the time the bus got me here it would have been pointless. So, going to call my mom and get back to the reading.

3:15am on the 27th - Almost finished! The chapters at least. Really need to study for Business Law too...

6:45 - So, I finished most of the reading and studied for Business Law. Also fell asleep for a bit I think. I'll assume that's where that hour I can't remember went. Now its time to start the long day. So procrastination/distraction thingy for the reading is now over. Have a great day all!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Horrible, but funny

I just had a conversation with someone surrounding the current quote in my msn name :""Take him for a test drive, maybe he's got unlimited mileage. Which'll make up for the fact that he's a sub-compact."

After I was asked where the hilarious quote came from (Bones by the way), she asked "So what was the verdict?"

Me: "Turned out he was a fullsize"

Her: "I'm gonna have to start looking for more fullsize with unlimited mileage."

We can skip the part where I agree and move onto the part that also made me laugh. She said she had to do a ton of work tonight. I said to go work and then reward herself with the afore mentioned, she replied, "Wish I could, but my rental agency is in your town."

Anyways, enough of very dirty jokes. That was my unstressing after that seminar, which I couldn't tell ya how it went. Cause honestly I really don't have much of a sense of it. Pretty sure it wasn't the A I needed though. Okay. Gonna go relax and read. Later!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

So Screwed

9:00pm - So, I have a seminar to present in a little over 12 hours. I've started, however I don't know what this prof wants. Last year when I had a seminar our prof gave us an idea of what he expected. This one however, told us to present the chapter. I'm a bit fuzzy on what exactly that means. And yes, I asked him. I emailed him and asked what he wanted, I even asked some specific questions. He didn't answer any of my questions. Just said to "present the chapter" and to consult the syllabus for more information... the syllabus has one paragraph on the presentation. It tells us what we are presenting on and that it should be informative and interesting. Oh that's sooo specific, thank you!
I need a good mark in this class, but its hard to get a good mark when you don't know how to get that mark. Anyways, I should get back to it I guess.
On a side note, our washer and dryer now take loonies. That kinda makes my collection of quarters useless... anyways...

10:57pm - Jack is making it nearly impossible to work. He wants to play. So he keeps chasing my pen and chewing on my papers. And then he brings his toys onto my lap so I'll pay with them with him. Its like having a kid I tell ya. So I'm going to go let him go to the laundry room with me (very bad habit I know) and hopefully that'll give him his fill for the night so I can get back to work.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Smooth... Part deux

So, one of the emails that was in my inbox was one confirming a textbook I had ordered online. It contained the original ad etc. Now, normally I wouldn't need that still. Unless returning the book. Which is exactly what I need to do. Cause well, I KNOW the ad said that the book was a 6th edition, which was precisely the edition I needed. Well, when I opened up the package today, I pulled out a third edition copy. Can't say I was too impressed. Soo.. anyone want the 3rd edition of Nicholas V. Riasanovsky's "A History of Russia"? Cause I don't need two!
You may be asking why I did not get this book at the bookstore... have I shared this story yet? If so, you get to hear it again! Sooo... since the class was created quite late and apparently this book is the one any Russian History class in the world would be using, the bookstore on campus was unable to get any in. Well they're getting some in. In October. But going that long without a text... a wee bit difficult. Yep. But at least I have an edition, which is better than nothing.
Okay... Gotta get back to my apartment-cleaning and listening to Oasis (which is making me miss Unnamed) but it's also my feel good music which I need. Alot of right now. Sooo... Later!


So I just deleted all the emails in my inbox. Luckily I'm crazy organized and have most of the important ones divided into folders. However lately I"ve been a bit behind in my sorting so I did lose some. Hopefully nothing too important.
Okay, Russian History! Later!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hot Chocolate Anyone?

So my cough has now turned into a very squeaky smoker's cough. Its amusing but kinda annoying. Actually more annoying than the original one. Dear goodness I hope this means its going away. And I haven't had to blow my nose as much today so hopefully the head cold is starting to clear up too!
So my amusing stories from yesterday. Mostly only one I'm going to share cause the other's make me appear like an idiot.
So Lawschoolgonnabe and Islander and I are having coffee (or rather, latte, coffee and hot chocolate respectively) and we were talking about today was going to be "Talk like a pirate day", they thought it was quite amusing. Islander was saying how he'd avoided the invite on facebook and lsgb commented on how she hadn't gotten one. So since we've both got our laptops out, I send her an invite without telling her. She gets all giddy about how she's got an email from facebook. She's talking about what it could be as she's waiting for pages to load etc, very excited and the like. I in the meantime am drinking my hot chocolate. Now, currently with this cold I can't breathe through my nose, nor can I really breathe through my mouth all that well but regardless, less able through my nose. I apparently found her excitment awfully amusing and started to laugh. And then cough, all the while with a mouthful of hot chocolate. Which I will add did not stay in my mouth long. Now this is not something I've ever done before so I was a bit unsure of what exactly to do. Since this experience I have learnt that you do not turn towards the people sitting with you, especially when there wasn't anyone sitting in the other direction. That's not nice. For anyone involved. Needless to say napkins were scrambled for, and everyone got a taste of my hot chocolate. Anyways, it was amusing. Must have taken a good hour to recover and stop coughing and for everyone to stop laughing. Great fun was had by all. Which reminds me... anyone know how to get hot chocolate off a computer screen?!
Oh but to redeem myself from hot chocolate showers... I try and pretend to be smarter than the business students in my business law class and with this crew its not too hard, maybe its just cause I've got more background in law type classes but these guys aren't so great. Anyways, we were discussing the good things about precedent. I spoke up in class, which I don't usually do (but need to work on as soon as the coughing stops) and answered the question have they'd all struggled for a while throwing out weird things. Okay, that was my make me feel smart moment. The day was followed by many not so smart ones.

Awkward Encounters of the Fourteenth Kind

Today was the university's clubs and societies fair. And since I had no classes today, I sat at a table all day which meant I had to deal with people. The sickness makes me cranky so I probably wasn't as friendly as I could have been but oh well.
Saw several people I knew. All of them very awkward situations. One was with a friend's friend who's well.. a little strange, I don't know her well. I've just heard the stories. The other was with someone who'd I'd see a few times last year and then who just dropped off the face of the earth with regards to me. He was oddly friendly which was weird and therefore we talked for a bit. Which was okay except that I coughed through the entire conversation. The next person was a woman who seemed to know me. And yes, I know that I know her but I do not know from where. And well, its going to drive me crazy; I did however act like I knew her and therefore also awkward.
There were a few others that pretty much just involved me and my awkwardness in general. The sickness makes it worse. As soon as I read about the seclusion of elite muscovite women I will tell you a few funny stories from yesterday.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sickness and Entertainment!

Just a quick post before I head off to bed. I'm still sick. Apparently I have pneunomia. Which explains why all the people who caught the cold from me are getting better and I, who had it days before them all, is still sick. But I have medication and hopefully that'll get rid of it quickly cause time is not on my side these days. However, I believe that after tomorrow evening I should be almost all caught up in everything but Business Law and Charter Rights, which I will dedicate Wednesday too.
I watched Shooter last night. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Mark Wahlberg and Kate Mara: very beautiful people. Next on my list is 300. Which reminds me, Kevin McKidd who played Lucius Vorenus on HBO's Rome is staring in a new series this fall called Journeyman, which makes me very happy. It looks really good; I'll be watching it and will definetly keep you up to date on the goodness.
Ok. Sooo, now its bedtime since I work at 5:30am. Night!

Friday, September 14, 2007

I've been so busy that not only have I not had the chance to blog but I haven't even seen classmates. Islander emailed me yesterday: "Are you still alive?" It continued with an offer for coffee next week, as he says it doesn't taste the same without me.
Apparently however I have seen Lizzie enough, Lawschoolgonnabe and I ran into her yesterday; instead of hello we got "I'm sick. Thanks guys."
I am currently on M's computer. I came over to watch a movie a couple hours ago (even though I don't have time... I know) and we havent' gotten to the movie yet. She and ClivesLover are reading a play. And even though I brought work I can't concentrate when they're talking about bowls of flesh and sagging breasts.
So I am now a history major. Meaning that I am no longer taking the pyschology of women class I'd orginally mentioned. Which is good. Instead however it has been replaced with a History of Imperial Russia, from 1600-1917. I would be lying if I didn't admit to being a bit scared. I'm behind and have absolutely no background in Russian history. Plus because the class was late being started (they just added it to the schedule a week or so ago) there are no books right now. So we have to wait until October before we get textbooks unless we can find them online. Which I am searching for. So yep, however, the prof is really nice. She's quite adorable actually. She helped me for awhile after the class yesterday, she's very approachable and was very helpful in catching me up. I'm looking forward to the class even though its scarey.
Apparently we are going to watch "A History of Violence" tonight. If we ever get to it. I may need to head home before we get to it though... hope not cause it sounds interesting.
I bought new books last week, specifically "Jonathan Strange and Mr.Norrell" by Susana Clarke. It was recommended to me and I had a giftcard for Chapters so I got it. Unfortunately it could be awhile before I get to reading it. I'm confused a bit though, the copy I bought is actually in three volumes... however the person who I knew who had it had it in one book. I'm confused. But oh well. And this person... he gets a name eventually. I've just lost all creativity (provided I had any to begin with) and I can't think of anything.
So I found a couple of my history books online, which is amazing cause my prof was saying most places were sold out. However.. because of a problem with paypal I think I may have paid twice... for a fifty dollar book. Gonna have to keep an eye on that and be sure it doesn't go through twice.
Anyways, they're done their reading - movie time!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Doesn't get much worse...

So I just gave myself a heart attack. I knew that I had to have something ready for Thursday morning. I've been procrastinating and when I got an offer for help tomorrow night I decided I"d leave it all until then.
Well a few minutes ago I signed into facebook. On my opening page was the Event reminder for this event. It said, "Tomorrow.." I nearly died.
Then I realized it was after midnight and techinically Wednesday... so tomorrow is still Thursday.
Okay, crisis averted. Bedtime now! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesdays rock

Chase: (angry) Its Tuesday.
Cameron: I know.
Chase: (still angry) I like you.
Cameron: I know. See you next Tuesday.

That has to be my favorite moment between those two. Love it.

Ok... I'm back. I think

So I definetly said I'd talk about stuff and then didn't and I have a good reason: I got sick. I got a few posts up cause they were drafts and were pretty much done. But now I promise: classes.
First a rant about my sickness... why now...? I managed to get to all my classes minus today's. As I took some meds that just knocked me out and I slept about 16 hours. Which first of all, I probably needed that sleep however I am so sore I can barely move. But I think I am feeling better. I have no voice and my chest feels like there's a 300 pound man or woman, whichever, sitting on my chest. As my adominals muscles have definetly gotten some good toning... and I've lost 3 pounds from the lack of food. Ooo and I watched all of Stargate SG-1 Season 8 (that's a good thing btw). But all in all.. I am feeling better. I am also hungry.. be back in a few.
Ok. I snacked on cucumbers and I returned my mother's phone call. It was quite amusing actually, I called and the little brother answered. I asked how school was etc and he hestitated and answered. He then asks.. "Who are you anyways?" Apparently I don't sound like myself. I told him it was me and that I was sick with the cold he gave me. He says... "Sorry..." Awww, he's cute.
Anyways... Classes. A quick low down on 'em.
Business Law: Ironically it may be my easiest one. The prof is really nice, there are no papers, no presentations. Just 4 quizzes, a midterm and an exam. I can deal with that. So as long as I read, go to class (amusingly enough that's the class I'm going to miss all week) and pay attention I should do well.
History of Sexualities: Looks like an interesting class, though it could get boring. And I hate reading articles... I mean they sound interesting but they are just hard to read and then study from. I two "short papers" (according to my prof) each of which are 3000 words each.. short my ass.
Psyc of Women: This is going to be soooo boring. Is it bad that I find all my Women's Studies courses boring? I think so too... However, I may not be staying in this class. If I do however... I have to do a research project which includes an experiment and a research proposal... no so easy for the non-psyc student by the way.
Charter Rights: Excited and scared about this class. Its going to be really cool to study the Charter in such detail however it's going to be a hard class. Ooo and exciting, we get to do a mock trial at one point... though I believe I'm calling it by the wrong name.. anyways, that should be fun!
Crime and Social Control: I just found out this class is a seminar class, who'd a thunk it eh? And it make it even more thrilling... my seminar is in two weeks. However this does mean that after this I am done pretty much everything for this class in two weeks. Except that 4000 word paper. But pifft! My seminar topic..."criminalizing the corporate control process..." I don't know what the corporate control process is... let alone how to criminalize it. But I"ll figure it out!

I have someone I know in all my classes which is quite good. Most of the time its someone I know well like, Lizzie or Lawschoolgonnabe. Nothing with Islander this term, however we're all braving another Philosophy of Law next term though. Our prof is just gonna be thrilled to see us all again I'm sure.
Anyways, I've got some readings, and some laundry to do as well as make up some posters for H4H... let's see if my creative side made it through the summer. Later all!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Islander and Lizzie

Allow me to introduce.... the Islander and Lizzie.
Both awesome.
The Islander is from the Island (duh!), he actually attended the same University as me first year though we never met then. Another one of those ones I met in my Philosophy of Law class (as is Lizzie). Great guy, can just talk to him about nothing in particular and still have a great time. But can also have great smart people conversations and not feel like you're not the smart person. Lawschoolgonnabe and I can make him laugh. He missed us this summer, he just won't admit it.
Lizzie is from the cold dark region of our fair country. She's super sweet and just all around nice. She's taking one of the same majors as me which means we get to take lots of classes together. I can actually study with her, unlike Lawschoolgonnabe and I who just end up chatting and laughing the whole time. And trust me, being able to study with someone is a good thing (as is the latter for that matter). I've got her interested in H4H which is exciting (actually I've got Islander thinking bout it too!) and we're thinking about finally doing an intercession abroad next summer. Actually neat story, we both wanted to do it last year but both backed out because we didn't know anyone else going. Then we met. And now we know someone! So we'll see how it goes!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Not so Quotable Quotations

Driving with M and ClivesLover; we are lost. I see the road we need to turn up and proceed to yell : "Turn Left Now!" from the my backseat.
ClivesLover yells in return, "but that's a cemetery!"
Me: "No! Go left!"
ClivesLover and M: "You mean right?"
To make matters worse, this was in the middle of the conversation where I claimed to have good navigational skills.

Lawschoolgonnabe and I are at the mall. We run into Lizzie. Who asks lsgb (wasn't thinking about how long that would be to type every time) what classes she's in.
lsgb turns to me "I don't know, what classes am I in?" then turns to Lizzie, "she's my academic advisor." - Ironically its the "academic advisor" who's entire degree is screwed up right now.

Lsgb and I and Islander are trying to figure out what building our class is in... I spent 5 minutes just trying to say MNM Hall.
ClivesLover, M and I are walking through the mall. We pass by "Foot Locker" which reminds me I need new sneakers. Unfortunately it comes out as, "I need to get new foot".

In Business Law, the prof is being super friendly and talking to each person as she does attendence... she gets to lawschoolgonnabe... "This says your major is in LWSO.... what's that?" lsgb: "law in society" Prof: "Oh... didn't realize we still had that..."

lsgb and I are waiting for the bus... or rather I'm waiting for the bus and she's sitting with me cause I don't want to wait alone in the dark. A "motorcycle" drives by. Quotation marks because well... it had three wheels, which lsgb notes, "Its a motorcycle...with training wheels."

During last evening's festivities: "I've got a fuzzy duck up the nose... and Britney Spears in the eye!"

Thursday, September 6, 2007


No. I have not died. Though I;m sorta wishing I had after my last 15 hours spent at school. Having classes only three days a week has its price. I promise that by Saturday evening I will have recovered enough from Friday's less than sober activities and will have told you about my classes and introduced the returnees! As well as shared some great conversation snippets from the last couple days and some mini-freaking out about difficult courses and university screwups. Sooo... till then!

Monday, September 3, 2007

If my past and current "relationships" are indicative of future ones... shoot me now.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Textbook Observations

I've had the chance to flip through my new textbooks for this term and I've noticed a few things about the books and the classes they are for.
1. Business textbooks have too many pictures. You'd think the Arts ones would be the ones with the color and pictuers but its the other way around.
2. My course booklet for History of Sexualities seems quite interesting despite its high cost. Which means the course will probably be quite fun.
3. My sociology book entitled "Corporate Crime, Law and Social Control" looks terribly boring. Hopefully the other text for the class which I haven't gotten yet is more interesting.
4. My text for Charter Rights looks absolutely terrifying. Its all written in that legal mumbo jumbo kind of way. Definetly NOT going to be an easy read.

Ok, now time for work. With the new guy, who's the replaced the old guy, and who is apparently about as stupid. Great fun!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fridgey Bad Feelings

So I just dumped a bottle of spaghetti sauce into my pot of spaghetti only to find that it had gone very very bad. So no spaghetti for supper it would seem unless I want to be very very ill tomorrow. Sicker than I will be already from this damned cold! Bless the little brother who gave it to me.

Warning: Post Contains Girly Squeals Regarding Shoes!

I like shoes. I"ve discovered that. And now that school is about to start again I can wear them instead of ugly work shoes. Sooo, I bought some. Cheap ones too. Like these ones:

And I really really want these ones:

And possibly these ones, to go with my super nice new dress pants. Who knew dress pants could be so sexy?!

Fridgey good feelings

I tore a page out of a magazine awhile back and its been on my fridge ever since. Time to share so I can throw it out.

Hey, It's OK...

...if the closest you'll ever get to skinny-dipping is running through a sprinkler without your shoes on. take a great deal of pride in your iPod playlists. be a little bummed that you're related to the hot guy you just met at your family reunion. skim the front-page headlines but read every word of pieces like "Zoo Gives Panda Viagra." spend 30 minutes in the museum and an hour in the gift shop.
...if you still don't have a crush on Justim Timberlake. take the last cold beer in the cooler at the barbeque.
...if you're the only girl at the beach whose cover-up actually covers up. ask him to pick you up at work mainly because you want to show him off.

It made me smile when I needed it this last little while, hope it does the same for you.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Vacation = Over

I'm back from vacation. And I work at 5 tomorrow morning. And I'm definetly not looking forward to it. For some reason I'm also working alot more shifts than I was supposed to work. Going to have to talk to the boss about that. Cause well... I can't do that.
Bought books today. Three hundred dollars later I have all but one which is backordered. I would like to rant on how much course packets are. You know those ones where the profs pick a bunch of articles and have them photocopied and stapled together? Yeah. Those ones. Well mine was seventy dollars and I'm apalled. Okay. End of rant.
A co-worker just called (one who I really like and who was supposed to be leaving at the end of the summer but is staying, yay!) and asked if she could sell condoms to a fourteen year old. Had to tell her she could. She put me on hold to sell them etc and then got back on the phone with me and shared how horrible it was, how she hated that he was having sex but how she didn't want him getting the girl pregnant etc. I kinda wish there was an age limit on selling them though... it would make it alot easier and much less of a judgement call for us, as we can refuse the sale if we feel they should be getting them.
Mom got me a christmas gift while we were away this week. I know what it is though, and I must share cause they make me giggle and I can't wait to have them gracing my kitchen. These are awesome. She got me a frog and a duck!
I have lots more to share but it will have to come after I work tomorrow, go for a run and unpack! So till then!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mid-Vacation Post

We went yardsaling yesterday morning. Great fun. I bought some books. Some Winnie the Pooh and Nancy Drew ones to be exact. And a couple old ones. Oh and "The Green Mile". Also bought a muffin pan for ten cents. Ooo and a really pretty suede jacket for eight dollars. I love yardsales.
Then I came home and finished Odd Thomas. Good book that.
I've got mom and my sister really liking Firefly. Which is kinda cool. Actually its really cool.
I got to hold an adorable baby. So beautiful. I want one. Now. Ooo and I got to hold a kitten, very cute. I want one of those too. But not now.
Okay, well Mom and I are gone tomorrow morning for our official vacation. I'm really looking forward to being all touristy and the like. Quite exciting. Anyways... we're driving the sister somewhere now. Sooo off I go. Tootles.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Sooooo excited!!
I'm off today to the hometown for a week. I'm bringing books and H4H stuff to do. Mom and I are going away for a day or two during the week, which should be nice or at least to get away to a new city for awhile should be fun.
So anyways, this is my off to vacation post. Hope everyone has a great week, though I'm sure I'll post something semi-exciting during the course of the week. Later!

Monday, August 20, 2007

First off, House Season 3 comes out tomorrow!
Second, Matthew McConaughey on Sex in the City! EEeeeee!!!!
Third, only one more shift till vacation!

Friday, August 17, 2007

SusieQ's Relationship Resume

Why I'd make a great girlfriend:

1. I'll cook for you. And not because of any male vs. female stereotypes or anything like that but because I like to cook. And you'd give me someone to cook for.
2. I'd have no problem with you having lots of nights out with the guys. Heck, I don't want to see you everyday anyways.
3. I don't need flowers, loves letters and romance. Unless you like that stuff, then I'll pretend to like it too.
4. You can oogle the pretty girl in the movie cause I'm probably doing the same thing.
5. I won't make you watch romantic comedies, in fact I'll be perfect happy with all around bloody violence.
6. I'll sit and watch you and your friends play video games for hours and honest to goodnessly have a good ol' time myself.

Luckily resumes don't usually list the negative things. :)