Friday, August 31, 2007

Vacation = Over

I'm back from vacation. And I work at 5 tomorrow morning. And I'm definetly not looking forward to it. For some reason I'm also working alot more shifts than I was supposed to work. Going to have to talk to the boss about that. Cause well... I can't do that.
Bought books today. Three hundred dollars later I have all but one which is backordered. I would like to rant on how much course packets are. You know those ones where the profs pick a bunch of articles and have them photocopied and stapled together? Yeah. Those ones. Well mine was seventy dollars and I'm apalled. Okay. End of rant.
A co-worker just called (one who I really like and who was supposed to be leaving at the end of the summer but is staying, yay!) and asked if she could sell condoms to a fourteen year old. Had to tell her she could. She put me on hold to sell them etc and then got back on the phone with me and shared how horrible it was, how she hated that he was having sex but how she didn't want him getting the girl pregnant etc. I kinda wish there was an age limit on selling them though... it would make it alot easier and much less of a judgement call for us, as we can refuse the sale if we feel they should be getting them.
Mom got me a christmas gift while we were away this week. I know what it is though, and I must share cause they make me giggle and I can't wait to have them gracing my kitchen. These are awesome. She got me a frog and a duck!
I have lots more to share but it will have to come after I work tomorrow, go for a run and unpack! So till then!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mid-Vacation Post

We went yardsaling yesterday morning. Great fun. I bought some books. Some Winnie the Pooh and Nancy Drew ones to be exact. And a couple old ones. Oh and "The Green Mile". Also bought a muffin pan for ten cents. Ooo and a really pretty suede jacket for eight dollars. I love yardsales.
Then I came home and finished Odd Thomas. Good book that.
I've got mom and my sister really liking Firefly. Which is kinda cool. Actually its really cool.
I got to hold an adorable baby. So beautiful. I want one. Now. Ooo and I got to hold a kitten, very cute. I want one of those too. But not now.
Okay, well Mom and I are gone tomorrow morning for our official vacation. I'm really looking forward to being all touristy and the like. Quite exciting. Anyways... we're driving the sister somewhere now. Sooo off I go. Tootles.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Sooooo excited!!
I'm off today to the hometown for a week. I'm bringing books and H4H stuff to do. Mom and I are going away for a day or two during the week, which should be nice or at least to get away to a new city for awhile should be fun.
So anyways, this is my off to vacation post. Hope everyone has a great week, though I'm sure I'll post something semi-exciting during the course of the week. Later!

Monday, August 20, 2007

First off, House Season 3 comes out tomorrow!
Second, Matthew McConaughey on Sex in the City! EEeeeee!!!!
Third, only one more shift till vacation!

Friday, August 17, 2007

SusieQ's Relationship Resume

Why I'd make a great girlfriend:

1. I'll cook for you. And not because of any male vs. female stereotypes or anything like that but because I like to cook. And you'd give me someone to cook for.
2. I'd have no problem with you having lots of nights out with the guys. Heck, I don't want to see you everyday anyways.
3. I don't need flowers, loves letters and romance. Unless you like that stuff, then I'll pretend to like it too.
4. You can oogle the pretty girl in the movie cause I'm probably doing the same thing.
5. I won't make you watch romantic comedies, in fact I'll be perfect happy with all around bloody violence.
6. I'll sit and watch you and your friends play video games for hours and honest to goodnessly have a good ol' time myself.

Luckily resumes don't usually list the negative things. :)


I met lawschoolgonnabe in my second year in my intro to Philosopy of Law class. Through the course of the year and the course of a couple really grueling courses we bonded. She's become a good friend truth be told and I look forward to classes with her for the next couple years. And possibly more after that. We share one a common thing: our desire to study law, an interest that started very early in life. Mine when I realized police officers needed better eye sight than mine and hers when she realized veterinarians had to put animals down.
Lawschoolgonnabe lives with her boyfriend, and her cat. She's orginally from a much bigger city than she currently finds herself in now and she can't wait to go back. She loves Starbucks, her boy, funny tv shows, good movies and big city life. She can work too jobs and go to school fulltime and still pull off amazing marks. She's one of the only people (a couple of the others to be introduced soon) that I feel I can carry on an intellectual conversation with and not feel like I'm just bs'ing my way through it and that I actually can have a valid and well argued point by the end.
She regularly tells me I'm cute, which is a nice thing to hear every once in awhile, though I think she mostly just finds my antics amusing and can't think of another word to describe it. She also regularly offers to lend me her boyfriend. Such as seeing a movie she wouldn't like but that I want to see but have no one to see it with and that her boyfriend wants to see. This amuses me greatly, however I am seriously thinking about taking her up on it sometime.
She's lawschoolgonnabe because she's going. She doesn't just want to go to law school. She IS going. I do not want to be anywhere near her when she gets a rejection letter, and law school that rejects her? Look out!

Monday, August 13, 2007


Over at CuteOverload recently, there was a caption contest. I'd like to share the winning one, as it made me laugh lots.

"This is just gonna show up as "miscellaneous" on the credit card, right, Sheila?"

Saturday, August 11, 2007


ClivesLover and I met the same time as M and I did: first year English and we lived together last year. ClivesLover is working on her English degree. She's a bit older than M and I but its kinda nice, gives me a different outtake on life sometimes and sometimes that just what I need.
ClivesLover is funny and outgoing. She loves to dance, loves English literature especially if its Jane Austen. She's also a huge move buff and pretty sure she's competing with blockbuster in the movie owning department and winning. ClivesLover is also heading to Europe in January.
Orginally from the french area of the province, ClivesLover's french usually only comes out when she's been drinking. And its hilarious. She and M have an apartment across the road from me for the next four months. And I"m absolutely thrilled.
Next in the intro to friends: Lawschoolgonnabe

Friday, August 10, 2007

Okay peoples.... blog has been up for ohh... 2 months now and I've had nada in the comment section!!! Come on!! Make my life interesting... I realize its boring but comments make life more interesting!!
Okay, that's all I had to say. Off to work. Again.
Tonight: Intro to ClivesLover.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Friends are starting to come back (YAY!!!) so I thought I should start getting creative and begin introducing them to you.
Today, the intro to M.
M and I met in my first year English class (actually we found out later on that we had been in history class together... but we must have sat at seperate ends of the class or something cause we didn't realize it until over a year later).
Anyways, M is doing a history honors. She's smart. Too smart for her own good. She can start a paper two hours before its due, after not reading any of the material and still get an A. Its not fair for those of us who can work on it for weeks and still not pull off a B.
M is going to Europe in January for an exchange program. She loves Ireland and all that it entails, especially its men. Her and her mother have a relationship I would love to have with mine. Her family has goats. She likes movies, true crime stories, dancing and cookies.
Her name is M cause she loves the Bond movies. And that's M.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Exciting Days

Today was an interesting day. It was an early, long and slow day but it was made exciting by a few visits by the police. One was for a drive off I had yesterday, luckily the woman came in again today and I was able to get her to pay for it.
Then, the assistant manager was in and her daughter pressed the silent alarm under the counter, bringing the police with their sirens etc who closed up the store so they could investigate, because they didn't believe the little girl story originally, as someone could have been forcing us to say that.. so yeah. That was fun.
I'm exhausted. And really not looking forward to my next week of work. I work seven close shifts because I have any more days off... oh well. After that I'll be one week closer to vacation!
Okay. Well. I'm done for now. But I"m gonna post something exciting in the next little while, or rather, as exciting as my life gets!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


So last night I began reading a book. I finished it last night as well. So now I'm onto "Life of Pi" which the reviews on the back say will make you belive in God. So I'm kinda interested. I started reading it today after work. I had plans to have an hour to kill downtown so I sat at the coffee shop outside in the sunshine (got some color in my shoulders!) for what turned out to be two hours as apparently there's no bus at 2 to take me home. But it was nice and relaxing so it was worth it.
Came home and did some cleaning, put up a shelf and fixed the curtains in my bedroom. It's much too hot to be housecleaning though.
Oh, so I got a nice wakeup call at 3am this morning. The fire alarm in my building was going off. So terribly not funny. So I rushed around trying to find more clothes to put on (its too hot to wear much more than a tanktop and barely there bottoms) and then chased my cat around (I was not leaving him if there was a fire). So half an hour later after the firefighters decided there was no fire, I got to go back in. At this point since I had to be up in an hour I figured there was no point in going back to bed. So I didn't.
A classmate wants to hang out tomorrow night. Which is kind cool. We're having a hard time deciding on what to do. We were thinking movie but we can't really decide on one... She wants to see "The Simpson's", I particuarly dont' want to but I'll go if we can't decide on something else. I'd like to see the Bourne Ultimatum, but she wants to see the others first. Though we are looking at Transformers and No Reservations (for a romantice comedy it actually looks pretty cute and semi-tolerable).
Well my kitty calls so I think I"ll go give him some attention before I hit the hay.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good Books

So I'm tired. Very tired.
However, I did finish Middlesex today. I very much enjoyed it. Especially the writing style. I'll definetly be picking up something else by Jeffrey Eugenides sometime soon. I really loved how it began with an invocation to the muses, as well as the overall homeric feeling. The narration is one that you can easily feel connected with and ending the book almost feels like you've ended a really good coffee date with someone. Its cool.
So I started reading "The Plight of Happy People in an Ordinary World" by Natalee Caple and I'll probably finish it tonight. It's definetly not what I expected but still enjoyable. In fact, very enjoyable for a love story. Normally not the kind of book I'd enjoy but the really neat writing style makes it very much worth the read.
Ok, well that's all.


So I finally got to see the new Harry Potter movie today. Which was quite exciting. I very much enjoyed it.
Oooo, there's a new movie coming out next year with Steve Carrell in it, called Get Smart. Looks absolutely hilarious. I was in tears laughing just from the trailer.
So I emailed my advisor for my Law in Society major yesterday. Turns out he's on sabotical for the next year. Leaving me to deal with some other guy who knows absolutely nothing. Which really sucks, cause I"m looking to convince the university to allow me to do a single honors which is not something they normally offer for my particular area of study. So its frustrating, fortunately my previous adviser has said that should I have any further questions that no one is any help with; I can contact him. Which is semi-comforting.
So I work the 5:30am to 2:30pm shift for the next 3 days. Then I get in a 4pm - 12am. Then a 9-5, then two more 5:30-2:30's. I get one day off before I start it all over again. The money'll be worth, the money'll be worth, the money'll be worth.
Right...? Money is worth my sanity and possible health. Its unbelievable however that in only 1 month, we'll be back to school. I can't believe the summer has gone by so fast. Its amazing. And I"ve done absolutely nothing of interest. *sigh...*
Anyways, since I have to be at work in 5 hours, I think I should consider getting a couple hours sleep. So I will talk to y'all later!