Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And they lived happily ever after... the end.

I'm considering the end of my blog. I've discovered I've just got too many things on the go and I barely have time to keep it up when I'm unemployed and bored let alone when I am employed and busy.
So alas my friends the end has come. I've enjoyed this whole blogging thing and it's been a good way to vent and keep everyone up to date but I think it's time for more creative and healthier communication with friends and family.
If you wanna know what's up, gimme a shout, send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!

It's been fun! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

13 sleeps and counting...

Things are in the works for the best trip of life! Money is all set aside for it (rent is another story...). I'm really getting excited!

In less exciting news... I've applied for many jobs and haven't heard back from anyone... it's incredibly discouraging. Here's hoping it gets better.

In good news... I saw a doctor today who said my other doctor who diagnosed a possibility of MS was crazy and that it was definitely not that. So yay! Now I'm just clumsy and accident prone and not actually ill.

Anyways, I'm watching episodes of Mental so I'm gonna get back to it! Tootles!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

End of a good time

Alors, nous avons fini notre experience en Montréal. Je suis vraiment triste de quitter cette belle ville and les persones que j`ai recontré pendant ma visite. D`accord, je sais que vous ne pouviez pas comprendre alors je vais changer à l`anglais.

It`s over. I had a really hard time saying goodbye to some people. Especially being aware that`s its unlikely I`ll ever see most of them again but it`s been an amazing experience. I love Montréal and I am so happy I did this. At first I was hesitant but now I can`t believe I ever questioned coming. I like the city so much I`m even job and apartment hunting! Probably won`t come for a few months as I need to make a bit of money first but it`s certainly in my plans. Thinking of maybe not doing social next year either but instead taking a year of French here... but we`ll see how much more I can learn on my own.

Sooo now that this adventure has come to end, another is soon to begin. Poland is three weeks away and I can`t wait. I`ve got a fundraiser planned for next weekend that'll hopefully allow me to not be to in debt when there and get some expenses paid off. Pretty excited.

Anyways, I've got a book here (a french one!!) that I can read and I've only got another hour and a half to kill before the train ride home so I'm gonna jet. Take care all! :)