Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I think I like me...

Your responses indicate that you are very precise, and you demand conformity to what is generally accepted as right. Your inclination to be a specialist, in your field of endeavor, is advanced by your interest in systems and structure. You come across in a direct manner, and do not hesitate to express skepticism in a candid tone. You tend to be strict when it comes to following rules, and if asked to enforce them, you use an authoritative approach. Criticism may cause you to react sensitively.
You prefer to tell people what to do in a straightforward fashion, rather than use persuasion. You are very effective in expressing yourself factually and sincerely. You are precise, frank, sensitive to tone, and can become discouraged if criticized unfairly.

You are reserved and prefer to communicate with people one-on-one. You need to be spoken to and listened to in a respectful tone.
You express yourself in a factual, to-the-point manner. Your communication style is precise.

You are intent on getting things done right, and you insist on maintaining the highest quality. You focus on the disciplined mastery of details and systems, and you use principles and tradition to help you maintain an orderly environment. You need to know all of the details all of the time, are cautious of changes in the system, and often take negative feedback personally.

You function well when supplied with rules, manuals, and systems. You prefer that details and proposals be presented in writing. If not pressured, you rarely make mistakes.

You expertly perform your leadership role by demanding that your people follow your organization's rules and policies. You exercise a conservative and watchful style while applying yourself to directing systems and procedures. You are very intent upon having projects completed correctly. You may desire time alone to think matters through and to be satisfied that goals are being reached properly. You may prefer to deal with your subordinates one-on-one. You like a lot of variety and demand action.

You are able to apply self-discipline and thoroughness to your work. Your orientation toward tasks and achievement is guided by an above-average ability to plan, organize, and fulfill specific goals and obligations. Your motivations are usually positive and focused on results.

You tend to be motivated by praise for tasks well done, and by having enough time to complete projects. You are more productive in a structured environment where there are few abrupt changes, and where there is basic job security with good benefits. You desire a professional culture where criticism is carefully administered, and where tradition is respected.

You can be demotivated if systems are not firmly established and routine procedures are not in place. You can become discouraged when criticized unconstructively or unfairly. You tend to be less productive when not supported by enforceable rules, clear directions, step-by-step plans, or written communications.

Your responses indicate that your Emotional Intelligence is exceptionally well developed. You tend to understand the emotional makeup of others, and to accurately sense what other people are feeling. Because you find it easy to see the world from another person's perspective, it is likely that you associate with a diverse group of people. You work for reasons beyond money or status. It is likely that you are proficient in both maintaining relationships and networking. You think before speaking, and form carefully considered judgments about people or situations. Furthermore, you are aware of the impact of your emotions on others.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I had physio today. And it went really well. It was nice to hear that I would be back to normal eventually (though it may take close to a year) and it was even nicer to hear there was a plan of action for getting me to that point. I'm pretty sore now though, but just after that little bit of stretching she did with me I can already move my ankle better. I go back again every day this week and I'll probably be in three or four times each week for the next month or so. Needless to say, my insurance coverage is going to run out very fast. Oh well.
Anywhoo... I have to go calm the yelling match between my sister and brother.

Monday, April 28, 2008

So I have moved. And now I am at Mom's place which is very hectic, messy, and full of wet paint and paint fumes: but it should look good when it's done!
Nothing to exciting to report right now, will have things to share soon and will have better internet access in a couple days as well. Till then...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wait...make that 3 A's! :)
And the GPA did budge. :)
I got two A's this term!! YAY!
And my GPA didn't even budge!! Darn.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Goodbye, farewell... etc.

Had to say goodbye to a few people, including Islander tonight. Actually makes me sad. Cause I know it'll be over four months before I see him again and well I'm gonna miss him. I'm gonna miss lsgb as well, but I'll see her more often and talk to her lots I'm sure. She already has plans to come down for my birthday weekend and Yeah.. I"ll see her lots. Islander on the other hand... not so much. But oh well.
Islander and lsgb came over for dinner tonight, for once the meal I made for friends actually turned out. Jack took a liking to Islander and wouldn't leave him alone all night, I told him we couldn't keep him cause I don't have a box big enough.
We all went out to play pool too, along with boy who won't leave me alone and another guy. We all sucked. All of us were completely off our games (though some of us never had a game to begin with...)
Anyways... I must hit the hay cause I have to finish the packing tomorrow: joy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh my gosh I hate packing.
Despise it with all of my being. The ONLY good thing about it besides bringing my stuff with me wherever I go, is that I can organize stuff.
But other than that.... I hate it! GAH!

Nothing better to do...

Lsgb and I saw Street Kings tonight. I liked it but there was something (other than the not enough Hugh Laurie) that I didn't like. Still good though.
During the movie, I realized I have really bad taste in men, this based on what I find attractive (man shooting up a room while drinking vodka like its water) and my dating record for the past year or two. Unfortunately I don't really care...
And now I have to go see Forgetting Sarah Marshall with lsgb cause well she wasn't so fond of tonight's choice.

And fav quotes from tonight:

"I should have been born a man."
"Yay!" - When man gets shot and blood spews everywhere
"Would you still be my friend if I started dancing right now? Yeah... unfortunately."

Friday, April 18, 2008

So when the guy you've been hiding from for the past month gets in a car accident while calling you (which is why they are banning cell phones and are putting up fencing to keep the deer off the roads) you suddenly feel the urge to be nice and not hide so much.

The Packing Blues

Soooo the packing is moving very slowly. Probably because I hate it so much and therefore don't want to do it. I think the part I hate the most is the mess. There's a mess everywhere! But oh well...
I think I found M and Cliveslover and I a place to live next year. I have to go look at it on Tuesday, it's being renovated over the summer so its gonna be a mess for now but at least it'll give us an idea of size.
It's not far from the university either, bout a 10-15 walk (on flat ground!) but, there's no bus route so there is no option of a bus which kinda sucks cause well... I have developed a great fear of walking in the winter time and I think that's understandable and allowed. But oh well, everyone else walks in the winter and doesn't break stuff so it was just a fluke happening and it'll never happen again.
Anyways, hopefully it'll be nice and we can all agree on it (though I'm the onlyone here to check it out).
I have one exam left, tomorrow. And I really should consider studying for it. I think that'll be today's plan.
It's chilly in here. It was really nice yesterday though, beautiful. Just warm enough. Any warmer and I would have been grumpy. :)
Alrighty... school work time. Later!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And it begins...ugh.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I am finished! Papers at least!
In the past week and 4 days I have spit out over 20,000 words. And I am pretty much wiped.
Tonight I get sleep and I eat. And start packing (nope, I haven't started yet, yes I do leave in a week).
I'll get back to my more consistent posting now too. Tomorrow. :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

awkward family moments... in bars.

Ok, a story that must be told before the drunk takes over and I pass out in my nice comfy bed with my nice furry cat.
I saw a cousin tonight while out. An older male cousin. And it was bad, I don't know if he saw me. If he did, he didn't acknowledge it. And that's a good thing cause well, if the experience was as traumatic for him as it was for me than I think it should be kept between us and never spoken of again. And if he did see me, I think I just blew my good, quiet, catholic girl cover. Oops. ;)

Friday, April 11, 2008


So yay for girls night when your week has been horrible because of school and boys who are mean, and papers that are too long.
Anyways... there's a drink calling my name so lata!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm still alive, really I am.
I just passed in a horribly written paper. With a total of 76 footnotes. Just so ya know, that's alot. And that's a killer to have to cite too. But its over and now I start another: two more to go!

Oh and this morning I was watching kids shows (I was babysitting) and the Berenstein Bears were talking about Britney Bear and Backstreet Bears. Made me laugh, almost as much as the Backyardigans spoof of Signs.

Friday, April 4, 2008

So it's pretty much official that I'm moving at the end of the month. And oh my gosh I have soooooo much to do in the next three weeks. I find it terribly overwhelming. But it's okay, to-do lists will get me through this.


So I've been sitting in a coffee shop for two and a half hours now working on a paper and it has given me a chance to witness some interesting interpersonal events.
First, was the meeting of two men. Not sure how they got talking but eventually they were sitting on the same table chatting away. Then they exchanged phone numbers. I thought it was very very cute.
Second are the two guys who were here before I even got here and have been playing chess the whole time. Every once in awhile, one will shout out in victory while the other sighs loudly in protest.
Next was the couple sitting near me a few minutes ago. A guy and a girl. And he was being so mean to her. Just rude and not very nice. One of those people you just can't stand to be around. It was really making me angry so I was very glad when they left.
And now I must get back to my paper and the man across the way who keeps smiling at me. :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Write my papers for me? Please and Thank you

One of my professors told me today that I "consistently win the award for the most polite student." Which I will admit made me feel quite good about myself and definetly gave me a good confidence boost going into my seminar. Which I believe went quite well. Though I need to finish it up on Tuesday still. I even think I have a few paper ideas though that's the last thing on my mind with my other two (yet to be started) papers due on Monday.
So I am at the library tonight. All night. Ugh.

My Two Cents Worth

No... don't get rid of my pennies.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I quit!

So I am officially umemployed. Yes, I realize this is the time of the year when I should be telling you about the job I just got. Not so this year.
I will be unable to work my job because of my ankle so its over. Which I am finding quite hard. Two of my customers didn't help the situation when they saw me there today, came running over, shook my hand, patted me on the back, and told me how much they ahd miss and me and excitedly asked when I was coming back. :( Apparently, its just not the same without me.
I know it wasn't the greatest job ever but I loved my coworkers and I loved the customers and honestly, I cried when I told my manager I couldn't work. Alas, I'm pathetic.
So now I'm job hunting. Which I have discovered is horrible when you don't know anyone. The woman I met with today to fix up my resume was all about family, and networking. Yeah, well my family are a bunch of uneducated hicks (no offense) but they are and unless I want to feed cows this summer or work in mechanics garage they are no help to me.
So if y'all have any contacts who can get me a sit down job, maybe in a field related to history or law that would be much much appreciated. I'll file, I'll answer phones, whatever, just something to get my foot in the door for something!
Okay, papers now. Tootles.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ankle Blues

So I had physio today. Wasn't exactly what I had anticipated. The woman was a bit more into the whole mind and body connection thing. I on the other hand am of the screw-the-mind-fix-the-body point of view. I'm starting to get a bit frustrated with all this body hates me stuff. Essentially I have had something wrong with my ankle since November. And I am sick of limping, icing and elevating and constant pain and swelling. I just want to go for a run and then go out wearing a pair of high heels. Gah! Anywhoo... I'll stick with this lady for awhile: I see her again on Friday. And see how things go.
Back to my purple potatoes. Later.