Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome to my life

So its been quite the week.
I am currently an invalid. I fell and sprained my ankle yesterday morning (no, I am not telling you how. It's too embarassing) which meant yesterday was spent getting x-ray's and hanging out in hospital waiting rooms. It's not broken though, which was what they thought when they first looked at it.
Yesterday just my ankle hurt this morning though... everything hurts. The rest of the fall caught up with me this morning. Every muscle in my body hurts and moving in any direction with any appendage is quite painful. So painful that I can't use the crutches cause it hurts my arms too much. So instead I'm crawling and hopping. My right leg is gonna be in very good shape after this.
I just finished trying to clean, that went interestingly. Only thing I couldn't do was vacumm. But luckily for me, I have some good friends, lsgb and M have been taking care of me. Lsgb has been especially good, she fetches me stuff, and yells at me when I'm trying to do things I shouldn't (like hop to the kitchen with a knife in my hand.
So yeah.. its great. Tonight h4h people are coming to my place to work on some stuff for our upcoming fundraiser... my place is still messy in my opinion.. and I really need to wash my hair somehow. But thankfully everyone has been really understanding and have run alot of my errands for me.
So update on my Gram. They are operating next Thursday morning. Which sucks for me seeing her beforehand because I can't get home between now and then. Which sucks even more cause there's big chance she won't make it through the surgery. But that's life I guess. I was gonna go home this weekend but I really don't think I can do that cause of the injury and such.
Anywhoo, lsgb is here now. So to the cleaning! With two usable legs!

Oh and they're calling me gimpy... *sigh...* :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Baby, its cold outside!

Its cold out. And I love that song. Which is my ring tone right now. Love it! As well as Louis Armstrong christmas music.
Sooo... I'm sleepy. And stressed but I've gotten some good news today.
- I got a scholarship! Of like... alot!
- My 20 page paper got pushed back to next Friday! Though it still needs to be done early cause...
- Dave! is here in 9 nine sleeps!

My gram's not well though. Which is stressful. She's had a stroke, they are still doing tests to see how much damange was done as well as a few other things. We should know more tomorrow.
So, my paper. I'm angry at my prof. He's got me changing almost the entire thing. And I"m very mad. And he's no help whatsoever.
Ok, gonna go study Charter Rights.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Early Morn

Islander cracks me up. He and lawschoolgonnabe and I were supposed to go to the market this morning. He messaged me at some wee hour of the morning to say he was still out and probably wasn't gonna be up for the market at 8am. So I said to just message me when he wanted to meet us as we were planning some general downtown meandering for a few hours.
I just got a message from him... "So.. what's going on?"
Me: "Its bloody four o'clock..!"
I: "Yeah...? What's up for tonight?" (meanwhile I'm thinking.. since when did we have plans for tonight?)
Me: "Umm... nothing... you?"
I: "Dunno yet."
Me: "Did you want to do something..?"
I: "Dunno... I'll get back to ya."

Gah! Men. Anyways... so yeah. I should probably clean my apartment then...
Ooo, I'm wearing this nail polish that boast it has diamond strength. And it actually does make your nails really hard. Its quite nice. Mine have been pretty long lately (no.. no idea how I'm dealing with stress if I"m not biting my nails) and they keep breaking but this stuff makes them hard and pretty!
My lips are wind burnt and they hurt. It was windy and very cold out this morning... very glad I was just supervising the bottle drive from a few blocks away. :)
My grandmother continues to not be doing well, something is obviously wrong. But she refuses to go to the hospital or see a doctor. I promise not to be that stubborn.
I bought a CD the other day, shouldn't have but I did. I got "Christmas with the Rat Pack"! Yay!
I lost my mittens the other day... yes.. I know... awww kitten...
So my new ones have a string.. so I can't lose 'em! And they're white.. what was I thinking?
Ok.. cleaning!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yay for good bands and pretty boys!

Wintersleep was great. Very much enjoyed myself. Also really really enjoyed the lead singer. Best part is we got there early so we got to see them practice and some of us even had brief conversations with them.
Coat check went very well. Only lost a couple coats, and smucked one group member in the face, so I'd say it went well.
Coat check boy #97 and I had some fun. Not too much fun, just passing coat fun and it made my day. And the creepy old man thought I was pretty in his drunkeness and gave me a tip. Some girl told me I wasn't pretty but that the guy with us was so she gave us a huge tip. Ah, drunk people.
The drunk people invited us out too... but we are going to be good students. Though we'd rather be out cause they were beautiful.
But we did well and were also told we are welcome to have a huge coat check coming up in February. Which is awesome.
Oh and apparently lsgb's bf has found me a boy. Only midly creepy that my friends's boyfriends keep an eye out for people for me. Apparently what this guy describes as what he wants is me in a nutshell. Lsgb suggested "stressed out over-zealous go-getter"? Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing...
Anyways... its late. I have to be in class in 7 hours. So I'm going to try and get some shut-eye.

... and I just turned down a chance to go meet pretty band boy. I am an idiot.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just called my mother for a quick "Don't have time to talk, call you tomorrow." She did however find time to tell me my grandmother isn't doing well. She passed out Monday while grocery shopping and has been sleeping pretty much constantly ever since.
We know she has something wrong, they've been seeing doctors about an anuerysim (or however you spell it) and they were planning on doing surgery but the other day the doctor called to say he needs to see her next week. Which is odd and it sounded like it wasn't good news. Sooo... yeah. Hopefully its nothing too major.
But I must go. Its the Wintersleep concert tonight, which I'm looking forward to as I really like their new album. So, later all.

Thanks for the smile Charlie!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh and for future reference.. it is now Donald Trunk.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hi Ho...Hi Ho...

18th - 9:40pm -> This weeks major work is the two papers I have due on Tuesday. One for History of Sexualities and one for Imperial Russia.
I know what I'm writing for the Russian one so I'm gonna start that one first. After I have a warm shower and pay some attention to Jack.
11:10pm -> So I've showered... sent h4h emails, made tomorrow's phone call list and eaten chocolate cake. Yet the essay remains untouched, I tried to claim I couldn't work on it anymore cause it was on lsgb's computer but that fell through when she sent it to me...
11:40pm -> I'm thinking of just going to bed. I haven't been feeling so well lately and I"m really tired (I feel asleep on the couch this afternoon admist my little brother playing hockey in the same room!). I'm hoping its just cause I didn't get much the last couple weeks and not something else, though the rest of the not feeling well symptoms point to something else and it would not be good. But anyways, I think I'm just going to go to bed and get up tomorrow morning and work finish my Russian Paper, go to class then h4h meetings and then write the other one. Yeah. That's my plan. Sooo... night!
19th - 11:45am -> So I got some sleep, but I'm still tired. I've also worked on my paper. I have about 3 pages to go. I can do that. And I will after I order mine, lsgb's and Islander's textbooks for our philosophy class!
2:00pm -> Soo, I've got only two pages to go. Yes. It took me three hours to write one page. But I had to make some phone calls and prepare for tonight's meeting.
3:45pm -> Heading into campus now for meeting, then I'm gonna go for coffee downtown and work on the papers. Its looking like a long night.
4:15 -> This makes me cry.
8:25pm -> Delegating is not my problem. The problem is that people can't do things right so if I want it done right I have to do it myself. On the other side of things... my papers are both half done. Skipping back and forth between the two is probably not optimal but oh well.
10:50pm -> Still only halfway done both of 'em. I was just told that's like having one whole one done! I wish. Its gonna be a long night and I'm already falling asleep.
20th - 12:15am -> Done one! YAY! And I can barely keep my eyes open. Bed now perhaps and then finish the other in the morning...?


So I went away for the weekend. And I left food for the cat. Apparently I did not leave enough however. I came home and the dish was licked clean. So I immediately gave him another scoop, he got right to eating it and licked it clean again, then I filled it again. And its all gone again. I gave him more again but he only ate a few bites this time so I think he's full now. He also ate the tail off his toy mouse and has been hacking it up since I got home. I feel so bad... I"m a horrible cat owner.
The weekend was good though, I had a good time and I think lsgb did too. Now its back to the work!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Half Over!

Yay! The first half of the craziness of the next couple weeks is almost over. Today I wrote a business law quiz which went quite well and an Imperial Russia midterm which went extremely well. Yay for A's and law schools not laughing in my face!
I'm very tired. But there's no time for that. Tonight is trivia night. And then I work tomorrow at 5am.
I'll get a few hours tomorrow afternoon to pack and clean up the apartment before heading home to see my family with lsgb who's tagging along for the weekend. Hopefully I'll get some work done on at least one of my papers for next Tuesday over the weekend. Or Monday could be a long day.
My prof for next terms Philosophy of Law course sent out the topic. It sounds interesting. Apparently we will be putting the "criminal trial on trial and in particular, the sense in which it presents the accused with a 'test' or a 'call to account' for her or his conduct." He gave us the textbook so we can order it now and I'm gonna try and get a headstart on it in between readings of good books such as Shadowplay (cause I hinted alot to my mom)!
Anyways, I need to go "relax" for a bit. So, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I heart you gingerbread latte :)

I know this is silly but the thing that has me super excited this week is the fact that my favorite coffee place has my favorite latte back. Yep. Its horrible. But its so good.
Two christmases ago before I actually lived in this city, after a long weekend of christmas wreathes and amazing bow-tying, Dave! and I got gingerbread lattes on the way back to our respective hometowns. It was wonderful.
So when I finally moved up here I couldn't wait for christmas to come around again so I could get one. Well last year they decided not to have it. And I was hearbroken. But last night, when I ran in to get change for my laundry, I noticed that they have it back this year; I am sooo excited!
Tonight, my gingerbread latte, you and I shall be together!!!

Made me laugh quotations of the day

"I don't like coconut. It makes my tongue itchy."
"Oh those Christians, they always come back to bite you in the ass."
"I'm on such a high right now. And it's legal and everything!"


Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm sorry... but did I just stumble across the National Air Band Finals while channel-surfing?
Whatever is the entertainment world coming to...?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sooo much to do!

Played pool tonight with a few peoples. Lsgb's bf leaves on Sunday so one last evening out I guess. She's upset, she tried to hide it for awhile I think but it won out. I don't like it when my friends are sad. Hopefully my attempts to make her feel better will help. I offered her company on Sunday night if she just didn't want to be alone and she's coming home with me next weekend as my family is complaining they never see me. So hopefully we'll be able to keep her distracted enough for the first couple weeks that in no time it'll be half over.
Pool was fun. They made fun of me a few times. Islander tried to show me "important" pool techniques.. there was talk of caressing balls so I'm not sure how up to par my education was. Oh and I"m an execeptional student... and not in the A+ category apparently. But it was fun. Then I hurt myself. Its been awhile since I've been injured so I guess it was due. I hit the knuckle of my right index finger off the pool table, no idea how but I did and withing 5 minutes it was swollen and already turning blue, so apparently I did give it a good crack. Did I mentioned it hurts a lot?
Anyways, the next few weeks are absolutely crazy. I'm working 20-25 hours a week, I have 7 papers to write (one of which is my twenty-pager), 3 tests/quizzes/midterms, 1 seminar and 6 or so h4h fundraisers. Soo... as long as I don't sleep, eat or shower I should have time for everything. So my apologies if I drop off the face of the blogging world. I am still alive, just buried under a mountain of work and stuff.
But I get to babysit tomorrow night! Exciting! And the couple I babysit for is expecting again! yay! I'm so terribly excited. If I can't have my own children, I"ll just hog everyone else's.
Anyways, typing hurts my finger so I'm going to go get some readings done. And then maybe get some sleep, we'll see. Soooo tootles everyone and I'll be around, just not as often!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I spent all morning jumping up to answer the phone that wasn't really ringing. Well it was ringing but in my new neighbor's apartment across the hall.
Its sooo loud. Its like we're living in the same apartment! Someday I will live in an apartment where I can't hear every word my neighbors say.
We played poker last night (we being M, Cliveslover and her "friend" and me). It wasn't nearly as much fun as playing with Dave! but oh well... only 29 more days! :)
In case it wasn't noticeable that was an "I miss Dave!!" plug.
Okay, off to school!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I'm baking! And it tastes good. Think I can convince someone to marry me with my cooking? lol
I can't multitask when baking though. That's my downfall. Can only do one thing at a time or things don't turn out so well. Hopefully that'll come with practice.
Cliveslover has a special "friend". I'm happy for her. M called to say she might be visiting tonight as the "friend" is having a sleepover. Makes me glad I don't have a roomate sometimes.
I just got an email from a laywer. I feel important.
I just got to talk to Cliveslover's friend... wow... the accent is gorgeous.
Ok.. so the recipe I just made was one from my mother. She emailed it to me. I just made 'em. She forgot to put the baking soda in the recipe... thanks Mom. My cupcakes are very small and terribly dense/heavy.
I want kids. Now. I really really really do. *sigh...*

Monday, November 5, 2007

To the girl who gave the class presentation today... its "specific" not "pacific".

I am about to dismantle my bathroom sink in an effort to retrieve my eyeliner.

I am co-hosting h4h trivia night. Oh dear.

I work tomorrow night. Joy. But I should get my biz law midterm back so that should make up for it.

Ok. Night!
This is the worst paper I have ever written. I know I"ve said that before. But honestly, this one is bad. I just ramble on and on about the same thing. I am one page less then I am supposed to have and its bad... so very very bad.
Lsgb says it doesn't look *that* bad... but she could be just saying that. Though she's usually pretty honest.
I've just started the other "paper" I have due today. But then I got distracted when Lizzie called and then Habitat sent me stuff so I got distracted again. Not going well at all.
However, now that I'm back at it.. I"m hoping that feigning intellingence through big fancy words will make it appear that I have actually considered my topic and have a thesis for said paper. The prof's an idiot so hopefully my ignorance will pass unnoticed.
Ok. Gonna go stab myself in the eye now! :)
I am drinking hot tea and eating iceceam... love it!
Not feeling the love for the paper though... I see a huge fat F in my future...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My computer shut off during the night due to a power outage... when I restarted it, it said "We apologize for the inconvience but Windows was shut down impropery and needs to..." Which leads me to ask... who's we? Weird.
I woke up in the middle of the night and was missing part of my pyjamas... I wish I remember that dream!

Sleep and Movies

Ugh. I have a headache.
I got alot of sleep last night, well needed though. I don't think I'd slept much more than a few hours a night for the past couple weeks so I "caught up" last night with a good twelve hours. Though it wasn't good sleep, it was sleep regardless.
And then today I"ve watched movies and worked on my papers. I watched Just Friends and Waiting... (yes... bit of Ryan Reynolds kick I know). Just Friends was amusing, Waiting... really weird, don't know if I'd recommend it.
Then Cliverslover came over and we watched Evan Almighty. I laughed lots.
I then showed her a terribly amusing clip of this week's Bones where Booth squeaks out of fear. And we laughed. I honestly had to pause it and laugh the first time I saw it; it's just so out of character and so terribly hilarious.
And since I'm not liable to sleep tonight cause I just slept my weeks' quota last night... I'm gonna go watch Boondock Saints cause I like it. And I'm gonna work on my paper... can't forget that part.

My hair is bugging me.. it's too short. And I can't figure out how to change the time on my cell phone... and why didn't my computer change automatically? Ahh.. I just looked it up... cause apparently it doesn't change until 2am. I see.
So far the power hasn't gone out, though it's out at Mom's and at M's parent's place... but I'm not complaining; I don't like the dark.
Okay... going!

*I definetly have watched more movies today then I have since Dave! left. That's horrible.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Call me...

I got called odd at work...
I was cleaning the milk cooler (cold cold job) and some big important person was visiting and I heard them talking about me. He commented that I did a good job with the cleaning etc, and didn't seem to be doing it begrudgingly. My boss says..."Yeah, she's a little odd." Thanks... I think.
Speaking of being called things... I do not like to be called ma'am. Nope. I get called alot of things (honey, miss, sweetheart, darling, baby), one customer even calls me lover and I can deal with that. But ma'am. Ugh. Do not like it. Amusingly enough the people who call me that are my age!
Ok. Back to my papers!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

And the most important thing I learnt the past couple days...
My friends care for me. Most of them at least.
They don't want to see me hurting, and they don't want to see me getting myself into a situation where I'll end up hurt.
One friend teared up during our little heart to heart and it meant alot.
It's makes me happy... and sad that I can't want better for myself and realize my own apparent "potential" and good qualities etc.
See... I'm crying just thinking about it.. bloody hell.

On a sidenote... during the laptop accident my papers etc got ruined... would it completely pathetic of me to copy my entire book of h4h notes into another notebook?

Lessons Learned

Well its been an interesting day or two... where shall we start?
Last night was intersting... as the terribly sober one it was also quite amusing. But I did learn a few things. First, I look after people, I'm good at it or at least I'd like to think I am. I looked after Dave! when he was sick in March, at least till I got sick. And then last night and looked after M. So yeah, I'm good at it and I don't mind doing it. I like being nice. Second, I fall for the wrong people, and they turn out to be huge jerks. Third, every halloween between M, Cliverslover and I, one of us manages to get terribly intoxicated, one ends up hurting their back and the other ends up making out with someone. These three things happened last year and they all happened this year. Some to the same person (i.e. the back and me, Cliverslover and the making out). This time M took the prize for the drunk one. Next year I'd like to try something new :)
Something I learnt today completely unrelated to drinking and halloween: laptops and bottles of pop do not mix. And that's about all I can share without freaking out terribly.
On a somewhat related note, I also have learned that its good to back up EVERYTHING on computers... i.e. all your class notes from this term!
I also learnt that some people are not cut out to cut hair. Like the woman who did my this afternoon... she was so rough. She keep pulling it and combing my ears and she got shampoo in my eyes It was a horrible horrible experience. And to make matters worse, she cut it too short so it won't fit into a ponytail anymore.
They were playing christmas music at the mall today. Eeep. I can't believer its November times flies.
I went to buy deoderant today.. there were a million different kinds! I must have stood there for 15 minutes trying to decide. Settled for a coconut one, which is exciting, that choice wasn't there last time I was there.
Ok... I'm going to go die a little bit...