Sunday, August 23, 2009

Annndddd... back!

Well... I decided that I should keep up the blog. I keep thinking of all these things to share and then I remember I wasn't doing that anymore. Sooo I'm back. And hey, you missed me right?

Sooo let's see if we can sum up life shortly.

1. Poland was absolutely amazing; for all the details visit and the pictures will soon be up on Flikr.
2. Still unemployed.
3. Getting stressed.
4. Got my first call from someone asking for money - a little frightening.
5. Going back to school this year. Just to take three courses over the year. Working on my Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate.
6. And unless I get an awesome job here before next fall I hope to be off to Japan or Korea to teach for a bit.
7. I miss my friends incredibly. So lonely and depressed about that one... really wish I was going back to classes with them all. Or visiting them across the country.
8. Life's pretty boring... I clean and bake a lot and sleep a lot and apply for a lot of jobs.

Guess that's life. Nothing too awesome but I'll share whatever interesting comes up!

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LLG said...

I am with you on the stressed out, frustrating and BORED part! Man am I bored! I am having fun hanging out with my father-in-law, but for the most part its boring! I work 8 hours a week, and I am looking for jobs like a zillion times a day! If you lived here that would be great, we could hang out...anyway glad you are back on the blogging world. This is just one more thing for me to do!! Talk to you soon, good luck on the job hunt!