Saturday, September 8, 2007

Islander and Lizzie

Allow me to introduce.... the Islander and Lizzie.
Both awesome.
The Islander is from the Island (duh!), he actually attended the same University as me first year though we never met then. Another one of those ones I met in my Philosophy of Law class (as is Lizzie). Great guy, can just talk to him about nothing in particular and still have a great time. But can also have great smart people conversations and not feel like you're not the smart person. Lawschoolgonnabe and I can make him laugh. He missed us this summer, he just won't admit it.
Lizzie is from the cold dark region of our fair country. She's super sweet and just all around nice. She's taking one of the same majors as me which means we get to take lots of classes together. I can actually study with her, unlike Lawschoolgonnabe and I who just end up chatting and laughing the whole time. And trust me, being able to study with someone is a good thing (as is the latter for that matter). I've got her interested in H4H which is exciting (actually I've got Islander thinking bout it too!) and we're thinking about finally doing an intercession abroad next summer. Actually neat story, we both wanted to do it last year but both backed out because we didn't know anyone else going. Then we met. And now we know someone! So we'll see how it goes!

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