Thursday, August 9, 2007


Friends are starting to come back (YAY!!!) so I thought I should start getting creative and begin introducing them to you.
Today, the intro to M.
M and I met in my first year English class (actually we found out later on that we had been in history class together... but we must have sat at seperate ends of the class or something cause we didn't realize it until over a year later).
Anyways, M is doing a history honors. She's smart. Too smart for her own good. She can start a paper two hours before its due, after not reading any of the material and still get an A. Its not fair for those of us who can work on it for weeks and still not pull off a B.
M is going to Europe in January for an exchange program. She loves Ireland and all that it entails, especially its men. Her and her mother have a relationship I would love to have with mine. Her family has goats. She likes movies, true crime stories, dancing and cookies.
Her name is M cause she loves the Bond movies. And that's M.

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