Saturday, December 27, 2008

One can really stretch out Christmas gift money if you're willing to brave the people in the stores!
I was able to turn my meager holdings into two CD's, a chocolate orange, a purse I've been in love with for ages, and a sweater-coatish thing. Oh and a Christmas gift for a friend!

Friday, December 26, 2008

little boy Christmas blues

We had a very small Christmas this year: money's been tight and Mom just couldn't afford much. In fact, we've never really gotten much for Christmas but as children it never really bothered us cause none of us had many friends so it was difficult for us to compare. My little brother does have good friends though (the ones that call you on Christmas morning to share what they got) so he knows that compared to his friends he received very few gifts. To add to his jealousy, three of his friends received the Nintendo Wii for Christmas and called him that morning while he was playing with his sole toy: a new box of lego. Needless to say, he wasn't in the best of spirits that morning.
I know Christmas isn't about the gifts and all that, but it was really hard to see him upset. And it's not like his sadness was a spoiled kid kind of tantrum, he was just being a little boy.
I shared this story with a friend last evening who then called me today to tell me that he and several other people we know have all chipped in to buy our family a Wii. I'm stubborn so it's hard for me to accept something like that but I know my Mom and brother will be pretty touched when they find out. People can be really nice sometimes!
On the Christmas gift front... Mom asked my sister and I if we felt Christmas had been a bit small: we admitted it had, lol. However, it turns out she forgot a couple of our gifts which explains why things had seemed a little meager. We all got a good laugh...
I slept in my new pj's last night though! And started reading my new book by Naomi Klein: Shock Doctrine and so far I'm really enjoying it! And "Santa" got all pratical this year giving me a box of kleenex, some windex, paper towels and dish soap... that or it's a hint!
Anyways, I'm going to go do some more reading: must finish up the Catcher in the Rye!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm a grown-up now!
Or at least I've decided that for me this is a sign of grown-up-ness: I know when I'm acting like a child. I can now actually, honestly recognize when I'm actually not acting my age and need to do something differently!
Yep! And that folks, is my Christmas observation!

That, and Christmas is not nearly as much fun when you're no longer a kid.

Happy Christmas all!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I remain alive. Sorry, the last couple weeks have been hectic but it's over now. Exams are done, some marks are in (I am so sick of school!), and I'm home for the holidays.
Nothing very exciting to share though. We got a ton of snow last night, so we were snowed in all day. But we've finally be plowed out so getting out of the house tomorrow is now possible, which is good cause I'm bored out of my mind! I just never know what to do with myself when I'm not doing school work. Being finished school will sure be interesting: I don't know what I"ll do with myself!
Anyways, I should get some sleep; night!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

stressed out observations

- When on blood thinners, cuts take a long time to stop bleeding.
- I like dancing at places where the attractive men are in suits. And I like that kind of dancing much more than club-type dancing. It made me happy.
- Gift shopping for people who live far away is very difficult; party cause you have no idea what they have and don't have, and it has to be done sooner than the rest cause it needs to be shipped.
- my cat likes my little Christmas tree too much.
- if you mistype google you can get some very interesting web results

Back to the last assignment of the term!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

yay parties!

So the Islander party went very well: he was completely surprised. And I think a good time was had by all.
So we got alot of snow the other day, there's probably a good foot or so on the ground right now and A is really not sure what to think. This is more snow than he's ever seen before and we keep warning him it'll get worse. He wears longjohns on a day where we would all be going without mittens and hats lol, and apparently finally understands the necessecity for winter boots. He drove in a car in the snow today and nearly had a heart attack when the vehicle fishtailed a bit, while everyone else in the car just laughed at him.
Anyways, all good.
MRI was this morning. It went okay. I don't think I moved at all and the panicky and freaking out was kept to a minimum with the help of some nice medicine. And my last major paper has been passed in, just one last short one to pass in tomorrow morning and then just a collection of journal entries due on the 16th. Tomorrow I"m gonna spend tackling the studying required for my two exams on Thursday and Friday - both of which I think will require alot of work.
Anywhoooo I've been up for well over 24 hours now so I need to get some sleep. Night!

Monday, December 8, 2008

You know.. I remember being told that one double spaced page of a paper should consist of 250 words. That was a lie. It takes about 350 for me to get one... maybe I use small words...

sleepless nights

So I slept much too late again today. I haven't even been up for 12 hours yet. But this is a good thing because my MRI is tomorrow morning and since I'm already having panic attacks about it, it's unlikely I'll get much sleep tonight.
And well I still have a bit left to finish for my paper that's due tomorrow too.
I put up some christmas lights today, and my wee little christmas tree; the nice snowfall we head sometime in the past 24 hours put me in the Christmas mood so it was the perfect means of procrastination.
So I'm host to a surprise birthday party tonight night. It's Islander's birthday this week so I brought up throwing him a party to his roomate and his girlfriend last week and we all decided it was a good idea. He's a really selfless guy, never asks anything of anyone but constantly gives and he's the last of us to turn 21 so we figured a bit of a celebration was in order. He's been away all weekend so I'm confident we can actually pull this off without his finding out. I'm pretty exicted cause I love throwing parties and I've always wanted to throw a surprise party!
Anywhoooo I must go finish up this paper! Night!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

medical fun

Over 15 hours spent at the hospital didn't get me far. I did give up about 11 vials of blood though. And eventually I will be forced to have an MRI in the next few days.
Tomorrow however, in celebration of being a bit richer due to the ankle break, is Me day. I'm super excited. And then we've got martini night: even though I can't drink cause I've been put on blood thinners (in case I'm having a mini-stroke - yes, so comforting).
Anyways, I should get some sleep. Night!

Monday, December 1, 2008

So I've been experiencing some lovely new symtoms from the brain thingy. And they are super unpleasant and pretty damn scary. Currently it's that my face is asleep. Particularly the left side of my face. This is by far my least favorite sympton. I can handle that I no longer cry out of my left eye and that my left eye twitches but this one is just annoying. Ok. And really scary. I'm having a nice panic attack over it. Ok. Need to go distract myself.