Sunday, March 30, 2008

My prof just replied to the outline I sent him early in the week for my seminar. His response to it makes me want to die, partly cause I now have alot of work ahead of me (I knew it'd been too easy) and also because his email made no sense. My reply: "English please? And can we meet on Tuesday?". I should have known I found it all too easy to do, and that should have been a sign that I did it wrong but I remained hopeful and had my hopes crushed. But I'm not even going to think about it tonight, instead I will continue to research my eyeballs out. I have been researching these papers for 2 weeks now and I still don't have enough. But that's the way she goes, right?

Sunday needs 48 hours...

So the weekend was here and now it's almost gone. Ugh. Quick and exciting recap for ya!
Friday night: Student Union banquet. Was nice. Fancy food and nice clothes (except for people with recently broken ankles...sneakers and a cocktail dress not exactly a good combo).
Saturday: School work all day, got me a haircut (much needed). Then met with Islander and lsgb for some studying. No studying happened. Partly my fault as I asked a political question to Islander and for the next two hours a lecture on the Canadian politics occurred (I kid you not) Note: anything that starts with "well, back in 1867..." is not going to be short.
And then since we had gotten so much studying done, we saw a movie. 21 is good.
And now its Sunday.. and I am ready for my seminar tomorrow, and waiting on my prof's suggestions to finish up my seminar for Tuesday.
Gonna be a busy week, job interview tomorrow for next year's school year, physio on Tuesday (joy!) and then work conference on Wednesday, after which I will give my two week's notice. Which sucks but I can't do an on my feet job this summer which could mean no job for the summer but we'll see. I have to finish up research for two of my papers this week as the papers are both due on the 7th... ugh.
Anyways... enough of my stress and procrastination. Oh, I'm feeling better! Thank goodness, ok. Back to work, tootles!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I just walked past a water fountain and it turned on. Ah, the power I have over inanimate objects. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"I've got a fever of a hundred and three...!" :)

I'm sick. I've been burning up with a fever for the last two days. I think I"ll have to give into it tomorrow and get some rest as I've ingored the fact the last couple days and spent much time at school doing work.
I'm also broke. And jobless for the summer. I just might have to move home for the summer, we'll see though. And I had a meeting today that cost me $300. Ugh.
The TV show Moment of Truth is stupid. But I do like the new one, New Amsterdam. And I watched dancing last night! Only made me want to dance more though... lessons next year! I hope.
Lsgb and I are currently watching Criminal Minds (via MSN) and discussing how we'd react in a situation such as a the brutal and violent kidnapping currently being described. Kinda depressing conversation actually...
ok... night! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Tidbits

I have my cat back. He hates long drives.

I am getting sick, this makes me very angry and a bit stressed.

I made a complaint about a professor; I feel like a tattletale...

My sister got pulled over by the police last night while out with a friend. He pulled her over to tell her one of her signal lights was out. Nothing to be in trouble for. However, when he asked to see her license, registration and insurance: My mother had forgotten to put the updated insurance card in the van so she got a $175 fine. I think its hilarious, she does not.

I am not apartment hunting till after school is done, until then I do not have time.

My cat found an easter egg in the middle of the night on Saturday, he proceeded to roll it up and down the hallway.

My ankle is terribly swollen and it just won't go away. It hurts too.

I must go research for papers; till I have something better to talk about!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So my backup plan for careers has just gone up in flames. Unless I want to transfer schools now. Nothing goes smoothly. Ever. Gah.
So I do not want to do research. So I'm watching the X-Files which will definitely help me with the fall of communism in Poland.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the wonderful life (some days at least)

Ever just have one of those "life is good" kind of days? I'm having one today!
My apartment is being cleaned, and vacuumed with pet deoderizer. The sun is shining in, the snow is melting, the windows are freshly windexed (though the outsides need to be tackled), the floors are sort of mopped (I hate mopping), there are fruit and veggies in the fridge and chocolate milk in my glass. There is good music playing and the prospect of a good movie later on.
I have decided however... that I need to dust and vacuum way more often. I also don't want to move. I like this place, I've made it me and even if its out of the way and my parking lot is always a sheet of ice I don't want to leave.
My ankle looked really good this morning! It's started to swell up again though, and I can see the bruises now but still, at least at some point in the day it looks good.
Yesterday was fun. I bought a really cute outfit and did my hair differently. Poor islander had to comment on all my newness and such as well as lsgb's last night. It was amusing. To save himself he just told us we both looked beautiful. Good call.
Anyways, as lovely as the world is today... I have a seminar to finish before habitat bowling tonight sooo I must go. Tootles!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

sleeping, showering, shopping, friends = lovely Saturday!

I watched the Stargate Atlantis Season Finale last night. I HATE season finales. I don't want to wait till October to see what happens! :(
I slept last night. For a full nine hours straight through, didn't budge. I haven't done that in years. And I woke up feeling refreshed: it was wonderful. And I didn't lose half the day either, I was up by nine.
So this morning I did some school work, stressed myself out about living arrangements for next year and this summer's employment situation. This afternoon, lsgb and I are going shopping as I haven't really done that in awhile. And tonight we're going out! The ankle is hopefully capable of it and I'm looking forward to seeing people.
Sooo off I go, must shower. (I can shower again!)

Friday, March 14, 2008

I got a letter from the Student Loan people today telling me how much I have accumulated in debt thus far. Thank you for making me regret my education. Gah!
Oh and it's snowing. Again. I can't take much more of this!


My cast came off yesterday and at the time I couldn't have been happier. Now however I'm a bit less so. It hurts. Alot. I can barely walk. I can put all my weight on it but any bending for say.. walking, is nearly impossible. Ok, impossible isn't the word. I can do it, it just hurts like hell. The fractures are all healed up though, you can barely see them on the xray now. The muscles and ligaments just need to recover now cause they are super weak and I can easily go over on my ankle again. Physio should be great fun!
Its funny cause people are just noticing it now. Several people who I see every day are just asking me now what's wrong with my ankle. Apparently I was walking pretty normally with the cast, now is a different story. Though its getting easier by the day, I am able to walk a bit better now than I was this morning.
A nice hot bath should help too though, plus my skin needs the moisture: it's terribly dry. And I think I could use to shave my leg. Again.
I wrote my last midterm today. It was terribly easy. Got my Cold War one back. Yay for A's! Now if I can just keep that trend going for the rest of the term we'll be all set.
A friend is taking me for groceries tonight. Which I am in desperate need of. So I should go hobble to the bus stop, it'll take awhile and its slippery out. Tootles for now then!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So it has just begun to sink regarding the amount of work I have to do between Today and April 19th (38 days). The course of the next 38 days goes something like this...
March 13 - International Public Law Midterm
March 14 - Terrorism Midterm
March 17 - Sociology Seminar 1
March 31 - Sociology Seminar 2
April 3/8 - Philosophy of Law Seminar
April 7 - Cold War Paper on Fall of Communism in Poland (or maybe the Suez Crisis) due (12-15 pages)
April 7 - Sociology Paper on the State of American Prisons Systems Due (20-25 pages)
April 15 - Terrorism Exam
April 15 - International Public Law Paper Due (Suggestions of topic appreciated) (10-12 pages)
April 17 - Philosphy of Law Paper on Seminar Topic (Trials vs. Plea Bargains) due (15 pages)
April 19 - Cold War Exam

This does not include: physio 1 to 2 times a week, habitat stuff (only till the end of March unless I end up as co-chair again next year), job hunting or management training at my current job as well as going home for the Easter Weekend, sleeping and eating.
So I'm thinking I should just die now... or maybe stop blogging about it all and actually do some of it. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let's pretend for a second...

...that's it's next year.
Courses are up, my choices currently:
Law and Economics
Mod Europe 1 and 2 (full year first year course that's going to make me want to die)
War and Diplomacy in the Middle East
Intelligence in War and Diplomacy Since 1900
Conflict Resolution
Soldiering Through the Ages
Atlantic Provinces After Confederation
Legal Responses to Family Violence

That leaves me needing one more each term. Yay electives!
And if I was specializing in something with my History Degree then I"d be doing military history. Cause I like it.


I got to see Islander and lsgb today! Which made me happy cause I"ve missed them.
Islander complained about his break. He was apparently home for only 5 days and in those 5 days, it stormed 3 times. He believes that if they get much more snow the island is gonna sink. There was also something about how when the conservatives were in power the roads were salted? I don't know, he was rambling.
Anyways, good to see them. And good to be back to classes. Our philosophy prof let us go early today: he never does that. But apparently we were torturing him with our lack of enthusiasm for the subject, the fact we were saying anything and the fact that half of us were just staring off in space. I hope to liven up the class on Thursday with exclamations of how I have two feet again!
Ok, back to the schoolwork!

As promised...

Yeah... I know. I promised I'd post yesterday. Sorry: I had forgotten about a midterm I had yet to study for. I do believe it went quite well though so all's good then.
Sooo the trip! It was awesome, by far one of the best week's of my life. I don't think that two good ankles could have made it much better. Aside from a bus breakdown, some bad weather (thunderstorms and tornado warnings) and a couple bitchy girls it went very very well.
The bus ride was horrible, Over that week I probably spent close to 75 hours on a bus. I discovered that having two seats to yourself does not really help the sleeping and that actually having someone to lean on definetly helps. I didn't do much sleeping though cause once the other co-chair fell asleep she was out like a light so someone needed to count every time we stopped. The counting was amusing. Most of the time I would forget to count myself and then panic cause we were missing someone. And then there were a few times when I'd end up with about 4 extras.
The people were amazing. I have never experience hospitality like that before. They had me crying one night even.
The group members were also amazing. The guys all got along great and the girls had their little groups. I hung out with the guys most of the time cause well, girls frustrate me.
I was able to do just as much as anyone else on the build site (if not more than some) cause we were mostly doing touch up stuff (like painting, hanging doors, baseboards etc) so I felt very useful most of the time.
I would be lying if I said my body didn't hate me during the week. There were times when I was pretty sure I was gonna pass out from the pain I was in but it was worth it. My ankle didnt' really hurt, just every other part of me.
Anyways, all in all it was great. But I'm also glad to be home. I get my cast off on Thursday so I'm quite excited about that, looking forward to getting back to semi-normal life. School is currently punishing me for going away on the break and not doing a bloody thing but I'm catching up enough to go on Saturday night. :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Putting my feet up!

So I'm back! And the trip was awesome!!!
I'll tell you bout it later though, my "good" ankle is super super swollen right now so I need to get that swelling down and do some homework etc. But yes, promise to share tomorrow!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Soooo this is my pre-habitat trip post!
We head out in the morning and I'm about ready to head to bed.
I'm confident in saying I"m ready to go too and ready for whatever this week holds. Which hopefully will not consist of the back pain I am currently experiencing. And will abound in smooth-sailing fun!
Anyways, bedtime for me. Have a great week everyone and I"ll be back on the 9th! :)