Thursday, January 31, 2008

*Gasp* Girly!

I have a discovered a girliness. I love dancing movies. And dancing in general. This comes up as I have just a seen a commerical for a Step Up 2!! I want to see it too. I feel silly but I just love it. I loved the first one, I loved Take the Lead and Save the Last Dance. And then of course I want to take dance classes afterwards. I have never seen the Dirty Dancing movies but I know I'd love 'em but it'd be torture to watch 'em when I can't walk cause afterwards I'll admit I do alot of dancing when no one's watching.
I'm gonna take a dance class this summer. For getting through this hell, its gonna be my reward.
Also, I do like romance. I always say I don't but I really do, it just has to be good and not corny and then I'll like it. There was a commerical on earlier and I thought it was cute. Anyways... tootles!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A boring post

Soooo I am bored. And there is absolutely nothing exciting to report or look forward to right now. Last time I was laid up with a bad ankle I was counting down the days till Dave! came back. Nothing this time.
I seem to have developed a fever however, which is a little alarming. But I'm not ready to go see someone about it just yet, we'll wait till its a bit worse.
Jack is keeping me occupied though by being annoying and having to be in the same room as me all the time, and on top of me or my cast when he is with me. So that's fun.
Soo yep. That's all there is to share right now. I'm watching Collateral (an advantage of having a TV in my own room!), tootles!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One hell of a day! Pt.2

So I arrived at the hospital after a painful, bumpy amblance ride where all I wanted was water. Lsgb met me there (let me add now that she was amazing,spent about 13 hours with me the first day and came back to visit every other day)
Anyways, I got put in the ER where I spent the rest of the day. Lsgb made phone calls for me while they drugged me and relocated the ankle some more. Then I went for a ride down to x-ray where they x-rayed it and I saw the x-rays from the table, even I knew it was broken.
I got back to my little room and Mom was there. The doctor came in not too long after to tell me it was broken, in three places and that it was pretty much the worst break possible; I'd need surgery. So I didn't get water again cause they didn't know when I would go into surgery so I ended up not getting the surgery until around 8pm that night. I was soo dry by then, but they knocked me out pretty well I kinda forgot about it. I woke up from the surgery and they gave me a popsicle. By the time I got into my room I was still pretty drugged and it was late anyways, so Dad stayed with me till I fell asleep again (he'd gotten there while I was in surgery) and yeah. That was my day.
Who'd have thought that a broken ankle would keep me in the hospital for four days either? I just got out on Sunday.
Anyways, I'm back at Mom's, healing impatiently and uncomoftably. My chief complaints include lying in my back all time, being so housebound, and being out of the city and unable to continue classes or habitat events. But oh well, a lesson in patience and relinquishing control perhaps?

Monday, January 28, 2008

One hell of a day! Pt.1

Here I am. Not dead. In a good deal of pain, unplesantness and boredom but still alive.
What happened to me you may ask? Welll... Let me tell you the story.
So last Wednesday morning I was lying bed, seriously considering skipping my class but I decided to do the responsible student thing and go. If only I had known what lay in store for me.
So I got ready which pretty much just included getting dressed, I didn't bother to shower or have breakfast. Had I known I wouldn't get to eat or drink again till the next day or wouldn't get to wash my shower again until a week later I might have done so but ahhhh hindsight.
Anyways, the bus arrived on campus. The bus I take gets me there right on time so I am cutting things pretty close to get to my 9:30 class. Anyways, I headed down the hill. I looked at the path first and thought that perhaps I shouldnt' go down it cause it looked really slushy but everyone else was going down it so I thought I could do it. I hadn't even gotten to the hill part when I felt my ankle go over, I heard/felt a pop and a snap and I sunk to the ground. It didn't hurt that bad so I was about to get up when I actually looked at my ankle. Well, my stomach took a nice flip and I decided against standing up on my ankle that was turned backwards practicaly when the rest of my foot wasn't. Some girl offered to help me up as well but she also decided against it when she saw my foot. People started rushing over. The girl put her coat around me, and knelt in the snow in her short skirt to support my foot (we tried a bookbag but that was much to painful), she and another guy (after he threw up) took turns holding it up. Several people put their coats around me and tried to keep me warm cause by this point I was starting to shiver and shake, partly cold and partly shock and panic I think.
I must have sat there for 5 minutes while they tried to figure out what to do with me. They couldn't get me up and none of the people around me had cars, there was cab but then they couldn't decide who'd pick me up and go with me so they just called security. These people were amazing, so nice and they really seemed with to know what they were doing.
Anyways, the eventually decided that calling an ambulance was best. It didn't take too long for it to get there and soon I was in a warm ambulance with a nice paramedic cutting off my boot so he could pop my foot back into its socket without giving me any pain killers.
More to come on my adventure tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Make-me-smile things

First off: Cat finally fell off the bookshelf. I've been telling him he would for weeks now, but what do I know eh? But he was rolling around, being precarious and the like and off he went. He landed on his feet.. sort of. So all's good! And plus, it made me laugh.
Second: I had beer at 3pm this afternoon and it made me happy. And it was with good company so that also made me happy.
Third: I wore heels todaoy. I regret it now as I am in agony but it was sorta nice at the time.
And Fourth: I have worked out everyday for the past.. long time! yay! And I've even lost a few pounds. This also makes me happy.
These happy thing are of course outnumbered by bad things but I'm ingoring 'em for now.

Monday, January 21, 2008


So reading has become a horrible, painful chore for me the last few months. And its killing me. It's really a chore. Even reading fun books has become very difficult for me to do. I am unable to concentrate on words and lines. I can't pronounce anything anymore yet I have to stumble through it cause the only way for me to read and have anything make sense is to read out loud but reading out loud requires pronunciation of "hard" words. I feel like I'm back in grade 4 trying to learn to read all over again. I have always been a great reader. I used to finish books in an hour and be able to remember the tiniest details, now I can't even get through a chapter and remember what was talked about. It's frustrating and it's scary and I just don't know what's wrong with me.
We have a lot of guys going on the H4H trip this year, okay. Well not alot, but more than we've had in either of my other years I think. Their names however amuse me: Ryan, Ryan, Bryan, Dan, Don, Matt, Miles, Kelvin. Poor Kelvin's the odd one out. Anywhoooooo....

Morning Monday!

So I think my weekend was a good recovery time. I got some work done, had some good food, drank a bit and relaxed a bit too. Last night I got caught up on Stargate Atlantis which made me happy. I am currently trying to show Lsgb via MSN how to burn a Data DVD of season 10 of Stargate SG-1 for me. Easier said then done. Her bf downloaded it for me a month or more ago and I still haven't gotten to see it!
Anyways, its absolutely freezing out today. One of those, its so cold out you don't even want to go outside. And because I was late this morning, and almost missed the bus I didn't have time for mittens or a scarf which I believe I am going to really really regret by the looks of all the bundled up people. I think I just heard someting about -40. So um... yes. If I don't make it home its cause I'm frozen at the bus stop and someone should come unthaw me.
I am currently listening to the Yahoo Radio Stations 'One Hit Wonders' and its making me happy, partly cause I actually know some of them. And then alot of them I just skip cause well, they're not so wonderful. Okay, off I go!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mmmm Mmm good!

Eating healthy and dieting means I get to try new recipes.
Lawschoolgonnabe and I had a girls night last night. We made yummy drinks, discovered that even though we may like the olives alot, we do not like martini's. We watched movies. Fight Club was my choice, lsgb liked it, which made me happy. Then we watched her choice, Cruel Intentions, it made me happy too. Then we watched Mr. Brooks. Good movie as well. We also made yummy food.
Here's the recipe from last night:

Thai noodles with Spicy Chicken
thin rice stick noodles
cut-up chicken
green peppers
1/3 c. chicken broth
3 tbsp Asian Fish Sauce or soy sauce (we used the soy, makes for a bit less spicy)
2 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp red curry paste
2 tsp. packed brown sugar

Place noodles in a large bowl of boiling water. Let stand until softened, about 10 minutes. Drain and transer to serving bowl.
Cook chicken in large skillet. Transfer to a plate.
Add vegetables and broth to skillet. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer, covered until crisp-tender, about 2 minutes. STir in fish sauce, lime juice, curry paste and brown sugar. Add chicken and cook, stiring until heated through, about 1 minute.
Top noodles with vegetable, chicken miz. Enjoy!

I'd never had curry before, and I actually enjoyed it. This wasn't too spicy at all.

Tonight's dinner was a made up one on my part.

Chicken breast(s)

Chop up the veggies, throw in on top of chicken breast in an inch or two of water. Add clove of garlic, salt, pepper, basil and oregano. Serve with rice or potato!
It's quite yummy and smells particularly good while it cooks!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sorry, the blog had been abandoned a bit this week so I could work on stabilizing mental and emotional health.
It's been a horrible week for a variety of reasons: school, work, h4h, sickness, loneliness, and just general bad feelings. But I made it through it, barely but I did it. Hopefully things will be better next week though.
The worst part of it all is that I have no one to talk to. It feels like the only person who I did feel like I could talk to is trying to put more than country's worth of distance between us right now and I hate it. I just hate everything right now. But anyways, let's make this more exciting.. umm... I had my terrorism debate this morning. That was hell. But its over and in two weeks the paper is due and then I am done stuff for that class till the exam, minus readings of course.
Alrighty, I'm going to go watch Die Hard. Yep. Cause that's what I do. With the beer M left in my fridge.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Productivity abounds!

I've been sending email after email today, just felt that's how I should begin a blog post too.
But it's been a very productive today. It was h4h work day. And I got lots done. I have my penny jars done too! I suck at drawing houses though. Anyways, I know where we're staying now, and I know that we have lots of showers and we don't have to buy any of our own meals! All good news, in case you were wondering. Ooo and the campus chapter from the university there is going to feed us one night, that should be cool! And my worries about money might not be so necessary, also very very good. But I was looking at past year's stuff and I am sooo stunned as to how we got away with as few fundraisers as we had.
Anyways, I now have to move onto school work. I somehow got stuck doing a seminar next Monday. My prof who gave me a horrible mark on my paper last term assigned me the first one of the term. Again. I'm angry with him right now. The mark he gave me on my paper was completely unreasonable, and part of it was because he said I didn't have enough reference, this is because he didn't include the cases and acts that I used because he had said they would count as references. Oh yes, angry am I.
And I have a debate on terrorism on Friday. This is all good and bad. Bad cause its so soon in the semester, but good because March and April will be easy months for me. However, January and February are going to be brutally busy.
Anyways, I think I'm going to order food. I'm too tired to make anything, my head hurts and I'm just being lazy.

Friday, January 11, 2008

And to reward myself for all the stress lately, I got a manicure today! Pretty nails and really really nice place too. Definetly going back in a few weeks to get my hair done!
Anyways, M and Islander and I are hanging out tonight which should involve some wine so all is good!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh yes, I forgot. I was informed yesterday that I've been putting my bra on wrong for the past ten years.
Uh huh. Yup.

The Crazy Person's Stress Relief

So after I came home today with another splitting headache, I decided it must be stress. See in the past two weeks that I've had these headaches, there have been a few new things introduced. None that I thought would give me a headache but its possible. I've been eating better, or at least my version of better which could be not enough food. I've been drinking a ton of water and no coffee, so it could be caffeine withdrawal or water overdose. I've also been working out every day, maybe it's a shock to the system. However, the most likely thing, excluding any paranoid hypocondria thoughts I have, is just stress. Last term ended horribly: I was rushing around between here and home, writing papers and exams, limping on a very sore ankle, attending funerals and trying to say goodbye to people leaving. Christmas break wasn't much better: most of it was spent cleaning out my grandmother's stuff, dealing with a horrible aunt, still limping, and being snowed in with my family day in and day out. As soon as I got back here I was back to the rushing back and forth between cities, I was hit with the realization that we don't have enough money for Habitat and we probably can't make what we need, that my classes are going to be hard this term and that I still need to work. Add to this a few personal things I've been sorta tackling and I think the throbbing pain behind my eyes can be chalked up to stress.
BUT, I'm trying to tell myself it's all not so bad. First, all that other stuff is over. Or some of it at least. Second, school's supposed to be hard and I can't do it. My prof today gave a great speech on our needing to dream bigger and be more confident in our abilities etc and I am a good student, I'll do fine. No need to doubt myself. Third, yeah habitat's a bit screwed right now but its also okay. We've all done the best job we could do and we're not giving up that easy. We're just going to need to work out butts off (as is obvious by the often multiple fundraisers on one day!) Heck we knew what we were getting ourselves into when we took this on and we were confident that we could do it then. Just need to get that confidence back!
So yeah, I need some stress relief and I need to not worry so much. So I'm cleaning. Cause that's what I do and it works great. And I might go scream into a pillow for awhile. And I'm having hot chocolate tonight, whether it fits into the diet or not!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Wonderful World of Books

I bought books! With free money! Well... Christmas gift certificates. :)
I got a Hugh Laurie book! Who knew he wrote books! Actually, I did. That's why I looked for it on the shelf. Anyways, yeah. I got The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie and The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas.
As well as The Book for People Who Do Too Much by Bradley Trevor Grieve. I wanted The Blue Day Book but even though their records said they had one, I could not find it. So I settled for this one. Which is good too.
So yeah, I'm happy. I finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I found it hard to get into but once I did I enjoyed it. So now I'm onto The Gun Seller!

Song Meme

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Escape - Muse

Somebody Else's Song - Lifehouse

Bad Habit - Offspring (Actually I'd rather we stay away from those but we're just doing what the game says...)

Forced In - Muse

A Certain Shade of Green - Incubus (if I spend it in a car or on a boat this could be the case)

Time of your Life - Matt Mays (this would make a very good motto, yes)

Asshole - Rilo Kiley (Thank you friends, right back at ya)

Save the Best for Last - Theory of a Deadman (note: I was first)

Is Anybody Home? - Our Lady Peace

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
One - U2 (U2 can't count apparently)

Helter Skelter - Beatles (could very well be appropriate)

My Secret - Carolyn Dawn Johnson (haha, awesome)

Overrated - Pilate

Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash (Ha!)

Someday You Will Be Loved - Death Cab for Cutie

Sweetest Thing - U2 (I could do that)

Sore - Wintersleep

Uncorrected Proofs - Weakerthans (ummmm, sure!)

Fiddlers Green - Tragically Hip (Green fiddlers are very very scrarey)

Steven's Last Night in Town - Ben Folds Five (Yep, that is a big secret :)

Bad Fish - Sublime (and you smell too ;)

**I'm procrastinating already! Eeep!

Happy Belated New Year!

Its a week or so late but oh well. Here's to 2008.
I started classes on Monday and so far I'm enjoying most of them. My Cold War history class is a great follow up to my Imperial Russia class as we are starting pretty much where we left off in the other class. Lsgb and I are going to see Charlie Wilson's War today which should also be fun to tie into the class. The class doesn't have too much work involved in it but its enough. My Terrorism in History class is also interesting, and not too much work either. The bit of work that is involved (a debate and a paper) are going to be done by the end of this month for me since he went in alphabetical order and I was top of the list. Joy. My Crime and Social Control class is a continuation of last term's class and unless I murder the prof, it will continue to be as horrible as it was last term.
I haven't been to my International Law class yet, as the prof is out of town until next Tuesday, should be interesting though.
And to my favorite class, my Philosophy of Law Seminar. My seminar is entitled "Why have a trial when we can have a bargain?". The prof is also trying to talk me into doing a second seminar instead of a paper, but I'm a bit hesistant. That's alot of work and it would have me doing 4 seminars and a debate this term. So I'm not sure yet. We'll see.
Habitat wise this year... well.. Its going to be a long and very stressful term. I'm already pulling my hair out. We're short alot of money, and we've recently had a couple personal conflicts and those are my forte so I'm a bit anxious. But hopefully things will smooth themselves out sooner than later. We've got alot of fundraisers planned for this term. We've got a band night and a movie night. We're selling glowsticks at the campus bars, along with the usual bakesales and bottle drives. And our silent auction which has one really nice big item that if we can get out to the general public could bring us alot of money. So yeah.. hopefully things will go well. And I"m sure they will. I hope.
I only made one resolution for the new year and thus far I've kept it. I have to live healthier. Which means alot of things for me: better eating, more exercise, I need to mend up a few friendships, and I need to work on mending myself too. So yeah, I've been doing really well too. I've been eating well, working out as much as my ankle will allow, I'm doing physio for my ankle and seeing a counsellor and doctor for the emotional stuff. I even think I've gotten a ways in fixing a wary friendship too!
So yeah, 2008 looks good. The term is going to be hard and its already starting to take a toll on me and its only three weeks in but I'm working on the tools to handle it. I've been offered a really good job for the summer that even if it doesn't pay much more than I make now will look awesome on a resume and give me some good experience. I'm hopefully gonna do a bit of travelling this summer too.
Unfortunately with most years, bad stuff's gonna happen. And there are some things already carrying over. Gram's gone which is going to take awhile to adjust too, I miss Dave! like crazy still, and that frienship's never gonna be the same and that kills me, there are some possible health problems I wasn't expecting to need to deal with and there's always the imminent habitat disasters.
But I'm ready for it! and 2008: you can't scare me! :)

Late End of Term Post

So here's my post from the end of last term now that I finally have all my marks back.
I'm really happy with how last term went. I got my first A and raised my GPA last term and that had been my goal. Things ended a little roughly so I didn't do as well as I could have done but considering everything that was going on, I won't complain.
So school wise I think last semester was quite successful.
Habitat wise... yeah. It was okay. It could have been better and we're going to pay for that this term. I love the group this year, and I love the interest the group has generated. People are very aware of who we are and what we are doing and are more than willing to support us. The trip list right now consists of 30 people and they are 30 very committed and very very dedicated people. These people are going and there's nothing stopping them. Which is good, it means we get alot of participation and alot of enthusiasm, it's bad becuase all those people sitting on the waitlist aren't going to get to go. But anyways, I'm happy with how things went.
Health wise last term wasn't so hot, both physically and emotionally. It was a really hard term for me, but apparently I work well when I'm stressed and crying every day so whatever works I guess.
Yeah, so I'm happy enough with how my first term of 3rd year went. And as soon as I do laundry, I'll let ya know what's going on this time around!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just a quick complaint.
This is day number 12 with a headache. And I'm starting to get annoyed. I'm also super tired.
I am trying not to worry... hopefully the MRI results will be in soon.
For now its bedtime. An update on new classes tomorrow!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

So that was fun

So I had my very first (and hopefully last) MRI today. And I am pretty sure I would rather be stuck with a thousand needles than do that again.
The woman was so concerned that I was claustrophobic and that that would be the problem with my getting through it. That wasn't however the problem however. Mind you, I won't tell you I loved the walls going to collapse around me feeling or the small amound of breathing space, that definetly didn't help and its not so hot when you're in the middle of an anxiety attack but what bother me was the noise. Episodes of House had me very unprepared for the noise I was about to endure. Very unprepared. I was expected noise but nothing like that. Nothing like need-ear-plugs-kind of noise. Now, I don't like loud noises or alot of noise at all for that matter. I can't turn the television up much higher than a few bars, I don't listen to my music loud. I am just learning to listen to music on headphones and I still can't do it for long. I am not a fan of fireworks, or sirens, I don't like large vehicle horns and I hate barking dogs, yelling people and crying babies. I don't like to go to bars not cause of the large amount of people, or the stuffiness: I don't like the noise. So for me this was really hard, couple it with the small space, general nervousness about the procedure, the pressure to lie still for so long and then the needle and then the reaction I had to the needle and it was not a fun time. To make matters worse, the 30 minutes on the table got stretched out over an hour and a half cause an emergency patient came in and I had to be taken off to have his done and then put back on. Then they had to take me out to inject me with a dye so as to light up my eyes (as if they were already beautifully lit :) and then stick me back in.
So yeah.. I came out crying, had to make her stop once so I could be sick because of the panic attack I was having and then when it was over I was shaking so bad I couldn't stand up. All in all, tons of fun.
However, she said my brain took very good pictures. At least one part of me is photogenic.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Family Secrets

My mother has always been unable to find out when my grandmother's parents were married. Gram has always claimed that she didn't know the date or year. Tonight while she was cleaning out a box, Mom found their marriage certificate. It looks very likely that the reason she wouldn't tell is because my uncle was conceived before the marriage. I know that in today's standards for most people, no big deal but you don't know my grandmother and this was 1920 we're talking. So yeah, very nice to know my family isn't perfect.

Nonsensical Ramblings

Who invented the top shelf of cupboards?! Short people can't reach them and if they can't (barely) they have to put stuff on the edge so as to be able to sort of reach it.
Oh and my mom gave me calendar for Christmas. What was she thinking giving me a Chocolate Lover's calendar!? Eep, the mocha fudge for January looks amazing. But hey, it could be fun to make something new every month. Provided I get help eating it and then again, there are always bakesales.

And a christmas picture to make us all smile...

Sad news

Lizzie is leaving us. It makes me sad. We're gonna have to get together next week.
But in good news... Islander is going to be back very soon and I got to see lsgb today!
I'm looking forward to classes getting back on Monday. If only I could get my apartment clean though. Ugh So back to it I go!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Home Cold Home

I am home.
And it's quite chilly in here. But it's slowly warming up.
I have some stuff unpacked. And I finally got a good look at my baking pans that I got for Christmas. They are really nice.
I've got lots to do so the next couple days should be pretty busy.
I have to head back to Mom's on Saturday night though as I've got an MRI on Sunday morning. Then I"ll be back for classes! yay!
I bought textbooks today. Nice and cheap, one was unbelievably small too.
I think that's all the important stuff to share for now.
Yep. Tootles.