Friday, February 8, 2008

Friendly Friends!

I saw some friends over the Christmas holidays and my recent homecoming. Briefly but I got to seem 'em and they are ones I should introduce!

Nessa:) - Nessa:) and I grew up together. We're cousins so that helped and she lived only a couple houses away too. We went to elementary together, were inseperable for our first ten years or so. I switched middle schools and things got a bit rough there, we really drifted apart until about high school. We weren't going to the same school for high school but we took the same bus twice a day and would hang out at lunch. Things are a bit less ideal now that we're in the same city but I see her most times I go home and its really nice. The best thing I can remember about Nessa:) was all the playing we did as kids. We had imaginations alright. We must have played barbies till we were 13. We played cars and cops and robbers. We held basketball games in the backyard (sold tickets and everything, Nessa:) sang O'Canada), hiked through the woods to see how lost we could get (probably not the wisest thing we ever did), we spent every day during the summer swimming at her grandparents (even though neither of us could swim) and we in general we just had kid fun. I miss those times. She's currently living with her BF, he's sweet and treats her well and that's one wedding I actually get to be in! and her in mine (we made that pact when we were like five). She finally got her Chihuahua as she's been wanting one for as long as I can remember.

MC - Not sure how I can describe MC. She's awesome. That works well. We lived together my first year university and it was great (and I might get to live with her again next year!). She's from western Canada but has decided she likes my area a bit more so she's staying here. She's also super smart in just about everything. She's funny, in this odd quirky little way and it makes me happy. I think she understands me too, which I feel as if most people don't. She can play just about any instrument she picks up and she sings too! She's a great catch and any guy is gonna be lucky to have her and I wish she knew that. That's my MC. I miss her lots but we may be in the same city again soon so that's exciting!

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