Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is how Jack helps out...

All moved in....

Things I like about my apartment:
- It's in a security building.
- It's a 10 minute bus ride from campus and a 15-20 minute walk.
- My HUGE closet!
- Having four washers and four dryers!! That cuts laundry time in like.. half!
- I'm closer to lsgb, Islander and MC:)
- The trees outside my window: with pretty birds and no chance of anyone looking in.

Things I don't like about my apartment:
- The hill from the bus stop to the apartment.
- The dark dark yard/parking lot (Note to self: get little flashlight)
- My wee kitchen
- The difficulty in finding a place for my kitchen table.

Friday, August 29, 2008

never again

So I'm all moved in. Very frustrated, exhausted and ready to scream but moved in. Now I just need to unpack it all.
I'm tired, and so grumpy and I just want to sit and cry. My father can be very difficult sometimes, and tonight was no different so I'm kinda just worn, both physically and emotionally. Here's hoping some tea, a tidier apartment and some sleep will help that.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

seeing in doubles... or not.

So I had an eye appointment this afternoon to try and help me see a bit better while we wait to find out what's wrong. The doctor, as all doctors I've been seeing have, asked if I was seeing double. I said I didn't think so but maybe I just didn't know what it was. So he did some stuff with some lenses to show me. Well it turns out that because of how my eyes work, I physically cannot see double. However, what my vision did when he tried to make me see double is exactly what my vision has been doing lately. So essentially, I am seeing double but not at the same time. It is the same thing with my eyes that makes me have no depth perception and be unable to see 3D.
This is good and bad at the same time, good cause now I know and bad cause it means the problem is more serious (ie. the brain cyst is actually causing problems). It does mean I'll get into see the specialist sooner though. Which I guess means we can get this process moving along faster to get me all fixed up. At least here's hoping. P.S. I'm terrified about all this.
Anyways, that's today's adventure. And now I'm off to the move. Be back in a few days when I have internet again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

As if moving and packing wasn't bad enough, I hurt my back today helping my mother. Let's see how moving goes when one's on codeine and copious amounts of Robaxacet.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

less than perfect

So the "semi-perfect" laptop bag was very far from perfect and therefore got returned.
But I found another (for three cents cheaper!) that may be suitable, I will find out once I go through a nice trial run with it.
Must do some packing before crashing for the night. I slept about 16 hours last night but I'm still exhausted. I figure I might as well enjoy it now while I can before classes and the world starts asking stuff from me again. Ok. Night!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Media things like books, movies and music!

I updated my movies watched, since the vacation cause well time with Dave!= time well spent watching movies.
Don't think I remembered them all though.
I also read "Forever Odd", enjoyed it. Not as much as the first though but I continue to love the dialogue in those books. Onto the next as soon as I finish Shadowplay.
Also started and finished "All the King's Men" by Robert Penn Warren. It was good, not my time of book though. It took me quite awhile to get into it but once I did I had to finish it. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie adaptation.
Dave! suggested a bunch of authors and books I might like so I'm excited to read some new stuff!
Ooooo, we got to see 3 Doors Down in concert, with Hinder, Staind and Ecoline Crush (*oops :)). Was a very good concert. Very much enjoyed myself. All of the bands were great and definitely worth it. And getting to see Kryptonite played live was very good!

Annnnnd back!

So I'm back from vacation. It was a very good vacation and I was very sad to leave. Seeing Dave! and Lizzie made it even better. I got to fly for the very first time, and got to see a big city which was pretty... well big. :)
I'm not super happy to be back, but the distraction of having to move on Thursday is keeping me pretty busy.
Today was organize and purge day. Got rid of a ton of clothes that I don't need and then went through paperwork and the like. I threw out, and the little bro shredded. Finished off the day with the purchase of a new dve player (It's blue! And cheap!) and a nice portable filing box (I'm organized!)as well as a semi-perfect laptop bag.
Tomorrow I finish the organizing and then do some much needed email replying and habitat stuff.
I'm very ready to move, and very anxious to get back to classes as well. A little stressed about finances for the year, and a bit anxious for school applications and the like but very excited that this is my last year (of this degree at least!)
Anywhooo... gonna go do some reading and get some sleep. Tootles

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vacation blahs

I love to travel. I love road trips and habitat trips and I love seeing the countryside. One of my career choices as a child (and sort of still) was foreign affairs cause I wanted to travel. Travelling is somethign I"ve always wanted to make part of my life.
Unfortunatly my body doesn't seem to quite agree with me. I'm an anxious person. I know that. Though I don't emotionally appear to get anxious about travelling somewhere, it seems to be there, because it manifests itself physically. My body is already starting to yell at me, I just feel horrible: I'm coughing, my head hurts, I have no appetite, I feel sick to my stomach... all things I always experience when I'm travelling. It's very annoying.
I don't react well to change either. I usually experience similar feelings when I spend the night at a friend's place, come home for the weekend, or move to a new apartment etc. As a child, everytime I would spend the night at a friend's place I would get these weird pains in my stomach. It never happened any other time and it still happens, but at least I know what it is now as weird as it is.
Luckily, now that I know it'll happen I can increase meds before going, and try and prevent sickness by popping lots of vitamins and eating very healthy and getting lots of rest.
I think it's a bit worse this time around, as I'm a bit nervous/anxious/excited for the whole airplane thing. According to my little brother, a person isn't allowed to go on a plane for the first time all alone. He seems very worried. But I'm sure it'll be great fun! :)
Anyways, must finish up my last hour of work. You'll hear from me tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rainy Tuesday

So warning this post revolves around babies and vacations.
Baby is adorable. I'm in love. And she loves me quite a bit too. So much so that she cries at my feet to be picked up on a regular basis. I'm quite fond of her. This morning we attempted the "hold the baby while getting dressed, washing face and putting on makeup" routine.
So vacation is in two more sleeps. Yes, I am very excited. This is my first official vacation, as well as my first time on a plane! I get to go away, relax without any obligations, and be a tourist. Oh, and I get to see Dave! :)
Tonight is packing night. Last night I did some back to school packing: I seem to have accumulated alot of new stuff. I guess I did do some yardsaling and Mom gave me a few things. Oh well, most of it is needed stuff.
I got rid of alot of toiletry stuff. Somehow I accumulate so many moisturizers, lotions, hairgels etc and most of them I never use. So I passed them onto my mother and sister.
Anywhoo, the phone is ringing off the hook here today and I've already made a fool of myself on it already - stupid complicated putting people through to other people. So I should return to work, later!


enervate - To deprive of vigor, force, or strength; to render feeble; to weaken
provenance - Origin; source.
exalt - To praise, glorify, or honor
vexillology - The study of flags.
asperity - Roughness of surface; unevenness

Ok, sharing these is too much work. So if it's interesting, I'll let you know. If not then you're just gonna have to learn your own new word.

Friday, August 8, 2008

girls shop

Tonight was shop for vacation night. I needed to pick up a few things (pyjamas, sandals, toiletries etc) so I wanted to get it over with as next week is really jammed full. Besides my three days of work at the church. Monday night I'm on baby duty. Tuesday I'm booked with Nessa:) and JohnBoy has claimed me for Wednesday as he's leaving Thursday as well but till Christmas. So I got the shopping done. Bought a few things I didn't need but what's a shopping trip without that? It's the first shopping I've done all summer long though so I'm not feeling guilty at all.
I have a dilmemna: my suitcase size. I have a very small suitcase and I'm a girl and that means small isn't really feasible, but I"m gonna have to make it feasible. Somehow...


It's my last day of work! wOOt!
I was up at 5am with baby. Should be an interesting couple weeks.
Vacation is in 6 more sleeps! I'm excited! And nervous about the flying part. Especially the big airports part.
I have to start packing up my bedroom this week, cause I only have a couple days after I return from vacation before I move back for school.
Oh and somehow this year has turned out to be my year with the heaviest workload. First semester I have two upper level history couses and three upper level sociology (one of which is a research methods): It's gonna be alot of reading. Second term, I have three upper level history, one social work and a political science. Another term of alot of reading! So mjuch for having time for a part time job. With Habitat, I can kiss that idea goodbye! Unless somewhere will hire me for 5 or so hours a week...
Ooo ooo! I earned 3 cents interest in my savings account this month!! Yes there is only $50 in there but I've never had "saved" money before. Yes, I am easily excited.
I want a bagle. But they make me much too sick which really sucks... but after eating one yesterday and being terribly ill afterwards I guess it's just worth it to live without it.
Anywooo I have to write up a couple reports before I"m done today. Weekend update later!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm spoony for you

Spoony - Foolish; silly; excessively sentimental; Foolishly or sentimentally in love

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

wordy words

vituperate - To find fault with; to scold; to overwhelm with wordy abuse.

obeisance - An expression of deference or respect, such as a bow or curtsy.

brummagem - Cheap and showy, tawdry; also, spurious, counterfeit.

sapient - wise; discerning

Monday, August 4, 2008

cheers to a sucky weekend

It has been a super dull past couple days. Long weekends should mean fun. Instead it meant rain, rain and more rain. Plus several nasty thunderstorms.
I did however get my cable, internet and phone services ready for the move at the end of the month, after 45 minutes on the phone of course. Tomorrow I conquer the power company, woot.
I had the weirdest dreams last night. Ever have the kind of dream that just seems like it goes on and on and on? Those were mine last night. I felt like I dreamed them all night long, I'd wake up, go to the bathroom and hope that would shake them but no such luck. It made for a very fitful night's sleep. And because I remember them vividly their weirdness has continued to haunt me today. *shiver*
So this week is my last week at work (wOOt), we start looking after baby on Friday and then next week I either have the week to relax or I'm a temp secretary for a local church. I'm kinda rooting for having the week off. With vacation looming and the return to school on it's tail, it'd be nice to have the week to pack and get ready etc. But if not that's cool too. The money would be good.
Alighty, now to attempt some less weird and much more restful sleep. Night all!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shoes and candy!

Mom and I went on a little international road trip today in which I bought two new pretty pairs of shoes. And a three pound bag of black jelly beans. Keep your ewww's to yourself. ;) It was a good day despite the rain and the motorcycle convention.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Egress Panoply

Panoply - a splendid or impressive aray.
Egress - to go out; to depart; to leave.

work work work

So I'm still alive!
The vacation went well. Good times.
I'm currently at work and very bored. I just spent the morning getting some much-needed Habitat stuff done though. I only have four more days after today for work though which is nice. Though I may be working as a secretary for another week after that.
We may be looking after an 8 month old baby for a few weeks... day and night. It could be interesting. Our house hasn't seen a child that young for that long for a loong time. She's adorable though so it should also be quite fun!
Nessa and I saw the Dark Night the other day. I wasn't expecting to like it but I actually did. Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart both did a really good job. I was quite impressed.
I just got back from a lunch time shopping trip with my co-worker. I bought a purse that my mother can never find out about. It wasn't pricey but she will have my head if she knows I bought another. But I always get rid of one when I get a new one so its all good in the long run! :)
Ok... back to... "work".