Friday, August 17, 2007


I met lawschoolgonnabe in my second year in my intro to Philosopy of Law class. Through the course of the year and the course of a couple really grueling courses we bonded. She's become a good friend truth be told and I look forward to classes with her for the next couple years. And possibly more after that. We share one a common thing: our desire to study law, an interest that started very early in life. Mine when I realized police officers needed better eye sight than mine and hers when she realized veterinarians had to put animals down.
Lawschoolgonnabe lives with her boyfriend, and her cat. She's orginally from a much bigger city than she currently finds herself in now and she can't wait to go back. She loves Starbucks, her boy, funny tv shows, good movies and big city life. She can work too jobs and go to school fulltime and still pull off amazing marks. She's one of the only people (a couple of the others to be introduced soon) that I feel I can carry on an intellectual conversation with and not feel like I'm just bs'ing my way through it and that I actually can have a valid and well argued point by the end.
She regularly tells me I'm cute, which is a nice thing to hear every once in awhile, though I think she mostly just finds my antics amusing and can't think of another word to describe it. She also regularly offers to lend me her boyfriend. Such as seeing a movie she wouldn't like but that I want to see but have no one to see it with and that her boyfriend wants to see. This amuses me greatly, however I am seriously thinking about taking her up on it sometime.
She's lawschoolgonnabe because she's going. She doesn't just want to go to law school. She IS going. I do not want to be anywhere near her when she gets a rejection letter, and law school that rejects her? Look out!

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