Saturday, August 11, 2007


ClivesLover and I met the same time as M and I did: first year English and we lived together last year. ClivesLover is working on her English degree. She's a bit older than M and I but its kinda nice, gives me a different outtake on life sometimes and sometimes that just what I need.
ClivesLover is funny and outgoing. She loves to dance, loves English literature especially if its Jane Austen. She's also a huge move buff and pretty sure she's competing with blockbuster in the movie owning department and winning. ClivesLover is also heading to Europe in January.
Orginally from the french area of the province, ClivesLover's french usually only comes out when she's been drinking. And its hilarious. She and M have an apartment across the road from me for the next four months. And I"m absolutely thrilled.
Next in the intro to friends: Lawschoolgonnabe

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